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> Miscellaneous Meanderings, - October 2010
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Base Game System

Morgoth Worshippers
No longer have a deity or derive power from Morgoth but are free to seek new patrons and join new churches. Supernatural Minions of Morgoth please see the GSM along with any with “Morgoth” related points apps.

System Limits:
Maximum Damage is Quad unless otherwise noted.
Maximum Max AC is 12.
Maximum Strength is 2.

Points Requests
Points requests sheets may only be used by one character, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Magical Innates
Basic New Colour Glyphs are considered “Handbook Spells” for the purpose of buying innates. It also possible to buy Specialisation in one of these. This does not affect Grimoire Glyphs in any way.

Snap Traps
‘Snap-traps’ in the Labyrinthe game system are the physical representation of a wide-ranging variety of traps, at the referee’s discretion. As such, although anyone can recognise a trap if they see it, only scout subclasses are permitted to disarm such traps. For other classes to do so is cheating, in the same way that reading spiritual runes or mana glyphs as a non-priest/wizard is cheating.

Specialist Knowledge
Mana glyphs and spirit runes are not simply a ‘code’ or different script; in the game world they are taken to be impossible to read unless you have the relevant skill. It is never possible to ‘work out’ what they mean or otherwise understand them unless you have the relevant skill.

Stacking Points Requests
Points Requests do not stack unless they specifically say they do. Any abilities that grant a fractional / numerical and percentile “something” only stack [ie work together for a change in effect] if they are damage reduction or they state they stack.

Ethereal Weaponary
Its not possible to apply Strength to weaponblows struck with pure/ethereal [eg Sword of Power / Summon Pure Spirit Weapon] without the ability "Use Strength With Pure Weapons", obviously. Weaponmasteries and Backstabs may be applied freely however.

Black Marks and Alignment Reminder

A reminder for referees of the functioning of Black Marks.
Referees may follow the ‘black mark’ system set out below. However, we would recommend that the first time or two that each ref awards a black mark, they bring it to the Desk to be done there, so that all can see that it has been properly considered. We also urge referees to award n they feel strongly that a characters behaviour was consistently inappropriate.

At the end of any adventure where the referee feels that that a character behaved in a way inappropriate to their alignment, that referee can award a black mark. This mark should be recorded in the points box of their character card card immediately after the ref has signed on points if possible, otherwise somewhere visable on the card. If a character accumulates two black marks from different refs, or three from the same ref, their alignment may be permanently changed to the more appropriate alignment – to do this the last ref to award the black mark should take the character card to the Desk.
[Note: take the card to the desk – not the Desk will action it immediately – but rather passed on to the GSM]

This changing of alignment will have sever system penalties for some characters, such as priests or some Wizards, whilst other characters will be little affected.
It is possible to have a black mark removed simply by completing five adventures where none of the referees award a black mark.

[Paladins and their ilk have more stringent rules – as listed in EnGarde]

Note Black Marks are only appropriate if a character consistently behaves against their alignment – single instances which the ref feels are inappropriate should simply lead to a loss of points award in the roleplay section. A character given a black mark for an adventure should of course be docked points also.

Guild Items:
It is not possible to benefit from a Guild Item unless battleboarding that guild. Though you may still count towards the number of members present for its activation.
Monks, or similar Item Restricted characters etc may not use Guild Items, unless its an item type they may use. Though they still count towards the numbers required for activation.

Temppo of Battle:
No form of "Tempo" ability can ever last more 30 minutes [real time]

O class Daggers are not to be thrown as H class weapons.
Daggers are either O class or H class the same dagger cannot be both.
Note this applies to all similar variations, and knock ons - including Quick Draw.

Human Shield
If in Spirit Form, Mana Form, and its variants including Supernatural Hits of any form- or plainly being immune to a power base [inc Elven] – you should not be using your physical presence as a human shield style barrier to cause interference with other creatures.

If you are immune to a particular monsters attacks you should not in the spirit of the game leap in the way of blows that would ‘ic’ pass through you or cause no effect [as noted above], in such a way that means that the weapon blow is effectively blocked by your physical presence.

Eg If you are an Elf do not make a barrier of yourself between the party priest and the wraith trying to get him.

