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> Knight's Items
post Oct 31 2015, 12:24 PM
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Thought it best to put this all in one place, I will get Sam to sticky this thread and update accordingly.

The current knights items are as follows, all require 4 knights on dungeon to use:

Heart of the Father - 22/08/16 - Grants either 1/day kick in heal if falls unconscious or can be used to Total heal another KoTL (Not self) chosen when used. Only usable by 1 person
Bowl of Insight - 04/12/15 - Grants each KoTL a major prayer after 30s looking into the bowl.
Amulet of the Seas - 12/3/17 - Grants 8th level aquatic elf innates. Usable by 1 person at a time, may be passed around but innates remain used.
Touch of Madness - 25/1/17 - Each member gains an innate "Insanity" 9ft Range, is physical and takes 30 seconds to trigger as per rune of power effecting 8th levels and below.
Mantic Armour - 12/3/17 - Usable by 1 KotL each day, +0 mantic master status armour. Grants live to minus 12 to all KotL on dungeon 1st time needed each day. Calls to Lord Knight 1/day.

Ritual of Protection - 7/2/17 - Requires 4 members of KotL, Shadow Legion or Front Line, all gain +2 MAC & +2 SAC. If 8 members of the three guilds on dungeon all gain +2 MAC and + 2 SAC vs Demons as well.

The Banner of the Land "Resolution" - 1/10/16 - At the start of the day a KotL must be chosen as the Banner Bearer. This grants them defensive techniques if not able to do so already
Grants +15/5 life, . Calls to banner bearers or Lord Knight's hand 1/day "For the Rest" Useable by the Banner Bearer grants all knights within 30ft benefits of a warcry vs 1 effect chosen by the banner bearer when used.
All knights Choose 1 of the following (must be able to join the chosen order;
Battle - Adrenal Surge 1/day
Templar/Warmage - Add a published spell/miracle/evocation that could normally be learnt to your list at the start of the day
Seekers - Physical pass unnoticed 1/day
Watch - Perception + Supernatural Perception

Bandana of Legend -Grants each member 1/day "Breath Weapon" acts as a cone lightning bolt. - Made perm by Sam R

There is also the Mantic Sword and Mantic Shield out there, if someone has the item cards can they let me know the details so I can update the above list and put them back in the knights stores.


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post May 14 2018, 10:16 PM
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The current knights items are as follows, all require 4 knights on dungeon to use:

"Resolution Reclaimed" - 1/3/18 (original) - 1/9/19 (current)
Master Status banner, grants user defensive technique if needed.
Call to Lord Knight or Banner Bearers hand 1/day
Taint of the Magpie 1/day, acts as a magical or spiritual deny power.
3/day a KotL can cast a published other effecting spell or miracle into the banner and the banner gains an innate of it. A maximum of 1 innate stored at time.
1/day can trigger stored innate so it effects all KotL within 20ft.
1/day "For Imrazil" Acts as a 20ft radius warcry for all KotL vs. one chosen listed stopping effect (effect chosen by the person triggering the innate).

May be extended by 3 months for 40 ISP.

Blow up date may not be more than 18 months in the future.

"Sword of Lord pearl" - 30/06/19
+0 Magic (Ivory/White) +0 Goodly spirit broad sword. Grant utilise item for this item.
All KotL on dungeon count as mark allied to the sword if wished.
The sword has 3 power per KotL on dungeon that is assigned as innates of standard Ivory or White spells, or Goodly miracles.
Evil KotL cannot trigger the goodly spiritual innates.
All KotL on dungeon gain an innate Call of Pearl City 1/day - As True Believer can be any handbook goodly miracle to 5th, or a standard White or Ivory spell to 10th.

"Talisman of Cyrell" - 7/10/19
Grants +2 MAC vs. Red for all KotL.

"Armour of the Land" - 30/06/19
+0 Magic/spirit Armour, type and colour/alignmnet chosen at the start of the day. Can't be Evil spirit, Black or Bronze mana.
Calls to the Lord Knight or Tristan's Hand 1/day
Grants relevant utilise for the item as needed.
Grants one of the following chosen at the start of the dungeon:
i: +3 points of armour mastery vs. all weapon blows, max 9pts
ii: 25% off weapon blows the armoue applies to, can only be chosen if the threshold of the dungeon is over 3k.
iii: 1/4 off weapon blows that the armour applies to, can only be chosen if the threshold is over 5250.
iv: Fractions round down after all other calculations to a minimum of 1 point. Can only be chosen if the threshold of the dungeon is over 7500.

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