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Full Version: city day.
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Just a very loose idea but there is a city day scheduled:
Saturday 28th of June
It strikes me that there may be quite a lot we could potentially get done with the Oos storyline on this day.
Ordinarily the City Days deal with current plots/threats that are active, or have reared their heads through HotE and LRP.

The council decide on which of the 3 million things will get dealt with and then assign mercenary groups to tactle the threats relative to their power.

Not to say OoS plot isn't relevant now or won't be relevant then just simply the city might have more than enough to worrry about on top of that.
Army. of. Gythanki.

Didnt realise that...scrap that suggestion then.
thanks for the info gordon.
Is anyone interested in HOTL from a Oos point.Once upon a time I was going to start it with Bruce but it went quiet ...again!
Thoughts on that one then?
OoS plot should stay that...OoS plot IMHO. Its not based anywhere near Gothiel (i think), and adds yet more weight to the whole 'strange folk of the church on the mountain' thing (despite the fact we're not on a mountain, but you know what i mean) if we dont involve our plot.

Having said that it would be great to have a stron showing on the day. Rolling out to help serve the Holy Mother city is just ....splendid.

As far as HotE goes, Joe has been trying to get summat started and has actually put a turn in (the results of which didnt impress either of us) so if OoS chaps/chappettes wanna get involved then should probably speak to him. I cant get involved coz of Armitage's viewipoint of such matters, but im well up for ppl who do.

drop me a pm clayton regarding heroes.

If you send me a contact number i can call you to discuss what going on...and suggest a few starting ideas for you.

it would be an immense immense help to have one or two OOS members join me in my heroes activity.


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