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> More Bother in the Brandins, An account by Jacob
post Jan 23 2015, 11:58 AM
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The following report was compiled by Jacob, alleged God of the Jakobites (the Lizards spell their name with a K) regarding a mission he undertook with some allies recently. The mission is said to have caused some controversy.

I and four other mercenaries set off looking for work this morning. When we reached a nearby post it pointed us in the direction of the Brandin Mountains! Upon reaching the main ‘city’ amongst many other, smaller villages, we met with the mayor: Mayor Reeves.

Mayor Reeves described to us that the outskirt villages had strange activities going on; all of the villagers were missing. He hired us to not only investigate the problem, but also solve it if it was possible. Us five set out with the intention of helping mayor Reeves to the best of our capacity.

Upon reaching the ‘outpost’ in which his ranger was standing, we soon discovered that there was a cave within a mountain. This would seem normal except there was a bear living inside which had the bones and flesh of many people. Including animals. Unfortunately, we were forced to kill the bear as we initially thought that it was the cause of the problem. It was not. As we continued through the cave system, we were intrigued to meet a dwarf miner who had discovered a set of stairs going deeper into the cave. It was at this point we all realised they possessed the powers of the mind! He started assulting us with neuronic force…

We thought it was the nature of the area assaulting us to begin with, however we soon acknowledged that this was not the case and that the Dwarf was trying to kill us. Upon his death (yes we killed him too), we obtained a key which opened a door to the caves below. Turned the wrong way, it struck you with a lightning bolt, the right way and it opened as normal.

As we traveled deeper into the cave system, we found more beasts of which I don’t know the name of. They too possessed mind powers and were worryingly potent. Rangar (our warrior) dealt with the problem effectively. After roughly 7 times of spiraling downwards, we reached the bottom of the cave system. As expected, spider webs along with very weird creatures that were ‘sewn’ together using many different materials approached our group.
Intrigued by what we had seen, we decided to keep going. Firstly, we discovered an extremely helpful ghost that aided us greatly. He informed us that a necrovat was behind a warding placed there by Mayor Reeves. This necrovat was being used to combine the body parts of humans, along with the bones of animals, and the steel of armour! A very potent creation indeed. However, this was well warded. It was only when we discovered a hole in the wall that we decided to go deeper.

During the afternoon, we entered another cave system which held many mysterious beasts created by the necrovat. Firstly, Corvax (our wizard) tried to commune about the Molek that we had been told about. He died. After being impressively restored to life by a God (me), he told us that he had suffered the effects of a Touch of Death prayer imbued with magic. This worried us as we had found out (from a mysterious earth elf creature) that Molek’s were incredibly hard to destroy!

We continued with hope however! Upon reaching the inner chambers of the area, we found that there were several elevator like machines which took you to many different levels. Each one (it appeared) holding a different type of threat.

There were creatures which pointed your finger at you and you suffered 10 fire blast spells. Each level began to get more potent. It was only until we reached the very bottom, after having worked on other levels, that we discovered the Molek’s chamber! First, a ‘delivery’ not to the Molek was found stating information on a tower (we didn’t have time to translate it all, hence we simply gave it to Mayor Reeves). We went down his stairs and met with this beast.
His very aura was extremely distinct. An aura of pestilence surrounded him, making him even more potent to our mercenary group. From speaking with him, we discovered that not only did he have a necrovat, he also had a very powerful minion. So strong that not even 100 blows from the strength of four men touched him!

Before this fight however, I persuaded the Molek to leave our plane. He asked me why I thought he should leave. I replied with ‘the Searin are a very horrible bunch of lizards which taste nice!’ He agreed to my offer and thus I began to open the portal to Leserath <editor correction, spelt Leslirath>.

After creating the portal, he wandered through and ordered his powerful minion to ‘test us’. This was a battle Rangar didn’t want to participate in. After roughly 6 heal scrolls, and 2 total healing miracles (perfectly executed by myself and Malahai), the beast was dead and we were safe to leave.

We told mayor Reeves what had happened, and he was appreciative of what we had done for his villages. Rangar wasn’t very happy that I’d opened the portal and sent the Molek through. But I don’t really care; yet another mercenary mission where we all worked together.

God of the Jacobites

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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