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Effective as of 1st January 2007 the guild system at Labyrinthe changed as detailed below.
Any amendments to the guild system will be highlighted in italic font and underlined in the following paragraphs.
Please note that this information has previously been provided in the Guild Directory and the information below is unchanged from the September 2009 edition

1. Guild Restructuring
1.1 Guilds are now tiered in a similar fashion to the system used by Kallah (i.e. they come in three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced abilities). Basic abilities are available on joining the guild. Intermediate and Advanced are tiers acquired by fulfilling the requirement to access those Tiers

2. Tier Access
2.1 Being a member of that guild enables you to access the abilities listed in the immediate tier. Guild membership must be evidenced on the character card. If the guild membership is not on the card then the character can not claim its benefits. Only one set of abilities from each guild type (professional, social and political) can be battle-boarded at any one time.
2.2 It is only possible to battle-board a maximum of one guild of each type (professional, social and political) for an adventure, and this choice cannot be amended during that adventure. It is only possible to battle-board Tiered abilities from the guilds you are battle-boarding at that time, regardless of how many guilds the character is a member of. It is NOT possible to mix and match different tiered abilities from different guilds of one type on a battle-board.
2.3 Access to the intermediate and advanced abilities for each guild is granted by purchasing new tables abilities as below:
    Intermediate Social guild membership table 3[ 50points
    Advanced Social guild membership table 8 75points
    Intermediate Political guild membership table 3 50points
    Advanced Political guild membership table 8 75points
    Intermediate Professional guild membership table 3 50points
    Advanced Professional guild membership table 8 75points
2.4 Should a guild cease to exist then the points are NOT wasted as the character may wish to battle-board a different guild of that type, and the above abilities will allow them access to the appropriate tiered abilities without repurchasing them.

3. Guild Start-up

3.1 Guilds can now only be started up by doing a guild special start-up adventure. The exact nature of the guild so started needs to be decided upon in advance, with a suggested guild ethos, background, entry requirements and restrictions submitted to the desk when the guild special is booked.
3.2 The successful completion of a guild special adventure will create the guild with its basic level abilities with an “empowerment” date of 9 months from the adventure date.
3.3 The initial guild special adventure must only have characters that comply with the entry restrictions of that guild, and must standardly consist of eight or more characters. Bookings for small-party guild special start-up adventures need to be arranged at the desk.
3.4 A new guild will be created with only basic tier benefits.
3.5 Prior to the guild start-up adventure being run, the new guild leader needs to submit a new guild submission form to the desk. A copy of this form can be found at the desk.
3.6 Players may only run one guild of each category at any given time (be that as guild leader, sire, mentor or any other inventive name).

4. Maintaining Guilds
4.1 The simplest method of extending or empowering a guild is to run a guild special adventure.
4.2 At the time of booking a guild special adventure the guild sire needs to indicate whether the adventure is intended to extend the current date of the guild, or to empower the guild to add a new tier of abilities.
4.3 A guild special adventure to extend the date will add a number of months to the empowerment date of a guild (if the adventure is succeeded), dependant upon the number of tiers of abilities the guild has at the time the adventure is run (The CMT will review instances where a guild runs two guild specials, one to add a tier and one to extend, in the same period. The review will ensure that the resultant guild changes are within the spirit of the system)

 1 tier – 11 month extension
 2 tiers – 8 month extension
 3 tiers – 6 month extension

4.4 If requested, a guild special adventure may instead add the next tier of abilities to the guild if the adventure is succeeded (or potentially change the theme of existing abilities). It will be assumed that unless the debiref sheet for the adventure clearly states that it is intended to add a new tier of abilities then the event will add to the extension date for the guild.
4.5 If a guild special adventure is failed then the referee must indicate this on the debrief sheet and suggest a number of months that the guild empowerment date will be increased by, to a maximum of five months. If the guild adventure was intended to add a new tier of abilities but the mission was failed, then the guild sire can decide whether the referee should allocate a number of months extension to the guild empowerment date as described above, or can book an additional guild-themed adventure which can be used to rectify the failure and add the new tier of abilities. This “make-up” guild themed adventure must be run within six weeks of the original guild special.
4.6 A guild special requires a minimum of 8 players to be present on the adventure, at least 6 of which must be guild members. It is possible to arrange a small-party guild special, arrangements for which can be made at the desk. For clarification – this DOES mean that you can run a guild special with 12 players and have only 6 of them in the guild
4.7 Should the guild empowerment date be breached, then the guild will loose its highest tier of abilities and have the empowerment date extended by four months with the reduced tier abilities. If the guild only has the basic tier at the time the empowerment date is breached then the guild ceases to exist.
4.8 It is also possible to use other mediums to extend the empowerment date of a guild (they can not be used to gain an additional tier of abilities). Each of these activities count as one-third of a guild special, and will not fade over time or be applied to a guild blow-up date until three activities are accumulated:
4.8.1 Completion of a guild-themed adventure
4.8.2 A guild member may wish to arrange an adventure with his normal bunch of adventuring friends and ask them to help with his/her guild. The adventure must then be written with a guild-related task in mind (i.e. retrieve some long lost scripture etc) and by successfully completed in order for a referee to apply one of the available campaign points to the guild. There is no requirement for a percentage of the party to be guild members on these adventures. The written adventure must be handed into the desk on or before the day of the adventure.
4.8.3 Well-maintained guild board between guild directory publication dates (well maintained means up to date, well-presented and clearly “cared for”)
4.8.4 The caves management team will supply a guild board and board slot to each guild. They will be expected to maintain this board with up to date guild information (i.e. upcoming adventures, in-character information etc). If, in the opinion of the management team, the guild-board has been maintained in such a way as to suggest continuing guild interest then this modifier will be applied. This will be done on two dates each year, as specified by the caves management team and their decision on applying this modifier is final and cannot be questioned.
4.8.5 Completion of a significant guild-related action in Heroes. When actions in Heroes PBM result in the completion of a significant event for a guild (i.e. completion of a Cathedral, a guild war-band playing a significant part in a battle victory etc), Alan Morgan can assign a campaign point to that guild through his monthly plot-team feedback report. His decision on whether a heroes action is “significant” is final and cannot be questioned.

