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> Meditation, ~ Current Rules
post Nov 2 2008, 04:45 PM
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The system limit for Meditation rate is x7 [6 increases].
[This is the full sit down shut up 2nd age meditation – to a maximum improvement of Aware Meditation]

The system limit for Greater Aware Meditation style abilities is x5 [4 increases]
[Typically limited to a given location, eg 30’ radius from start point]

The system limit for Travelling Meditation style abilities is x3 [2 increases]
[Where you have an ability to travel and meditate at the same time]

Note 1: that abilities such as; Pure Mediation [Priests now med at base 7 spirits per hour] and Clear Meditation [neuronics base increased to 6tblp per influx from 3tblp] count as an increase.

Note 2: regeneration of power type abilities, do not work at the same time as meditation unless specifically noted. Even if noted still counts as an ‘increase’, and ‘increases’ to the regen rate of power apply against the system limits.

Note 3: It is possible to ‘recover’ more than 1 power type at a time, but they cannot be of the same bracket of power.
Eg Healing Only spirits from Spiritual Healer cannot be meditated at the same time as normal spirits.
Eg Mana and Mantic Mana are the same power and cannot be simultaneously medded- though the Magical med rate abilities apply equally to both sets of Mana.

Note 4: When meditating for more than one power type at a time the system limits for med rate still apply, the total increase limit needs to be split.

Note 5: Increases in med rate only apply to the power base of the ability granting it.
Eg +1x med rate from Devout Priest multi-class only applies to spirits.
Eg +1x med rate from Willow Talisman only applies to Earth Power

Note 6: Non-standard increases will typically apply in the same manner as above, though it is possible that a med rate increase may affect more than one power type.
However each separate power it is used against counts separately against the med rate limits.
Eg Hamish the Elysian Vivomancer has ‘Pacifist: Because I can’t hit things I gain +x1 med rate’. This non-standard would apply to any of Hamish’s medding for mana and spirits and would count as two increases if he was medding for both powers at the same time.

Note 7: It is only possible to benefit from one temp increase in med rate unless both state they are cumulative.

Note 8: It is only possible to benefit from one external increase in med rate unless both state they are cumulative.

Note 9: Typically abilities such as Aware Meditation only apply to the power bracket for the ability they have been purchased for.

Note 10:
Guilds [May 2008]
Cycle of Life: Natural Meditation applies only to Earth Power.
Talthar – Serenity: Meditation Focus is for spirits only.
Talthar- Unity: Harmony is +1 additional med rate – it may affect any singular power type.
Shaehan: Haven grants a +1x med rate temp increase but max 5 rate, [eg not over 4 increases]

Note 11:
Items will typically match the power of the artefact.

Note 12: If unsure whether a med ability is generic or specific assume the worst and seek out clarification from the GSM in person with the application.

Skywest and Crooked
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