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> After the funeral, After the funeral
post Jan 31 2018, 01:48 PM
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OOC - Note this is Main Amlas campaign Ref Approved and is posted in a ref capacity. (missive one of several)

As people begin to make their way from the funeral there are many men dressed in black but clearly displaying the mon of the snake handing out missives to everyone, it becomes clear that these documents are official and in fact copies of letters between Lord Naga Yusaki and the Emperor and/or his retainers.
When this action is queried the men say, all we ask is you read it, then use whatever skills you have to find its truth, we can ask no more of you, Know this, copies of this missive have been released across Amlas, in villages and palaces, wherever people tread, and further missives will be released soon to one and All for them to digest and think on.
Open your eyes to that which stares you in the face
The men move through the people handing more and more documents out, on any official or aggressive approach, they simply kneel, and state for Amlas, and our Lord. They seem quite prepared to accept any action.

The first document
Petition to the Emperor Dated 11th of Last (12th)month before the dawn of the new year

Unto the most high and honourable Jade Emperor
Ever your loyal servant Lord Naga Yusaki Daiymo of the Snake Clan, Warlord of the Shadowlands, I have sworn to make my duty that of ridding these lands of the taint of the malevolent oni threat, wherever it may be found. It displeases me most abhorrently to be the bearer of grave news concerning an otherwise loyal and beloved subject.
Recent events have revealed that Lady Dansu Daiymo of the Crane clan, has been grievously compromised by such an entity. In thought, word and deed she has succumbed to the insidious will of the oni.
Dansu has knowingly harboured an oni, namely her husband Toshi. To which she has readily and unapologetically admitted during an honourable trial presided over by lady Neko Panama and witnessed by Woodrow, the Emperors honour, Riki, the voice of the Council of Jade, and my own person.
As her bound husband and bodyguard, she has allowed this oni constant access to her person and to influence her in matters not only personal but in council, clan and law.
Most terribly, she has, by her omission to protect private meetings of council, opened up all of our most closely guarded plans to our eternal enemy.
This oni has seduced her into allowing him access to private meetings between heads of state thus placing every plan and working of the clans in peril.
Indeed our strategies have each been delivered into the hands of our eternal enemy.
We can never know the lives lost unnecessarily due to this most painful betrayal, the damage done to the lands will be great.
Whilst I may judge oni, only your most honourable person may judge the lords of your lands. I beseech you to act swiftly to help your loyal servant in righting these wrongs, to strip Lady Dansu of her standing and titles.

Furthermore I beg for permission to execute a full investigation on the behalf of your most venerable self within the Crane lands to uncover and remove all treachery related to this vile pact between the lady and the oni.

In ready thanks to receive the benefit of your insight and wisdom, I await your instruction, ever your faithful servant,


Sarah Williams

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post Feb 5 2018, 12:26 PM
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A man in simple garb with the snake Mon was seen entering local markets. He began handing out pamphlets to anyone that would take them.
As they began to read them figures from the shadows appeared and took them. The man turned and fled, dropping the pamphlets before they too were collected.

The few that had a chance to read the start of the pamphlets said they were more letters from Lord Naga, but they never got any further.


Two days later the man returned with more pamphlets and again was driven off.


Almost a fortnight after Naga's funeral a servant screamed in the Snake's palace. The body of Yeng-Su, Naga's personal servant, was found dead. He had committed seppuku.
A note on his table read:

I can no longer continue to live in the shame my departed Lord asks of me.
Before his death he gave me several documents to pass out, but as I read them I realised they were filled with half truths and the madness that had begun to claim a great man.
I promised to serve him and carry out his will, but cannot do so, leaving me with only this option.
I only hope the Clan can accept my reasons

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