5. Other Notes
5.1 Guilds no longer require the in-character justification of the “volksraad” to exist and be maintained. Each guild is empowered by a source appropriate to that guild, as described in the guild back-ground. Restrictions to guild membership / empowerment etc that currently exist will remain in force i.e. restriction on the power for baronies guilds.
5.2 Guild abilities and ethos are no longer to be considered general in-character knowledge unless they are published on a guild board at the caves site.

6. Joint Guild Specials
6.1 Joint Guild Specials: Multi-party joint guild specials will be encouraged, where the party split is constructed to enable a more balanced adventure to be run. In these cases the standard rules will be applied (i.e. each party should consist of eight players, six of which should be members of one of the two guilds). Characters who happen to be in both/all guilds can only count towards one of the guilds for the purpose of the above calculation of guild representation, and they can chose which guild they represent. Should these minimums be breached then the guild with less than six participating guild members may only have a themed adventure allocated to their guild in accordance to the above rules.
6.2 Single-party joint guild specials will not be possible. These will automatically then fall under the guild-themed adventure rules above, with one campaign point only still available for the referee to allocate to guild extension.

7. Changing Guild Abilities
7.1 In line with the way in which Kallah benefits change over time, it should be possible for guild abilities to change in the same way. It would be appropriate for these abilities to be shaped by momentous events such as significant Heroes activity, events on guild adventures, death of notable guild characters etc. The intention of this is to add extra colour to the guild system.

8. Guild System Changeover
8.1 Characters that have old guild abilities bought with points on their character cards will no longer be able to use those abilities. This comes into effect as soon as the guild system change is introduced.
8.2 Continuing to use individual guild abilities bought with points will be considered to be cheating and can be dealt with appropriately.
8.3 Any such abilities are lost as soon as the new guild system comes into force, and points spend on such abilities will be refunded to the characters and will be available to be respent. Points spent on non-standard abilities which use one of these guild abilities as a pre-requisite will also be refunded and the ability lost from the card – unless the pre-requisite ability is still available as a tiered ability in the new system and the character purchases that tier prior to being played.
8.4 All re-spending and removing of guild abilities purchased with points can only be done at the desk.

9. Leaving Guilds
9.1 Leaving a guild is possible but should be avoided except as a last resort! A month’s notice is given by a clear A4 poster displayed at the caves, of which a photocopy must be given to the club management, upon which may only be the details of a single character.

9.2 To leave a priestly professional guild written permission must be acquired from the guild head in addition to the notice and both must be handed in to the club management. If this is not done the character is excommunicated on leaving.

10. Battle Boarding Guilds
10.1 Should a Tier have several abilities within it, each ability is separately name, then it is not necessary to battle board all the abilities within a tier if you feel some are inappropriate or redundant to the character.
10.2 Your Battleboard must indicate not only the guild who’s benefits you are taking but also any other guilds you belong to i.e. are signed on your card and it should be clear so that the referee may judge your actions with regards guild restrictions.

10.3 If you are not taking all the benefits of a Tier that too must also be clearly recorded on the battle board for the referee’s reference.

11. Guild Status
11.1 In order to provide additional clarity around some of the non-standard guilds, each guild is now assigned one of four statuses
11.2 STANDARD guilds are those which were started using the system above, and therefore need to comply fully with the rules as set out. If a guild does not have a status clearly indicated in the title bar, then you may assume that it is a standard guild
11.3 SUPPORTED guilds are those that were created by points applications. They comply with all of the guild maintenance rules above, but should they ever lose their basic tier of abilities then instead of ceasing to exist they will instead be moved to the back of the directory. They may be restarted later by the completion of a normal guild special
11.4 ETERNAL guilds are those that have had a long and legendary history in the Labyrinthe gameworld, AND had a guild member spend significant points on their character to change the status of the guild. These guilds will not lose their basic tier abilities whilst the supporting character is active in LRP and/or HoTE. They still have an extension date, and will lose their intermediate and advanced tiers if not maintained.
11.5 TIMELESS guilds were bought by points app by their supporting guild member a long time ago. These guilds are frozen, and no longer have a guild extension date, nor can their abilities ever be changed by PC action. Please note that there will never be any more timeless guilds over and above the ones that currently exist.

11.6 All points apps that affect the guild system in any way need an additional approval level over and above the GSM. Once passed by the GSM these points abilities must be handed to the CMT for approval. They may not be purchased prior to CMT approval.

11.7 Guilds listed in the relevent publication as “Updated” have had their extension date amended either due to a guild adventure being run or by breaching their extension date. Guilds listed as “Amended” have had either their guild description or benefits amended in that latest edition of the relevent publication.

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