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> Monster and Referee Points, Everything you need to know
post Jun 25 2014, 11:28 AM
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A number of changes are being made to monster points, please see the bits below for changes. Anything not mentioned remains unchanged.
Firstly Monster point awards, will now be awarded as follows.

For refs, a-refs and monsters.
20 monster points per section.
An additionally 20 monster points if the dungeon is away from our caves site.

The desk staff are now empowered to award a discretional extra 5 monster points after a days monstering at the caves, were you have your monster points signed onto your monster point card at the desk that day. It is discretional as I don’t expect desk staff to “hang around” at the end of the day, while people go up to their cars to find the card and get distracted talking to people for 45 minutes. This is being implemented to reduce the amount of money spent on stationary to award monster points on small cards in envelopes.
Senior referees no longer gain the benefit of signing extra monster points on to a character before a days play.

The table for limits of signing monster points on to a character before a days play, which used to be limited by how many points the character was, is replaced with the below table, and is based on number of monster points you have earned on your monster card.
Amount of monster points earned
Maximum points that can be signed onto a character.






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post Jun 25 2014, 01:49 PM
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Spending Monster Points.

Characters under 75pts may add at most 75pts per days play.

Monster Points may be exchanged for:

500 Grulls - the player is issued with 500grulls, for a cost of 5 Monster Points.

Non-Standard base class/race change

Non-Standard Class-Race combination – This allows for a mixture of classes and races not normally permitted – This reward may only be acquired via the GSM – and is subject to moderation and common sense – for example an Elven Power Warrior would be possible, an Elven Warrior Priest would not. The card is issued at 1st level, and requires an ability application sheet to be submitted as per normal non-standard points applications – such that special notes and life scales can be appointed and recorded, typically 75 monster points. In a change to previous options, all base class/race changes may only be purchased with monster points, and such non-standard changes can only be issued on a day when the clubmember has monstered a labyrinthe event.

Miracle Lists.

Non-standard miracle lists for hermit priests or spiritual stairway must be purchased with monster points – costing 20 MP’s. This is a change to the existing method, and is now the only way to create such lists.

Sustaining Guilds.

The basic tier of an open guild may be made ‘eternal’ – such that the basic tier will have no fade date, being supported eternally. This option costs 5000 monster points, and may only be purchased as a collective.
No one clubmember may contribute more than 500 monster points to the purchase of any single guild (but can obviously contrtibute to more than one guild to a limit of 500 points for each guild), meaning that at least 10 clubmembers must be involved in making a guild eternal.

In order to contribute your monster points towards making a guild eternal you just need to spend your monster points at the desk with one of the CMT (Phil, Jo, Rach or Andy)
Your contribution will be recorded on the future payments sheet, indicating the guild you want to support with those points, and the monster points will be marked as spent on your card.
We will provide a pinned thread on this administration forum to track the monster point contributions (if you don't want your name listed against the contribution then let us know and we will show it as anonymous), and also provide a running total on the regular guild status updates.

In order for the basic tier to become eternal the guild needs to exist and have an extention date in the future (both via the existing guild system) at the point where there are 5,000 points contributed towards that guild.
Monster points contributed towards the basic tier won't run-out or expire other than if the guild ceases to exist or at the point at which the basic tier becomes eternal, and in both cases the monster points contributed are reset to zero.

Monster Point Items.

Monster points can also be exchanged for supernatural items for one of your characters. Each item so 'bought' must have a phys rep and these phys reps may not have any use other than be ornamental. E.G. may not be weapons, armour, potion bottles etc. unless the item is specifically listed as such in the below tables.

All items so acquired will either have a 'blow-up' date as normal, their powers fading with time, or may be made with 5 battleboard uses ever.

