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West Sea Trading Company

Catagory - Professional

Guild Head - Nicosia Roguri (Neil Millard)

Guild Seniors - The guild seniors are selected and appointed by Nicosia Roguri

Guild Symbol - A blood red shield with a silver needle with a black thread trailing off it.

Joining Rquirements - Be a scout sub/class.

The Front -
The West Sea Trading Company - A conglomerate of Traders engaged in trading various commodities across the empire. The guild plans to start a number of different businesses including a chain of Tailors shops, the first of which is based in Halgar. The shop is called "Sew be it"
The West Sea Trading Company tends to hire resourceful quick witted individuals to manage their affairs, and to act as representatives and bodyguards.

The Reality –
We kill people for money.
The Guild serves its members in two ways, firstly, it gets them assassination jobs (whilst simultaneously offering a cover for monies gained) and secondly it helps protect them from the authorities.
Secrecy is paramount; there is no need for anyone who hires us to know of our organization.

Membership requires a pm response from one of the guild Seniors - IC you would play as though you had been invited, so OOC anyone can join but roleplay-wise its invitation only.

Conditioned heart stop if you knowingly take an active role in the death or incarceration of a member or leave without permission from one of the guild seniors.

West Sea Trading Company Basic Tier:

Sign and Sealed

If a member agrees to a written contract with a target and payment included (EG for 5000 grulls you will kill bob) that is handed over to the desk in advance of a dungeon. Then the existence of the contract, its contents and such are immune to information effects.

This ability offers complete protection to the hirer from any implication.

Know your foe 1/day
As per the privileged tradition ability.

This skill allows the user to gain knowledge about a particular target. It can work in one of two ways.

1 - Based on past knowledge, remembered studies, and common lore it will reveal about a sentence worth of information about a particular creature type. E.g. The party hear tell of a Werebear rampaging in the local area.

2 - From using this ability the scout is able to learn that Werebears are known for only being harmed by the supernatural or weapons made from Gold, typically goodly creatures and fond of honey or based on 10 seconds observation of a target would reveal the number and type of 'hits' a creature has and any strange requirements that may be necessary to injure it productively.

E.g. The same Werebear from above is met in the woods, this ability reveals that is has 60 hits, these need to be supernatural or 'golden' and that its fur is mystically enchanted such that weapon blows will have very little effect [e.e. rockskin style].

Hidden Order
The guilds existence, and membership of it is completely immune to all forms of informational effects.

Obviously this refers to the Assassination guild part of this, The West Sea Trading Company front and membership within it is completely public.

Guild contacts
Members gain well equipped (no cards are issued) with one batch of immediately available poison or general potion.
  • IV 2, 4, 6
  • BV 2, 4, 6
  • AV 2, 4, 6
  • Ingestive Blindness
  • Ingestive Deafness
  • Ingestive Dumbness
  • Ingestive Sleep 1
  • Ingestive Sleep 2
  • Ingestive Paralysis

West Sea Trading Company Intermediate Tier:

Shops safety
While in Halgar, or any city where the guild has a guild hall, the Guild member gains benefits as per Local lad to escape from dungeon.

Once physically, real world, out of line-of-sight of pursuers for at least 5 minutes (e.g. around a corner, not just 'Chameleon-ed'), may vanish without a trace and considered to be 'safe' and away (successfully left adventure). If used may choose to return after 15 minutes absence.

The Targeted kill
After 30 seconds calm study of a target gains + 1 backstab (max +4) vs them for the next 5 minutes. ~ 1/day

A well made suit
Members gain concealable daggers (as per the scout benefit). If already owned then they may chose to additionally conceal a small (single bottle, envelop, or similar size) object in the hidden lining of the garb made by the guild tailors front.

A clean kill
When carrying out a contract kill (as per basic tier benefit) once the member is off dungeon they gain immunity to comms about that contract (e.g. they kill bob and escape the dungeon. Someone comms alter "Who killed bob?" they would be immune to this). Does not protect against discern outlaw (since that is a consequence of the contract not the action of it).

West Sea Trading Company Advanced Tier:

Cold Killer
The targeted kill is no longer limited to +4 backstab, and gains a second innate (does not stack with itself). Alternatively may use both innates to gain +1 max damage from behind v the target instead of any grades of backstab. Must still acquire the damage grades to inflict the damage elsewhere.

Guild Network
Guild Contacts can now provide immediately available healing potions if desired. Additionally it will now provide a second batch of potions. The two batches do not need to be the same.

Clear and Free
A clean kill begins to function 15 minutes after the kill if on the same dungeon and the guild member has not fled.
Updated with Intermediate Tier benefits.
is there anyone doing patches of the guild symbol???

do we have a list of which cities there is a guild hall within?

Is this guild mainly for evil characters?
mine isnt evil.

Not evil, just misunderstood, in fact in this day and age I think we would fit right in.......
QUOTE(PaulM @ Feb 26 2014, 04:42 PM) *
Is this guild mainly for evil characters?

Paul, we kill people for money...I don't see how anyone could legitimately play a goodly character and be a member of an Assassins guild.
QUOTE(isbiraven @ Feb 26 2014, 03:49 PM) *
do we have a list of which cities there is a guild hall within?


Guild is pretty new with only a few specials under our belts so we only have Halgar at the moment but this should change before long.
QUOTE(Hulud @ Feb 26 2014, 08:00 PM) *
Paul, we kill people for money...I don't see how anyone could legitimately play a goodly character and be a member of an Assassins guild.

Its not actually impossible or unheard of, just unlikely.

Updated with advanced tier benefits
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