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> Thrice Cursed in the Broken Lands
post Nov 17 2014, 12:15 PM
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A report from a Young Mercenary:

Several young mercenaries were hired for the day to improve the relationships with the Thrice tribe, and to get the Thrice leaders to agree to be a part of the moot. They journeyed to the lands of the Thrice and met its three leaders, who were each masters of two of the elements of magic. The tribal leaders were at first reluctant to join, but agreed that they would do it if the mercenaries could complete their tests. The mercenaries agreed and were set to complete the tests of fire, light and water that morning. One of the leaders of the Thrice, the Witch-doctor of Earth and Water, went with them to assess them.

The first test the mercenaries undertook was the challenge of fire. They were faced with a candle that whilst lit would produce weak elementals of fire. They defeated the elementals and extinguished the candle. Then they passed by some traps, lashing out at them when they were careless. The mercenaries next came upon several candles, which shot weak darts of flame at them when they were near. Being immune to the flames, one of the mercenaries, a demonically possessed scout, was able to go ahead and blow out these candles. The final part of the trial of fire was to defeat two, weak fire demons.

Next was the challenge of light. A warding was before them, which would freeze any mercenary which crossed it, using up its charge in the process. It would regain the magical charge back over time, the more charge it had, the more powerful of a being it was able to freeze. An unlit lantern was summoning forth light elementals, unlike most spells, the spell in the lantern could not be negated. The mercenaries were, however, able to determine that they needed to place a candle inside the lantern and ignite it to prevent the elementals from appearing. Once the candle had been placed in the lantern and ignited by one of the mercenaries, the elementals ceased and they were able to proceed.

Finally, they had to pass the trial of water. The first obstacle they encountered was a goblin lying on the floor, it had no spirit, however, but was composed of magic. It wished to be carried to a nearby door. Once the mercenaries had done this they realized that the door was locked, and they were unable to go through it. After the lock on the door was removed, the goblin disappeared. They then came to a warding, which made any equipment that passed over it disappear, such as a sword or dagger. Once the warding had been removed and the mercenaries were able to continue, they found that a kettle was summoning weak water elementals, once this was rusted to nothing, they returned to the leaders of the Thrice.

In the afternoon, a slightly different group of mercenaries entered to complete the air, stone and dark challenges. The first they encountered was a device on the wall that summoned weak air elementals, and a piece of paper on the floor, with a poem written on it in magical glyphs. They quickly determined that the elementals would not attack them whilst they held the paper. They labored over the paper and eventually deciphered it, before reading the poem in front of the device to prevent the elementals from appearing. Next they were faced with a dancing sword that attacked them. The mercenaries realized that they had to blindfold a nearby skull to defeat the sword, and they were able to do this easily.

Next was the challenge of earth, a pot was summoning weak earth elementals. They took some time working out what had to be done, and soon realized that they simply needed to move the pot to prevent the elementals from spawning. Before they could advance however, a swirling magical portal opened, and two humanoid lizards appeared through it. The lizards did not react with open hostility, and seemed ready to trust the mercenaries. The other leaders of the Thrice appeared, and told the mercenaries that this was not part of the test, but an unexpected event. The mercenaries went past the lizards, who could only talk in grunts, and entered the portal.

Beyond the portal they saw rolling hills, mountains and volcanoes, forests and deserts, as if a new world was coming into being, they also saw legions of lizard men, armed and ready to attack. The portal soon rejected them, and they were spat back out. The Thrice leaders agreed to postpone the tests, due to the unforeseen circumstances, but mercenaries will soon return to the tests.

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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