These points are deemed to be rewards for your character's activities in downtime. Perhaps studying, or working in casual employment - it is up to you to justify how your character has earned the points, or acquired the artefacts. All monster point items are still items – and relevant benefits will not stack with other items (e.g. only benefit from one life item or one item granting PAC etc)

Table 1 – available to all

Handbook Spell 0th level Cantrip 5 pts each
Handbook Spell 1st – 4th Level 10 pts per mana point
Handbook Miracle 1st – 3rd Level 10 pts + 10 per SP
Stamina I +3/1life 30 pts
Stamina 2 +4/2 life 45 pts
Repel Life as per Neuro Cosmic Flash but solely physical in effect. 40 pts
Repel Good/Evil Choose Evil or Good 50 pts

Table 2 - Those players who have earnt over 1000 monster points may additionally acquire artefacts from the below table:-

Handbook Spell 5th – 6th Level 10 pts + 10 per MP
Handbook Miracle 4th – 5th Level 20 pts + 10 per SP
Stamina 3 +6/2 item life 60 pts
Stamina 4 +9/3 item life 90 pts
Dexterity Armour - +1 item DAC 60 pts
Physical Armour - +1item PAC 40 pts
Spiritual Armour - +1 item SAC 80 pts
Magical Armour - +1 item MAC 100 pts
Trusty Old Weapon or Shield – as published ability. 60 pts
Well Warded – item does not blow up on death X2 total cost

Table 3 – Those players who have earnt over 3000 monster points may additionally acquire artefacts from the below table. Additionally, abilities from the below table may only be made into artefacts on a day when a clubmember is monstering OR reffing a Young Player event at Labyrinthe. Only one artefact from this table may be made per day, and only one of the below abilities may be put into an individual artefact (although additional appropriate abilities from Tables 1 and 2 may be added into the item). For glyphs/miracles/evoc and neuro innates, multiple of the exact same innate may be made into one item (so, for example, an item that casts dispel 10 twice a day is ok, where as an item that casts dispel 10 and summon shade 10 is not). Items with abilites from this table may only be made for characters of 3000pts or over.

Handbook spell 7th – 10th level 20 pts + 10 per MP
Grimoir spell up to 3rd level 10 pts + 15 per MP
WFA advanced miracle up to 3rd 20 pts + 15 per SP
Basic evocation up to 4th level 10 pts + 10 per EP
Neuronic ability up to 12tblp base cost 10 pts + 5 per 1tblp
Stamina 5 +12/4 life 120 pts
Spiritual Armour - +2 item SAC 180 pts
Magical Armour - +2 item MAC 240 pts
+0 Magic weapon (grey mana) 150 pts
+0 Spirit weapon (neutral spirit) 200 pts
Indestructible Pouch – keeps contents safe from destruction FX 140 pts
Indestructible Bag – keeps contents safe from destruction FX 220 pts

Grimoir spells re only usable by wizards who hold the appropriate colour of magic. WFA advanced miracles are only usable by priests of the correct alignment with the appropriate sphere. Earthpower evocations require ‘utilise EP items’. Neuronic innates can only be used by neuronicist, and they may only utilise innates from their 1st to 8th base abilities.


Referees earn 2 ref points per section of adventure they ‘ref’, and Assistant Referees earn 1 ref point per section of adventure.

Ref Points can only be used by clubmembers for themselves – you cannot ‘spend’ them for others, nor may they be transferred to others.

1 ref point may be exchanged into 5 monster points.

1 ref point may be used to increase the level of a character below 8th level by 1 level. It is possible to spend multiple ref points to increase a character by
multiple levels. This can only be done on a day when the character is to be played – and the spender needs to be ready in costume to do so. [cf. Spending monster points]. Whilst new characters start at 4th level, if using referee points to start a character the calculation is made from 1st – thus it costs 7 RP to start a character at 8th level.

It is additionally possible to spend 1 ref point to recover 1 level lost for
performing ‘off adventure’ tasks such as performing “Restore to Life” style
effects, or perhaps in manufacturing artefacts. Once again all these actions
need to be performed at the checking in desk. It is not always necessary to
be in costume and adventuring to use them in this way.
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