Stoneskin(S) is also a world field evocation

Class Brackets
Standardly it is not possible to be within, nor freely buy from more than two class brackets.

The standard brackets are Magic, Spirit, Earthpower, Psionic, Warrior, and Scout.
Non-standard brackets would include classes that were ‘in a bracket of their own’, and such similar.
The exception is ‘pathing’ which does not count as entering the other bracket for the Bracket Rule purposes, though that character would no longer be ‘bracket pure’.
Thus a Warrior could multiclass into the Scout bracket – but then he would be unable to then again multiclass into the Priest bracket.
You standardly multiclass from your base class only.
Thus its not possible to be a Warrior, multiclass Warrior-Priest, multiclass Spiritual Warden.
You could be a Warrior Priest multiclass Spiritual Warden, multiclass Warrior multiclass.

Slow Healing
It is not possible for a target to benefit from more than one Slow Healing style evocation at a time, note that this includes its variants, and other similar powers, of whatever powerbase.
This includes all non-instant generated healing effects. If in doubt assume the worst until your specific ability is checked.

Resurrection effects are only sucessful if the target has the correct amount of Vitae/ Res chance remaining in order to fulfill the effects penalty.
Thus a person on 10% vitae remaining could not benenfit from a standard Animate Life effect which costs 20%.

Damage Grades
If your character has the capacity to call damage grades of 7 or higher then you need a 'Damage Grade Sheet'.
This includes Archers.
This infomation should be clearly presented on a single piece of paper without any waffle. It should be as clear and concise as possible.
Explaining your max damage grades and the different damage grades used to get to that amount.
Other contingencies should also be listed on the sheet - such as temp and common increases.
This sheet needs to be checked and signed by the GSM to use the abilities without this authorised sheet is contray to the rules.

Publication Errata

At The Sharp End
Conditioned Heartstop
This is nothing do with “having a heart” it is a conditioning to die – you would have to have a specific immunity to it to be able to be immune.

Thugs can be Human, Orcs, Calabrim and Ratfolk

Dominion Of The Circle
Blauze – Terror Scream
If the target can hear and think it is affected, even if it’s immune to neuronics, physical effects, the Cause Fear miracle, whatever. Only Immunity to Fear applies.

Hedge Characters are not affected by their own immunity to Information Effects.

Ggrutuck Warlocks gain the racial grade of strength at 8th level

Vochstelen are in both the warrior and wizard brackets [cf Warlock rule change]

Both Vochstelen and Valdstayn gain U skill at 1st level
The Weapon Skills should read 'and' rather than 'or'.

Baronial Characters
All Baronial characters must maintain an appropriate accent, costume and behaviour at all times. Any found not doing so will, at the least, be stripped of all Baronial benefits but retain all racial disadvantages. Referees please inform the desk of any who fail to fulfil these requirements. Accents and voices should resemble that appropriate to the role-play environment – typically based on Eastern European and Germanic. NOTE: Baronial Characters means characters thatare Baronial- this includes the relevent demon types.

En Guard!

Precious Inlay: should be 50pts T: 10
Protected Contents: should be 50pts T: 10
Flick of the Wrist: 1st Class Kensai / BladeMasters may buy Flick of the Wrist as per 1st Class Duellist


Non-grey wizards taking this multi-class have their base 5 specialist slots replaced with 3 specialist slots of each colour bar opposite. If they previously had more than 3 specialists of a single colour then they will need to elect to lose some of those glyphs above 3.

It is not necessary for anyone multi-classing Disenchanter to be able to take twice the normal casting damage for the spells acquired by the multi-class. This is an exception to the normal rule for learning new spells.

Thaumaturge mentions that you die on 0TBLP - this is an error you only actually die on below 0, on 0 you are unconscious.

Elder Fey
Elder Fey innates have no casting cost associated to them.

Priest of the Runes
Healing Runes and damaging runes are non-level based.
Max purchasable of Prepared Runes is 1/post 8th table achieved.

Post 6th Devout Druid: May acquire extra levels of EarthPower as per Arch Druid

Immunity to Holy OR Unholy Words - may now be bought twice, once each for Holy and Unholy Words.

Land Of The Seven Winds
The Crol Shed Skin ability, and any variant of it, takes at least 10 seconds of appropriate non-combat role-play activity.

