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> Flower Picking Take II - Mercenaries Strike Back
post Dec 9 2014, 04:56 PM
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An account of last weekends Young Mercenary Mission

My fellow mercenaries and I were hired to perform a task that we had regrettably failed the week before; to repel the Fey from the lands of the Hollow Bone tribe. First of all we travelled back, and I met the goblin who had been selling his wares the week before. Several of the mercenaries (many of whom were inexperienced) bought artefacts from him, including one of the druidic evocation entangle, which would be important later. Next we met the goblin who I thought I had slain the week before, the charlatan who attacked us. I must have merely knocked him unconscious. This week he again tried to sell his wares but did not attack us, which may have been because he was so fearful of my great power, which I had demonstrated the week previously.

As we advanced I was shocked as I found the other young goblin we had met the week before. I had assumed that his tribe would have taken care of him, because he had been orphaned, but I was wrong. I knew there would be tribe members around, so I reassured him and went off to find some. The ones we were able to find were the goblins who were still digging a hole. They told us that they could not help him because they were too busy digging, so my fellow mercenaries and I agreed to help dig if they took care of him. After we aided them in their hole-digging, the goblin child arrived. They agreed to take care of him, and the we went to find the man who had killed his father.

Our efforts were thwarted when we came across a warding, unlike the previous week, we were unable to cross. I had a flash of inspiration and realized that it must have been put there to prevent Fey from entering, but now it had been corrupted and only allowed Fey and magical creatures passage, or those with a spell upon them. Two Fey appeared from behind the warding, and cast spells on us. Some of these spells were attempts at attacking us, and we were about to attack them when their ally appeared. It was the Fey with the hat that I knew from a week before. I advised my fellow mercenaries to use the artefact of entangling to trap him, which he swiftly did upon the be-hatted fey.

Advancing past the warding, I was soon bound to the floor by one of the other Fey. I realized that the more mobile ones who were attacking us with magic as well as their weapon blows were more of a threat, so I chose to attack them once I escaped the spell. I tried to knock the hat of the remaining fey, but he was nimble without armour and was able to retrieve it. Eventually I was able to knock it off and it fell to the ground. I dived for it and placed it upon my head. I struck a single blow and he fell to the ground, dead.

Soon, however, we realized that some of our fellow mercenaries were unable to cross the warding, and were stuck on the other side. Thankfully they were able to wear the bloodied hat and cross. I soon realized this may have been a mistake, as those who did were obsessed with "Dipping the hat in blood". I had to protect them from themselves by keeping the hat from them. Soon another Fey appeared, but this one was helpful. He told us that the other Fey had been a red-cap, and that we needed to destroy the blood on the hat to free our friends. We all linked arms and the Fey burnt all of the blood from the hat with powerful fire magic. Now we were able to proceed.

The Fey then told us that the reason the warding was corrupted was that we were no longer on Primus, but in an intermediate place between the latter and the Fey realms. The ritual bones of the Hollow Bones tribe were what had been disturbing the area. He then told us that they needed to be wrapped in Fey silver to return the portal between planes to normal, and that some of this Fey silver was down a tunnel. As we advanced, we collected the bones, and met two Fey. One of my fellow mercenaries, possibly still affected by the hat or possibly stupid, threatened to kill them. Thankfully, I was able to avert a fight with the aid of the more reasonable of my allies.

We were able to distract the fool and head off down a tunnel. I was somewhat wary as I had heard rumours of a ghoul in the tunnel from the previous week, so I went ahead. It was good that I had chosen the courageous option, as the ghoul was there, and tried to paralyse me. Thankfully I was able to shout it off and power through, and it turned out to be physically weak, and as such was easily slain. Ahead we found the fey silver, and were able to wrap it around the bones.

After the portal had been normalized, we went back to the goblins digging a hole, and asked them to bury the ritual bones, along with the bones of the orphaned goblin's father. We awoke the goblin, and I made a short speech, using what I had learned of the Dead Heroes from my family, and laid the body to rest. Suddenly, power coursed through the ground. The mercenaries began to feel rejuvenated, and the orphaned goblin claimed to feel the powers of his ancestors within him, however it was time to go, one of the Gatherer's portals opened, and we entered it. I bade the goblin a good life behind me, I am sure he will be the most chivalrous and honourable goblin of his tribe.

Ptolermy D'Treal

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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