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Full Version: Dismiss Levels
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Hiya Peoples,

Just wondering, as Dan & Callum have asked it quite a lot in dungeons...

Like, they've said: What is the dismissal level?

I was just wondering what it means, I know It has something to do with priests,

But yeah, Thanks for the help.

As far as I am aware ~

A dismissal level is how many spirits a priest will need to dismiss the undead with that level. (Typically~edited~unless for higher levels-Thanks Ian)
eg A level 1 Zombie
It has a dismissal level of 1, and will therefore only need 1 spirit to dismiss (assuming your character knows the dismiss level one undead, or dismiss zombie miracle ((Which are the same I think)) )
A higher dismissal level will generally mean that the undead is more powerful and does mean that it will require more spirits to dismiss. You can use a dismiss miracle that can dismiss a higher level undead to dismiss a lower level undead, for instance you can use dismiss ghoul to dismiss a skeleton, simply changing the verbal to the appropriate undead. (here a skeleton)

hope this helps

You can also change the name for a level 1 undead etc.
If there's a lvl 1 zombie bear. The dismissal lvl will still be 1, however the dismissal name is going to be zombie bear. Instead of zombie.
Undead have levels.

When a Priest discerns an Undead they can tell what level it is.

The level determines what miracle is needed to dismiss them or control them - this is not the same as the amount of spirits needed to dismiss them as higher level dismiss miracles need more spirits than the level of Undead but for the handbook dismiss miracles the level and the amount of spirits needed to dismiss them is the same.

The basic levels are:

1: Zombie
2; Skeleton
3: Ghoul
4: Mummy
5: Wraith / wight
6: Vampire

Oh ok.

Thanks for the help guys! smile.gif

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