Glaive Mastery
Glaive mastery this should read: Grants 1st Mastery in Glaive, if first mastery is already possessed then adds a further half mastery granting +3 points of damage.

All Ishmaic characters must maintain an appropriate accent, costume and behaviour at all times. Any found not doing so will, at the least, be stripped of all Ishamic benefits but retain all racial disadvantages. Referees please inform the desk of any who fail to fulfil these requirements. Accents and voices should resemble that appropriate to the role-play environment – typically based on ancient Arabic stories, and middle eastern background such as The Arabian Nights. This applies to all Ishmaic characters, including Samila, Athfanal, Calabrim etc.

Yashtar can buy ability for 50points on table 1 that is called ‘Freedom’. This means that they do not need to adventure with an Athfanel master. They can still be dominated by an Athfanel in the normal means but by the next adventure is considered to be free again.

Post Eighth Level System

This is not available to Yastar Crol, Ggrutuck or any creature already with a limited / restricted intelligence.

Casting Stamina
Casting stamina can be healed by all normal methods that can heal the owner. It can only be depleted by ‘casting’ damage however, the exertion from using one’s own Applies to any TBLP damage taken from using your own abilities, including Hand of Purity, Neuronics, Determination and, at referee’s discretion, similar abilities. It ‘shows up’ separately on discerns such as Discern Nature of Wounds.

Damage Grades
Any player calling damage grades which involve non-standard abilities, OR in ANY way exceeds Seven (this includes Archers), needs to have a clear, concise sheet of paper, typed or otherwise fully legible, which details exactly how any damage grades they may call are composed. This sheet must be given to the ref at the beginning of play. This sheet should be as clear as possible, contain no waffle, and nothing outside the details requested, and must have the Game System’s Manager on it to be valid.

Draconic Advocate
The buy as restrictions imposed by acquiring Draconic Advocate apply purely to class based abilities. It does not affect racial buy as or racial abilities.

Extra Levels of Life
These are based on your highest class / multi-classes’ / multi-race’s life-scale but only once you are at least 6th level in that class. ELOL's are never more than 5/2 whatever you may get as a base.

Half-Elves / Half Spirit
Half-Elves and all other creatures with half a spirit pay double cost for spiritual abilities, e.g. those bought as Priest, Paladin or UC. However this does not apply to those spiritual abilities bought as a Scout class.

Half-Elves do not pay double for non-spiritual abilities bought as Priest / Paladin / UC which have nothing to do with spirits, e.g. +1 Max AC.

Meglomania / Naturally Suspicious / Paranoia
These abilities is not available to those that already cannot join guilds or gain that as a restriction else where e.g. Beggars. If you have limited guild joining facility, e.g. Ishmaic, Ratfolk etc, you may buy this ability but at x2 cost.

Resistance To TOD / Suspend Life
Resistances to Touch of Death/Suspend Life reduce these miracles in effect in the following order:
TOD > an effect that mimics Suspend Life > an effect that mimics Cause Grievous ® an effect that mimics Cause Serious. However, although the damage is as per a causing miracle, the target may not apply SAC or resistances to causing to the damage and with the case of a TOD with one resistance the target may not apply Determination, a War-Cry, or any other ability against the ‘Suspension effect’. It is removed in the normal way however. Those with half a spirit or with half-effect evil miracles may half the damage however. Half-Elves struck with a Touch of Death have a 60% chance of surviving; less 10% for each 10% vitae lost.

Secondary Resistance
You cannot apply secondary resistance to the “falling over” effect that you take from applying immunity to dying effect.

Trusty Old Weapon
Trusty Old Weapons are immune to Melt. They are still affected by abilities that would destroy a supernatural weapon – for example Grand Tanishawara. Equally applies to all similar 'trusty' objects, shields etc.

Ancientfolk Ward Pact with Glass: Is no longer outlawed by Race, this does not remove any class restrictions, or outlawhoods separately received. This ability additionally costs a Ward Pact. 25pts T:1

Realm Of Glass

Although as described they tend to be Evil most commonly Orc characters may in fact be of any alignment. Shamans and witchdoctors must still be of opposite Good / Evil alignments however.

Noble Retainers
Noble retainers only get immunities to info fx from the ability that their noble has permanently (i.e. not from guilds / items).

