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> Lord Knight's Address, ~Lords of Orders IM1018~
post Feb 23 2018, 10:58 PM
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Let me begin by extending our thanks and gratitude to Rufus as he steps down from the position of Lord Knight for leading us through this year and acting with dignity, courage and dedication to our order and our vows.

He is someone I have seen grow and mature through his lifetimes and his actions and without doubt he is evidence of what being a member of the brotherhood can nurture and inspire us to become. We are a better order for having him among us and I hope he will offer council when asked by myself and those within the order.

It is a great honour to have been chosen by you to stand as your Lord Knight and I am truly humbled by your trust and faith to head our Order for this coming year. For those that did not choose me I promise to stand and uphold our Oath and our Order and I will do all I can to show by my deeds and actions that the mantle of Lord Knight is one I will serve with all my honour.

I wish to speak and proclaim the victory to those unknowing that was achieved by your brothers but seven nights ago. The World of Cyrell faced oblivion as it’s Dawn approached, much had been done to seek to save the world by many Knights this year since its plight was discovered, among them Rufus and Snow whom must be recognised for the part they played in marshalling our Order across these past months to the benefit of Cyrell. Time however was almost passed and much was needed to be completed in order to seek the continuation of the world and to stave off the destruction that loomed.

Each and every Knight that mustered on Cyrell did not flinch and embodied the Virtues of our Order, much was sacrificed without forethought or fear and the actions taken selflessly ensured that Cyrell’s destruction was staved off, their world reborn at their Dawn and the shattering undone as wel las ensuring all their brother Knights stood alive and able to provide their aide once more.

I have spent the week remaining upon Cyrell, while a great victory was achieved all is not done and there are still very real threats that remain and could if left unchallenged see the same judgement day come again. We have given our vows and our word to the people, their cities and their young King, we will return and keep our word and see the good works finished and their world truly safe once more.

The King understands the sacrifice freely given by the blood of your brothers to see his world protected and saved from it’s hour of devastation. By the actions of your Brothers, by the steadfast determination of your previous Lord Knight, he and his world endures and welcomes the Knights and our banner as allies and honoured friends.

I am immensely proud to have witnessed the acts and heroism that ensured the renewal of Cyrell from those present at it’s Dawn and I am filled with hope for what together our order can stand for throughout this year and the long-lasting inspiration I hope it will have on those that benefit from your actions.

Before I unveil those I have chosen as Lord of Order at this time I would like to thank those that have stood this past year, it has been an honour to serve beside you and support the Lord Knight. I hope that each and everyone of you will continue to serve your Orders and our Order as a whole with the same righteous strength you have displayed during and prior to your elevation as Lords.

I name the following Knights to serve you and I trust they will support their orders and our brotherhood with honour and virtue.

Voice of the Knights: I name thee Ignatius

Lord of Unity: I name thee Castielle

Lord of Battle: I name thee Gimly

Lord of Watch: I name thee Tristan

Lord Templar: I name thee Aramis De’Ville

Lord Warmage: I name thee Louis Athanyn

Lord Seeker: I name thee Darren

To support their Orders I would also name the following to serve as Deputies:

Deputy Lord of Battle: Kail

Deputy Lord Templar: Hermish

Deputy Warmage: Midarcanus

Deputy Seeker: Tobias

I have in the days immediate proceeding Andric announcing my elevation to Lord Knight considered long and hard. These names have not been chosen lightly and such difficult choices speak to the depth of skilled and inspiring members among our Orders.

It is my hope that those named will embody the virtues of our order, nurture new members of their orders and unblooded knights yet to ascend to the ranks of a chosen order. They will lead and inspire those around them and act with compassion and certainty when they are needed.

The year has just begun, but there are tasks to fulfil aplenty.

I will work tirelessly to bring about the vision I have of what it means to be a Knight and what the Knights of the Land are as a united force.

Stand with me and let this year be one of virtue.

Shield on Arm
Sword in Hand
Brothers Together
We defend the Land

Lord Amorphus
Lord Knight

Gordon Court
"The man with the barbwire soul."
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