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Full Version: Things for this Bank Holiday Weekend
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Rachael B
A few things for this weekend.. seeing as Jo is a little ‘indisposed’ at the moment!!


Young Players. Sorry.. but this weeks YP dungeon will be cancelled - With only 2 booked players for AM & PM, no monsters and no Ref I’m afraid it’s just not viable.
J6 Overland – going ahead as booked!

The caves will be closed for the day, only opening until approx. 10:30 for the overland kit collection and payment.


J10 Overland – Currently there are no booked players, Ref, A-ref or crew. This event has now been cancelled.
J6 Overland – Currently only has a booked Referee & A-Ref. Could do with monsters (Players - please bear in mind the new booking procedures re-monsters)
Caves Max250 – This dungeon requires monsters or at least an a-ref to be able to run properly!!..

MONDAY 4th JUNE – Themeday

Current player situation as per the website
Players – booked (in no particular order ;o) )
    Event is now full.
  1. Will Hudson
  2. Marc Cox
  3. Keyth Brooks
  4. Sami Cox
  5. Mark Radford
  6. Giles Anderson
  7. Ed Insley
  8. Carlo Spagnuolo
  9. Brett Nainggolan
  10. Martin Witts
  11. Jack Cotter
  12. Daver Waters
  13. Richard Craig
  14. Elaine Jee
  15. Ryan Kelly.. ;o)
  16. Ed Halligan
  17. Leo Sampson
  18. Andrew Cooper
  19. Matt Jenkins
  20. Neil Waterson
  21. Rosie Mott
  22. James Isteed
Monsters – 8 booked
  1. Alan Godfrey
  2. Sally Edmans
  3. Chris Musselwhite
  4. Stuart Easton
  5. Will Power
  6. Matt Butler
  7. Rob Benson
  8. Jasper Maclean
Refs & Master Ref booked

We have enough crew booked to cover up to an additional 8 to possibly 10 players but need to know by 8pm Friday. If you would like one of these places please EMAIL bookings ( At this late instance there is no need for a form as your email will be used as such, so please make sure you are aware of the new booking rules.

The first 8 (so total of 22 players) that we receive will be added via admin to the online bookings and will receive a return email from me confirming that you are booked. If you don’t receive a reply confirming then I’m afraid you were too late

I am definitely booked on the Theme day (Email from Jo)... Can't see my name again sad.gif Booking system must hate me
QUOTE(Ryan @ May 30 2012, 12:39 PM) *
Booking system must hate me

I expect so - i know i do.

Rachael B
Found Jo's email.. You're all added Ryan

QUOTE(JackFlashblade @ May 30 2012, 02:51 PM) *
I expect so - i know i do.


You know what I like about you Greenway?...

... Nothing.
And you know whats bad about him?


QUOTE(Ryan @ May 30 2012, 05:37 PM) *
You know what I like about you Greenway?...
... Nothing.

The mention of Greenway offends me enough (plus other reasons) that I've had to book off this now I'm afraid.

The Monday that is.


Rachael B
Wotchya chaps & chapessessss.
Themeday listing updated again.

There are currently 3 pre-confirmed playing spaces remaining.

If you'd like one then you need to email me at bookings asap as any spaces not taken by the time I get back from tonights airport run will be removed and bookings for the event closed. bwa ha ha haaa. Again it will be first emailed first booked.

Surrogate Admin Chick
Rachael B

2 left!
Rachael B
and then there was one...


off to Heathrow... I should move in there! lol
Rachael B

... and then there were none...

Mondays theme day is now full.. and I'm now late.. dry.gif

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