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> No Maggots in this here city (Thimon)
post Dec 3 2014, 12:45 PM
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A report by Max, Penal Legionnaire

General Chance, Sir,

Not much of a report I'm afraid. I'll write a full one shortly, but the long and short of it is, there is nothing below Thimon which has anything to do with the Maggot King.

The goblins underneath, weren't your usual, evil, stabby thieving goblins. They were part of a group of goblins called silver horn - they were only below Thimon to investigate some strange portals that were opening. These were to do with the lizardmen kicking about at the moment.

There was nothing, and no information about a god of ruined cities.

We threatened the goblins we found, but then after realising their spirits weren't evil, and they actually weren't bad - we didn't kill them.

To your fourth point - still no goblins.

What we DID find though, was one of these portals, they had all the colours of magic and spirits and stuff too. We sent an illusion in, and saw like, the land forming before our very eyes. Loads of the lizards, quite primitive looking. One of them had a crown, and dark abishaic wings. We didn't interact - because scrying revealed going through the portal would have resulted in death, due to strain and how time changes while there. It was a strange purple colour. I followed the tracks coming out of the portal, which was that of these lizard men - I followed the trail of their spirits, and could feel they were lost and a little confused. Their spirits were balanced.

Earlier on, we found a fight club... all legit I'm sure, but the bloke running it had captured these lizards and bullied them into fighting. Love a good fight club me but this wasn't right, so I paralysed him and set them free. They were scared at first but then when the bloke bullying them couldn't move, and they realised that a bunch of tough blokes were on their side, they were able to just leave. They spoke, and one of them thanked me for setting them free, and gave me a trinket. The bloke could then move again, so I told him if he dared bully anyone again into fighting for money, I'd personally come and smash him in the face. He then mysteriously died.

The trinket they gave me was really weird though, a bracelet of fortitude but also with the power to summon a wraith. But then, I've just been investigating it - and it's not _really_ a wraith. It's a creature very much like one, but strange and definitely from 'somewhere else'. If you look at it though, just as a normal priest it does just look like a wraith at first inspection. I also felt a bit of a kinship with these creatures, but you know - they are alright. Just lost. Their king though? Well, the abishaic wings can't be good, right?

Anyway, there were some demons, of the unlit flame once formed fire, or some strange combinations of words. No idea at all what they were doing there though, there were some imps too. They got smashed in the face.

Rats, they were alright. You know, hated the knights of the land, loved Narstar, what you would expect really.

We then got to a strange thing of evil spiritual energy - real powerful. It had spirits of harm, harming it empowered it so we had to use healing to destroy it. We struggled, gave it a go but no one knew the cure wound and serious miracles so we tried using scrolls. We cocked up a bit there and retreated once the Cause Critical wound miracles started coming out.

So... we re-grouped, several of the group unconscious and a few arms and legs not working. Had some potions and bin juice that Weasel found, and decided that we weren't able to deal with the evil spirit thing, and give the fire thing a go (which was in the following chamber) - in that chamber there were two of the lizards worshipping the fire thing. They weren't controlled so I dont know why, it was quite vocal so I think it just shouted at them until they followed him.

Anyway, we had to run through the spiritual harm thing, which we thought was just calling the spirits of cause wound... alas no, it was tricking us and it was whacking out cause critical wound miracles still... So Stef died here (we needed him with his water mace to smash the fire thing up, so I grabbed him and ran through the thing, thinking, you know, it's only going to be a couple of cause wound miracles... whoops)

Right, so yeah - he died. I spoke to the lizards, telling them to stop worshipping the really evil horrible fire thing, and Weasel tried to get one of them out. The evil spirity thing destroyed it though. I have the body, and will be handing it in to some seer type lot to investigate, chat to it's spirit and try find some stuff out. (I know I have time to serve but I would like to listen to what it has to say - if that's ok Sir)

So, yeah. Exciting day, lots found out but unfortunately not about goblns or maggots.

Think that's it actually,

Sorcha's Priest

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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