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> knights Muster: Loss of a Brother, ~Obituary: Grandow of Talthar~
post Jan 30 2017, 10:49 AM
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Yesterday was a day of renewal for our orders as the Lord Knight was anointed for the coming year but we must not lose sight of that which has ended.

Gimly has spoken of Rufus’s fall and I am sure the loss of our Lord Knight at the very commencement of his tenure will cause concern for some within our orders but I speak with the confidence of many Knights who know Andric is more than capable of leading us and in the time until Rufus is returned and we learn if he remains as a conduit to Imrazil and as a brother to continue his duties.

But not let the shadow of Rufus’s fall eclipse the price that was paid and the toll upon our brotherhood for yesterday we lost another brother, Grandbow of Talthar fell for the final time, his form ascended to that of Talthar’s Heavenly Host and bestowed with the divine light of his Lord he continued to stand by his brothers and willing fight and sacrifice all that he was for the protection and succour of his fellow Knights.

Grandbow was not the most famous or loud of or order but he was a man whose belief in our ideals and the brotherhood was forged in the early years of our order, birthed in a different age and time fighting besides the likes of Harpell and Aven against untold terrors and enemies long vanquished and faded but no less real in their danger.

Knights that have spanned the ages and still gather their arms willingly and offer themselves to the order and are duties are rare. That his oath never dulled and its import never faded is to be commended and remembered and should be an inspiration to and a virtue to strive towards.

Grandbow endured for a great many years trapped within a rift fighting countless enemies, over and over again and when finally free of the hellish prison remained stoic, calm and resolute despite all he had experienced.

So please join me in remembering our fallen brother, Grandbow and his embodiment of the Virtue of Endurance.

Lord Amorphus.

Gordon Court
"The man with the barbwire soul."
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post Jan 30 2017, 11:21 AM
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I had not met Grandbow before although I was aware of his history.

He did himself proud yesterday standing strong ahead of his brothers against all odds and giving his last breath more than once in our protection.

It is my hope he doesn't rest long in Talthars heaven.

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post Jan 30 2017, 01:35 PM
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He was extremely brave and took his deaths on the chin, with a smile and grim determination to continue
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post Jan 30 2017, 03:18 PM
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The man was a legend, every time he died, he just got right back up and stood shoulder to shoulder with against things that gave tougher knights pause.

I even saw him perform a rather impressive assassination of one of our foes, leaped from the shadows like some kind of giant primal man-bat!

I didn't get to know you well brother but I feel certain you will be granted another turn at the wheel.

An honour, I salute you!



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