Goblins - no Goblin class can standardly wear more than Stiff Leather - this is a racial restriction.

Rat-Folk makeup requirements require the character to look ‘rat-like’ in appearance, with generally appropriate colouration and similar. The make-up must be clearly distinct from that of an elf, for example. Makeup that is not recognisable as Rat-folk is not sufficient.
Ratfolk are no longer outlawed as a race – however they cannot join guilds unless the guild specifically notes that Ratfolk can join. Those that could previously join guilds may continue to do so.

Imperial Yeomanry do not have to be Human - the may be non-tribal humans, dwarves, elves, drives, halflings or half elf characters.

Restore Life
See seperate notes for current changes

Soul Sharing
This miracle only works on living targets.

Undead Resistance Levels
Unless otherwise stated Handbook Undead have a resistance level equal to the level of the miracle used to create them and Non-Handbook Undead have a resistance level equal to the level of the miracle used to create them plus 1.

The effect of Protections and Wardings though is calculated using their Dismiss level not resistance level.

Halt Undead miracle is also in the Minor Force Sphere

Stunning Power: Stunning Power and any variants or derivatives do not work should the target be immune to the power base. Additionally in specifics 'full undead' are immune to the Stunning Power where by their race they are immune to the 'force effect' eg [but no limited to] Halt, Statis, Voice of Power, and Repel Life. They would be affected by a Stunning Power attached to the Force miracle 'Repel Undead' etc for example.
You may use Act of Faith against Stunning Power as there is no published immunity.
You cannot suffer from Stunning Power, from the same caster, more than once per 10secs.

Miracles that are * once 'skipped' cannot be bought at a later time at the discounted cost. However each 'tree' is considered discrete, and seperate thus on some trees you could buy it and others skip it.

Winter Elves:
Complete Immunity to Cold gained by Winter Elves - includes Immunity to Freeze, Snowball [and derivates], Javelin of Ice, Heart of Ice- it does not make them immune to Slip, Boots of Ice or similar.
If the Winter Elf somehow gained how a spirit - or the innates were gained by a person with a spirit it would not defend them standardly from any of the above with a spiritual component.
If the innates were somehow 'mantic - then they would apply against the spiritual component attacks.

Miscellaneous Errata

Are freed from the life and death grip of Morgoth and as such lose all racial benefits and disadvantages with their system stats becoming as per humans. Though at this time they remain an Outlawed race.

It is no longer possible to start a caveman – it is still possible to play existing ones however the onus is on the player to provide the details of the Race to the ref.

Handbook Elves cannot be first colour, new colour wizards.

The points penalty incurred by an Elysian for causing harm only applies to the day this took place. So on extended length dungeons this would only apply to the points that would have been gained on the day of the infraction.

NOTE: This applies in general to all similar “loss of points” restrictions, whether through standard or non-standard abilities.

All oriental characters must maintain an appropriate accent, costume and behaviour at all times. Any found not doing so will, at the least, be stripped of all oriental heritage. Referees please inform the desk of any who fail to fulfil these requirements. Accents would be reminiscent of those found in the Far East.

General Supernatural Power
Blanket Immunities
It is not possible to inflict damage of a 'power-base' to which the character is immune; for example, it is impossible for any elf, who have no spirits, to inflict spiritual damage. It is impossible for a character in Spirit Form to inflict physical damage, magical damage, or any damage other than spiritual. It is impossible for a character under the effects of a Mana Shield to inflict magical damage, and so on.

Additionally, if a character has better than 50% resistance to a power-base, their maximum damage with that power-base is reduced by two grades. For example, if a character has somehow acquired 1/4 of a spirit, their maximum damage versus creatures only affected by spirits, assuming they had a spiritual weapon and could use it, would normally be Double. Similarly, if a character has 1/3 effect magic, their maximum damage with a magical weapon against creatures that require magic to harm, or when using a purely magical weapon, would be reduced by two grades. Their normal maximum damage would of course be unaffected, even when using, for example, their +0 magical axe, because most creatures will still be affected physically by it.

