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Full Version: Saturday 16th
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So, this saturday, we have ended up with 5 events booked - and the caves only has 4 areas.

The 5th event booked was the unbalanced no-max/max 5250 goldbarrow closed dungeon, and was put up to see how much interest there was and enable it to run if one of the pre-existing events should not have had enough interest to run.

The other 4 events are all currently viable, and look like they will all run - and as such the goldbarrow event is cancelled and will need to be re-sceduled. We would normally leave such decisions until tommorow, but given the nature of the goldbarrow event (low points up to ultra poonts...) we wanted to fix in place what is actually running this saturday to allow all concerned to plan their weekends appropriatly.



I said it privately but I saw the goldbarrow dungeon on the bookings before the stag do. Indeed there was a max 2k that was cancelled a while ago.

I understand from a business point of view but it seems very harsh to me to cancel a viable dungeon like this. Especially when the caves is big enough for 5 dungeons by splitting area A.

If you've got enough refs and monsters for five dungeons then splitting Area A seems a decent enough solution.

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