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Full Version: March 3 day bits
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Hopefully people now recovered from the 3 day this weekend, I have just sorted out the car and have a few bits that people left behind...

A red duffle bag full of candles
A tipped Eldritch weighted broadsword
Various plates and bowls (some may also be in the mother kit with Phil)

I also have most of the non armory props that are being donated by Andy and Rach (thank you!) if you find yourself missing anything then let me know what and I will have look through them for it.

(I also have 3 cases of left over monster beer that will be coming to the April 3-day, people should come monster it!)
I'm missing two leather sword scabbards, one old and straight down which is dark green and one diagonal and new which is brown and black. Not sure how they went missing as I didn't take them out of my kit but there we go.

Think I saw the straight down one in your car boot. Given that I only saw that on the way home... I'll check the road outside my house smile.gif

Sword is Warren's i think!

Do you know who has my vodka?
QUOTE(Dave @ Apr 1 2013, 05:46 PM) *
Sword is Warren's i think!

Do you know who has my vodka?

Yup sword is mine, lee said something it could be striped back and repaired and used as an armoury weapon?
Is so please use otherwise it can be binned?

There were vast quantities of alcohol left at the end, I fought the urge to nick any and it either ended up with rich or sonof I believe
The duffle bag is mine :-(

QUOTE(JEB @ Apr 1 2013, 11:21 PM) *
The duffle bag is mine :-(


Well that's impressive, to leave kit behind when you weren't even there!

Dave, there was half a bottle of vodka in with the monster beer.

I also found a bag for a sleeping bag in with the bits.
Turns out I am missing a pale green Clinique powder compact sad.gif Any chance its been scooped up with someone else's kit from the player bathroom area?

Rachael B
I have discovered that we are missing one of the spoons from our medieval cutlery sets...

It will look like the attached picture set...

If anyone has it or if it's in with the mothering kit would really appreciate it back.

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