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> Request for Aid, Sunday's Brief
post Oct 7 2014, 08:56 PM
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((Members of Natural Power receives notes asking them to attend the guild hall within Trollsville which has been shielded from scrying. Am open to reasonable comms if people want to PM me.))


I am Reginald Thortson from the Department of Mercenary Affairs and I come seeking your aid, I have enacted a rite of the blinkered eye over this guildhall so that we may discuss a request for aid that has found its way to our offices in the past week.

The request comes from Councillor Hadyn Greenfold on the Realm of Languaire, a realm on another plane. We wouldn’t usually contact yourselves for such work but Hadyn spoke of a threat to Primus and the natural world. The fall note we received is below and we haven’t received any additional contact however all divination reveals the threat as genuine.

The srying wards mentioned have not allowed us to gather much information about Languaire so we have contact our associates at the Halgar Historical institute for any information they have on the realm and they reported back this morning with a worrying discovery. Checking their records they had a report from a Martin Fanlow in the storage vault about his visit to the realm in IM 984, when they went to retrieve the storage room was in disarray and the shelf where the report should have been a ritually warded box had appeared. The contents of the vault are all shielded from destruction and teleportation and all other reports have been accounted for bar the one about Languaire. The box has some strange runes upon it and is ritually sealed in some way, all attempts to open it so far have been unsuccessful. They are continuing to work on different approaches to opening it.

We wish for a group of you to travel to Languaire, meet with Hadyn and assist and investigate the best you can. We are willing to pay you 3000 grulls for a days work and a report back. Those of you that are able please meet me in this guild hall this Sunsday from the 10 o’clock. As is normal for my department, we will pay for your potion allowance.

Reginald Thortson
Department for Mercenary Affairs

Rulers of Primus,

It is with a heavy heart and a trepid mind that I send this request for aid on behalf of the Ruling Council of my homeworld of Languaire. Our world has been invaded by a force that have breached our defences and started to destroy parts of our world. We have been holding out the best we can but have reached a tipping point. The different fractions are isolated and an attempt to gather the council was attacked.

The attack was not unexpected and we had made preperations and were able to escape and had trackers poised ready to follow those who attack to try and gain more information about them. They were able to ambush a runner heading to the main group and upon him had the following note:


You must report back how the exploration is going, time is moving quickly and we are still not much near to achieving our aim. Work on Primus is nearing completion and the people ties to the world are as weak as we believed, so it looks like once again we are waiting for you. You are unlikely to be so luckily if you fail us once again.

Master Fentell Silver

The Council had voted 4-3 in favour of pursing this lead and agreed to contact yourselves as you seem to be a target as well. We have never requested aid before and is something that come very unnatural to us, we are by nature a nervous people, our world is rich in resources and have often had people attempt to invade previously.

Our world is ritual shielded and defended both from scrying and attack. I am reluctant to reveal too much in case this note is intercepted however we can intercept almost all external communications and flavour the answers accordingly. Additionally anyone transporting in to Languaire has all active smells, miracles or similar stripped off of them and a defence force from each of the groups summoned. The seven groups that make up the main factions of Languaire are:
Mountain Folk
House of Greenfold’s
Shadow Stalkers
Dwellers of the Deep
Cold Sun Tribe

I enclose a gem that will transport those gathered round focusing on it to our realm, I will be able to coordinate some of the forces not being summoned but I cannot now contact the other groups in time. The Council is also reluctant to complete leave our home and warded. The gem will alert me to your arrival and I will be able to meet with you to explain more and provide much more information.

We are of course willing to make suitable payment from each group to yourselves for any aid that you can send.

Councillor Hadyn Greenfold
House of Greenfold


For extended length bookings and queries please use fromum@labyrinthe.co.uk
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post Oct 8 2014, 04:23 PM
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Oh great there warding removes bound miracles and smells...........well at least wizard with bound spells should be fine.

I will see if I can make it.


OOC sorry I just found that funny lol.
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