If a character is immune to a power-base, but does not have a weapon that precludes that form of damage, the weapon may be used, the armour class relevant to the attack mode is applied, but that facet of the damage is not delivered. E.g. Assinen the Warrior Priest has acquired the ability to only suffer damage from a spiritual source. If he only has use of a physical weapon he may not inflict damage in combat.
If he has a spiritual and physical weapon his target may apply spiritual and physical armour class against the attack and if the target was not vulnerable to spiritual attacks, e.g. was an Elf, then no damage would be inflicted.

A character that only does not suffer damage from a particular power-base may not employ armour class of that type. E.g. Assinen the Warrior Priest from the previous example may not benefit from Physical or Magical Armour class.

At no point in the above rules does 'power-base' mean anything more specific than magical, spiritual, physical, Neuronic or similar broad bases. It does not for example mean that a Winter Elf, by virtue of being completely immune to cold, cannot use their Javelin of Ice innates!

Published X
Purely for the purpose of acquiring or casting published Spells, Miracles evocations or similar those available only by taking specific multiclasses or multiraces, e.g. Deny Power, are not considered to be published. E.g. the ability to cast one published grey glyph a day would not extend to casting Deny Power but it would extend to casting Damage Shield. Same and similar applies to miracles that are Denominational [Church Miracle] or Class specific [Witchly Curses].

General Errata

It is not standardly possible to use a Crossbow in either hand.
Multiple Shot Crossbows although permitted are limited to a Max damage of Quin on any shot within 10seconds of a previous shot.

It is possible for guild leaders to excommunicate / expel any member of their guild. However unless written into the published guild restrictions this has no system penalities. The rules for churches are different, excommunication by the High priest is possible and the level of punishment may vary, typically for breaking the ethos of the church the punishment would be to remove access to the published church list miracles, those lost may not be relearnt or cast ever again. Excommunication by the Diety [Desk] can have greater repurcussions, including upto the loss of all priestly post 8th abilities, or even death. In all cases reference should be made to the CMT/GSM for final arbitration.

Expertise Wizard skills do not stack with any other mana reduction - unless specifically mentioned.

Varial Caster
You maynot use Facilitiy [No Damage Casting] abilities to avoid the casting damage suffered.

Faery Wizards
Faery Wizards may be of any starting colour but may not hold a wizard colour that is in opposition to any of their Faery colours.

Pass Unknown:
To be clear Pass Unknown grants immunity to Mana Sight, other visual detections etc, but only from creatures made by magic without minds, eg Elementals, Statues, not Elves. A Mantic Pass Unknown would also grant immunity to Spiritual Sight from spiritual and mantic mindless creatures, eg Spiritual Statues / Mantic Elementals and unintelligent Undead.

If you have a restriction twice without mentioning previously you are working against the rules.

E.g. already bought Paranoia - cannot be in guilds –

"Solo Artist: May not be in guilds but gains self awareness, discern own remaining innates, and Monk loc Specialist skill as monk" You have the same restricitons twice - obviously the restrictions have a bearing on the cost of the ability.

The correct way to write the ability would be "Solo Artist - From Paranoia now gains..."

Please remember non-standard abilities/spells / whatever DO NOT STACK- unless they mention a particular effect they stack with. eg. Offensive Red Wizard: -1 mana casting any offensive spells, now has casting restricitions as per Warlock.

"Flaming Tome: If I read a firespell from my excellently physrepped spell book - it costs me one less mana to cost" Only one of these reductions applies.

Hanger On
This ability is as per Ley Believer, however any non-church Open Guild may be chosen. 'Hangers On' count as members for the guild for the purpose of numbers required for guild specials, they are bound by all the guilds restrictions, but may gain no benefit for being a member.
The Guild Master must sign on this ability to the Character Card to show in-character acceptance of the character. Should the Guild Master change the ability needs to be resigned by the new leader. The Guild Master may expel any Hangers On at their whim, the points are then lost and wasted, as are they should the Guild cease to exist.
This ability may be bought by characters that are normally excluded from joining Open Guilds or otherwise from normally joining the guild.
Cost: 40pts Table: 3

Ley Believer
Is now an ALL ability - thusly Wizardly Ley Believer no longer exists - if you have bought this ability you are entitled to a refund on it - with the provisio that the ability is replaced with normal Ley Believer to the same faith.
Reason for edit: Updated by GSM: 08/11/10

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Latest Update

Hanger On
Ley Believer
Reason for edit: NEWS FLASH: 08/11/10

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