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> Disagreement and resignation, Public post to Amlas from Ningyou Dansu
post Jan 5 2018, 09:43 PM
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After some deliberation, I have decided to disagree with the judgement of Kazan Toshimoko from being made an outlaw on the sole proven grounds of being an Oni. All other grounds for outlawhood have been thrown out or have no evidence.I know where my mat is, and shall commit seppukku on the 13th day of this month.

I will not use my position as Keiyaku to overthrow the judgement, not because of my chance of losing my position, but because I would never want to abuse my position.

This position was offered to me, and it is currently an impossible one for me. As such I wish to resign from it, but would kindly request that I remain 'magistrate' of the crane Lands.

I would like to explain my view as to why this position is currently not viable, This is a position of law, I was told it would work in a similar way to the magistrate of the west, who one of the major key rules are not attacking and killing fellow mercenaries .
Law and hour should work together, but they are not the same, we have the Jade code, but it is not law, and many do not follow it or follow it to a less strict degree.

Having our own magistrate system I felt would allow for the east to have honourable duels to be presided over and take place and a 2nd during seppuku to not cause outlawed from seers, and I deemed a great step forward. However there are no laws to in stone, meaning such a position is difficult to perform, so I followed the western guidelines. This has meant I had to trial Naga, who was then a friend, for killing someone, the response to this was threats to the accuser, and a mountain of evidence supplied that against him, as such the judgement was an execution, and eye for an eye as such.

I was simply doing my job, but I feel that this has lead a certain amount of revenge wanted against me.

The jade code is a important way to live, but is not a law system to follow, it should be used as a guideline to live life with honour, but it seems some without true honour like to use it as a way to get people to retaliate and get them into situations that they should not be in.
I have always been a servant, once it was simple, serving lord's tea and sake, and now I serve the emperor, and I shall continue to do so, as I Lord of a clan, that is what we should always do. The lord serve the emperor, the samurai serve the lord, this is our way, and this is the way of Amalesian honour
I would like to thank Woodrow-sama giving me this position, and I hope a more suitable replacement can be found.

Ningyou Dansu
Daimyo of the Crane Clan


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post Jan 5 2018, 10:34 PM
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This news saddens me my Lady, however I understand and thank you for all that you have done and will do in service to the emperor and the peoples of our lands.

Voice of the council.

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post Jan 6 2018, 07:43 AM
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Thank you for your service Dansu-sama.
Your wisdom has always been well received, and I am saddened that there is to be this cost.

Honour and judgment;
The law balances finely
On Keiyaku’s word.

Yours in honour,
Masaru Tao Chai Talibah
Clan Daimyo of the Lion
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post Jan 6 2018, 11:13 AM
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Lady Dansu sama.

Your service as keiyaku has always been an inspiration and this decision shows, once again, your wisdom and strength.

Yours in honour
- Masayoshi Chu
Samurai of the Snake Clan
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post Jan 6 2018, 02:27 PM
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Lady Ningyou Dansu,

I have read your missive, and would advise you of a point. Naga Yusaki, even before his titles were stripped from him, was not your Lord, he was not your superior, you may simply disagree with him and his ruling. Your mat is not required for this disagreement, you may just simply state it.

You are wise not to use your position as Keiyaku to overthrow the judgement, and have always strived to be fair with your power. However if this judgment in your opinion does not allow our great nation to change with the new modern times our land finds itself in. Why not use your position to make changes to law to not allow your perceived mis-justice to happen again in the future.

No position is impossible, they can be hard, and they can be rewarding, but if you believe in yourself nothing is impossible.

Our land is changing, becoming more western, tradition will always be important for we should not forget who we are, or where we come from, but our Emperor in his Wisdom embraces a more structured westernised legal system. There will be times when modern laws and ancient traditions maybe at odds, at these times the Keiyaku needs to be at their strongest.

If you feel the Laws need to be set in stone, and be more formalised, then that is your right, The Emperor will I am sure listen to your wisdom, you have well earned the right to be heard. A samurai does not run from a challenge he embraces it for that which we attempt makes us stronger.

As any westerner will tell you I am sure, there are people who hide behind law and attempt to use it to their advantage. Our nation will be no different. Others may hide behind our code, they may try to manipulate it to their advantage. We must all remember the true judge of ones honour is ones self. I have always found that whilst people may hide, the shadows they create by codes and law, will always one day fade leaving them nowhere to hide. Honour, truth and justice will always win in the end.

You will of course be allowed to continue service as Magistrate of your lands, but I will stand in the position of Keiyaku for 30 days in the hope you will re-consider your resignation. After 30 days, should you still not require to serve as Keiyaku I will appoint your successor. If as a nation we are going to move in a modern direction, we will need the wisdom of people with varied opinions.

Woodrow Panama
The Emperor’s Honour

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