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> Exerts from the Torsdale Times
post Oct 8 2014, 08:44 PM
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Exerts from The Torsland Times

"Like the Primal Times, only more dangerous!" - brought to you by Sammy Sever and the Wandering Moth!

Mothborn Uproar

The Church of Razal, Moth of Corruption, is hardly having a good time of things. Earlier in the year their faith was infiltrated by a group called "The Arm of the First Betrayal", used by followers of a force called "Conflict", had their high priest assassinated and were generally in a very bad way. Somewhat surprisingly the mighty Torso of Talthar came to the rescue, appointed a new trio of moderate leaders and left the faith on the road to recovery. When asked about such he claimed to be surprised he didn't want to kill them all, but there we have it. The Moth of course is intrinsically tied to its twin, the Butterfly. It would seem one cannot exist without the other and while diametrically opposed it is a war of hearts and minds which would serve no purpose without the other.

Not so it would seem to Mazarus Mothborn, or as he was named by mercenaries, "Mr Fister". We won't go into why, I'm sure you can all imagine. Slain by Tai he re-emerged a month back, apparently having beenr restored somehow and proceeded to break away from the rest of the faith of Razal, engaging in a campaign of murder and direct hostile action against the faith of Lazar, much to the chargrin of his former faith. Calling himself "The Pillar", he set about enscorcelling remnants of the tribal army of Silhouette, gathering the bestial creations of Lucretia and setting himself up to wipe out both Razal and Lazar in one go.

Thankfully the Mothborn rebellion was crushed by the heroes of Helak, Sunny and Karl, out on their Starsday pilgrimage with a motley crew of devotees and fanboys. The magistrate of Halgar was heard to have shouted "boys on tour!" as he smashed two shades of hell from the outlawed rebel. We approve.

Worst Escape Ever!

It would appear Maxwell (formerly of Max's Snacks, now in administration) engineered the worst escape attempt ever from the Penal Legion this Starsday to join up with his friends in the Dales. Not realising that the legion has eyes all over the Dales he made it to 10am before Corporal Liara caught up with him. Currently taking bets how long he'll make it for next time!

This article has been brought to you by "The Snacks of Max", making even penal legion food taste good!

Spirits Laid To Rest

Working with the Church of Lazar, the brave Sunny and Karl, not content with merely smashing Mothborn apart laid to rest the unquiet spirits of Morgan Talway and William Ormiss. These notably worthies, corrupted by the Church of Razal throughout history are now free and at peace. By all accounts there is a collection of such individuals known as The Pillars of the Moth, the most noteworthy and successful attempts at corruption that Church has carried out over the years. We are happy to hear they are now at peace. Perhaps now Sorrowdell Forest won't feel quite so Sorrowful anymore and the ancestors of those who once lived at Carrowdell's Fall might be able to return to the site of their former homes.

Company of Iron Secure the Ruins of Aellyn

The Company of Iron have by rumour secured the ruins of the old fort of Aellyn, a sallow prince who fought through the ages at the Heart of the Eternal Stand. By all accounts other less savory members of the Free League, which they stress they only have a few months left to serve with, have been digging up other ruins and reanimating the dead from sites of old wars and battles. We're not sure we approve of the latter.

Tribals Rampaging

It seems with the death of the Orcen Abishai Silhouette in the summer the tribes that he had bound together beneath him are now tumbling accross the Dales warring with one another and anyone that gets in their way. While most major settlements are quiet well protected, the many smaller communities are in trouble. Carson Chase of the Follybridge Inn says he has a number of his Marsh Alfar kin on a "Stream Crawl" keeping tabs on them, but advises people give the tribals a wide berth. Most appear to be heading back towards their homes in the Grey Marshes though a few seem to have gone looking for pastures new.

Of particular danger are the dark red skinned Orcs, known to be potent wielders of dark spirits and practitioners of blood sacrifice.

The Deadly Dales

As, of course, we all already knew, the Dales is a pretty dangerous place to come and mercenary, but this Starsday put it all into context. Of the entourage accompanying Sunny & Karl, all those "Dale Virgins" fell at one point or another during the day. We applaud their strength of character for rising once more and pressing on nonetheless. Sorcha would be proud. When we asked agent Xeli'ath of the Mentatus whether the Dales was really that dangerous, he simply replied "affirmative".

The above is a series of exerts from the Torsdale Times, recording recent events in the Torsland Dales, North of Bildteve.

Written by Huw Griffiths

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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