Hi everyone,

At the moment there are 3 dungeons over this coming weekend that are looking very very shakey indeed, in fact so shakey that we may have to cancel them........

The 3 events are:

Saturday - J6 Deci Themed event, only 6 players, (which is already under the minimum number of players for an overland), with no a-ref and no monsters this is looking likely to be cancelled.

Sunday - Deci Themed event, this could go ahead, however, only if we end up following the booking policy. With no a-ref and no monsters it would be rubbish.

Sunday - St Michael and LotS GS, only 6 players no a-ref and no monsters this one is definitely looking likely to be cancelled :-( Unfortunately, there is no possibility of the 2 events on Sunday merging, as this would probably only result in lots of PvP!!!!! LOL.

Please, please, please, if you are intending on coming and joining in this weekend, then please book on sooner rather than later.

I will be making a decision on the above events tomorrow.


Admin Chick.