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Current position of dungeons this weekend is below.

Saturday 18th January
Caves Open pre-8th – has space for 5 players and 2 monsters
Caves Enclave GS – has space for 3 players and 3 monsters (needs 2)
Caves Young Players- has space for players and monsters

Sunday 19th January
Caves Open max 30 – has been cancelled due to lack of interest
Caves Border watch GS – has space for 4 players and 3 monsters (needs 2)
Caves Hell company/Talthar GS – has space for 8 players and 3 monsters and an a-ref.

All dungeons will run in their current player states, monster numbers dependant.

Both days this weekend could really do with 2 or 3 more monsters.


I know you are excited Duncan but there is no DOR dungeon on saturday....
Ninja Edit ph34r.gif
Booked to A Ref for Grant in the hope we can make it run past 4.30 ;0)

Still would love a monster on the Wiffenator Myths lead up on the 26th...
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