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post Jan 20 2015, 01:33 PM
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Having the advantage of being on an Island, Port Miere is usually fairly quiet. However, there seems to have been a bonus in activity created by the establishment of a portal underneath the City that could be opened to access Leslirath.

It was through this portal that the Young Mercenaries were sent by Captain Tendry to investigate the plane in preparation for an intended expedition the following week.

This report is from a mission on the 10th of this month.

We were hired to travel to the plane of Leslirath to gather information about the plague that has been affecting both that plane and Primus. We travelled to Port Miere, where we were told we would find the portal.

Before we reached the portal however, we found 2 men hunched over a dead body. I quickly came to their aid. Their brother had been affected by the plague. In an effort to stop the disease spreading and to help the two men, I cured them of their disease. We gave the body a proper burial, and his brothers said a few words.

We then came across a distressed man outside his house, who asked for our help, telling us that his son was asleep inside the house with some kind of ethereal creature. Ishen 'cah (I apologise for my inevitable mis-spelling of that name, I am not particularly well versed with Ishmaic), summoned a stone golem that retrieved the child from the building. After a touch of deliberating, I blessed him, removing the curse and dispelling the creature. The child woke up, and the house was safe. The man insisted that I receive his family heirloom, which allows the user to pact with undead.

We found some guards, and I showed them our hiring license, and they let us through. We then found a shimmering wall. Suddenly, an undead appeared! I was cornered, and in a panic, I affirmed a pact with it using the heirloom, instead of dismissing it which was allegedly the easiest way to defeat it. After a lot of panic, somehow we managed to kill it. The wall then disappeared. We continued on.

We finally found the portal, and the guardians allowed us to go through. So that we didn't accidentally meet our future selves coming back through the portal because of the difference in the passage of time between the planes, we had to run.

On the other side we found some lizards! They invited us to sit down with them and eat as we discussed the issue of the plague and of the undead. Having explained their circumstances, we were full of the knowledge required to complete the mission and were ready to return. The plane had been overrun by the Grist, and only a small number of the Jakobites remained, faithful to their Lord of the Stars. The "Dead Scales" though were controlled by "The Pure", a selection of creatures that embodied different aspects of power, one for each colour of magic, sphere of spirituality, field of Earthpower, the Warrior discipline and the Scouting discipline. Allegedly the Neuronic Pure was the most powerful and ruled them all. As such the Grist all possessed a mind.

However, we were not able to summon the portal to return without having completed multiple challenges.

We started with the Evil challenge, as I believed that smiting the powers of evil would be a good place to start. I had to cure an evil ward so that it would have no effect, and then do the same the undead inside. We then found a massive spiritual creature, and after protecting the party with a protection from evil miracle, we slew the beast.

We then attempted the physical challenge. Naturally, I was not particularly involved with this, as it involved fighting. The warriors had to defeat some living suits of armour, which was not pleasant to watch.

Having completed that challenge, I decided to meditate. When I awoke, the party had to explain to me that they hadn't realised I wasn't "just sleeping", and that they had attempted (and failed) the earthpower challenge. I found this quite amusing.

Next, we had a go at the neuronic challenge. We came across a riddle, and had to solve it to remove a wall that was blocking our path. After a while, we did. We continued on and found another wall, however the druid, who was a Samilla, was able to pass the wall and defeat the monster behind it.

After this, we did the neutral challenge. This was difficult. In the room there was some kind of power, neither a bless nor a curse, but it somehow stopped me and Jericho (the other priest) from using goodly miracles. We came across a creature, and had to defeat it without our miracles. Jericho came up with a cunning plan, and drew a protection from evil and a protection from good. The creature crossed both lines, and died.

We finally attempted the water challenge, and the warriors took care of it so quickly, that I wasn't even sure what was going on!

We finally returned home after a long day in Leslirath, however, only a few seconds had passed on Primus...

Randall Wayfard
Following the light of Shaehan

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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