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> An update to the Current Threats DROAC is dealing with.
post Dec 15 2014, 11:57 AM
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The City of the Lost

While the city has been inactive for many months we know that it is slowly gaining in power and soon will be able to leave and continue in it's role in feeding on the planes. We know that there are another 2 cities like the city of the lost and I believe that the Fortress that has been sighted to be the 2nd. In the Begining these places were a beacon of hope, trade and commence across the planes but they were corrupted and since been used for dangerous purposes.

The Grist

The Grist are a plague that spreads across the land converting all that it touches into undead, we know that the plague will combine with what ever power that it comes across and then spread further as we have seen elves effected by the plague and then the plague take on a magicial aspect.

The Plague is very weak on primus and take the full duration to turn the user compared to when we have seen it on different planes.

There are a few main types of Grist :

Grist : They are a lvl 5 undead and seem to be the anything that has been changed and they will keep the skills of there former lifer
The Wrackspawn : Are lvl 6 undead and are the Grist that are turned during battle as it seems that the grist employ powerful ritualists in pitched battles.
The Patchworks: : The Patchwork constructs are 6 Undead sewn together and take the power of those that have been used to make them
The Chosen ones: It seem that when somone of importance or power get turned into a grist they can make a choice to remain who they are but join the Grist , they are lvl 8 undead and very dangerous.

The Ancient Architecture

In the past few months the department has been following up on leads of new buildings appearing around primus, these building seem to be from around the first age and have been ritually hidden for many years and now are slowly appearing around primus.

So far we have found a large portal Nexus and a massive underground cave ( with room to fit a city in)

2 smaller outposts

Within one of these outposts if a portal to the small rock in the void , on the rock there is a ritual circle that is believed to be connected to transportation. When going through this portal on the other side a large ancient fortress can be seen in the distance floating on a large rock but it seem to be protected from Scrying and I am not risking sending anyone of anything there at the current time.

The Cult of the Hidden Void

It Seems that a group that are calling themselves of the Cult of the Hidden void are attempting to spead the plague of the Grist over primus, they were encountered in Bilteve where they had corrupted a mine, farm and shrine to the black mana dragon and the rituals were starting to turn the undead into Grist.

From the information I have received they are a combination of humans and astral humans. They are using these ancient buildings as if they have know they have always been there.

We know that the cult are attempting to summon a God onto primus but I have not been able to find out anymore about this God

If anyone has any information to add please do so

Jerimiah Longthorn
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post Jan 18 2015, 10:04 PM
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Two copies of the following left on Bartimeaus’s desk in the DORAC headquarters, next to the Beholder sleeping on a pile of similar reports, under the request for additional ritual slots from Jeremiah. The second copy is clearly marked for attention of Nexus although it will probably never make it there.

[i]Traveled to Lizard plane, found persons opening portals, stopped them.
Subject Monkey may have possession of dangerous artifact.
Mitigated some effects of previous incursions from Primus.
Awaiting further instructions.

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post Feb 17 2015, 01:54 PM
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Mr DORAC Boss type man,

Just got the translation from our brain picker clever dude with all the answers. This is the scroll we got from tomb thingy along with the 'lantern' power source.

[/i]Dear fellows who came with me to that Tomb. I have finished translating that script that we found. I must apologise for the delay, I only found time tonight. Luckily, I am good at this.

Please find what I translated below. It is part story, part instruction. I have replaced a certain bad name with Ewan.

Grist Darmak was once a man. He was a great servant of the Order of the Planar Servants. He was one of our most trusted Paladins of the Order.

For many years there was a great war between the planes. Norithel, a great power of Mages and power users struck first against Eithlon who, while were peaceful, worshipped dark old Gods that gave them power. The war initially was just between the two planes but in time it spread across the planes and we could not keep the peace as we once could.

Ewan, one of the leaders of our order, came up with a solution to stop the war. His solution was to establish an army to fight for us and then restore the balance. Little did we know that it was already too late and he had made pacts with dark Gods of old for power.

Grist, as he was a noble and balanced man, was asked to lead this new army that Ewan was going to ritually create and then we would use this army for peace to end the war that was destroying the outer planes.

The ritual was completed and grist was turned into a foul beast of Undeath and in his wake the dead rose around him and spread the foul plague that was given his name.

The solution was perfect and the Grist spread across the plane like the wild fires of the hells consuming all that was in their path and then adding to the army.

The Norithel and Eithlon had no chance to defeat a from this plague and were all but destroyed.

This is when the three decided to stop the Grist as Ewan now had his eyes set on the Primal Plane. A small fraction of us broke away from the Order and went to the market city and from there we used the ritual power to destroy the Grist across all the planes.

Grist Darmak was not so easy to kill but once our Tombs were set and ready across the planes we attacked him and end the end while not able to fully destroy him we were able to put him into a state of death and seal him away deep within a hidden Tomb.

Take the crystal to a nexus and it will guide you where you need to go to find the other 2 Tombs to get the keys so that you can finally destroy Grist.

If you destroy Grist then bring his bones to the Primal Plane and cast the ritual across the planes.

In death I will still serve.

Order of the Planar Servants

I will give others a chance to make what they will of this rather than taking all the credit for myself.

Of the Circle

Hope this helps, it does not make sense in a couple of places - may be something lost in translation.


Dr 'Twizzlelic' Kaboom
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