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> Some Suggestions, From fridays What If...
post Aug 28 2011, 10:18 PM
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Done a recent "what if" thread and a few ideas cropped that were liked by a few people, and whilst i'm pretty sure CMT did look over the thread i just thought i'd repost (and attribute) the few really good things that popped up smile.gif

QUOTE(JulianW @ Aug 26 2011, 12:10 PM) *
  1. A tables ability to make an item a character owns permanent.
A simple formula based on the ISP cost.


QUOTE(RichardCraig @ Aug 26 2011, 02:20 PM) *
  1. I'd like an increase in the variety of things you can use monster points for.
  2. A standard table for the cost of n/s class race combo's as a 1st ability bought post 8th
  3. If you take a standard m/r from T1 you should be able to take a m/c while you buy up it as I think this was initially introduced to help people who kept on putting in race changes but as must m/r cost 600 or so points it really taxes you early on when you have to buy all the things you need to survive.
  4. A selection of cheap standard m/r to be published to ease the issue above, maybe 300pts to 6th so you can effectively race change early on but not be crippled.
  5. Change prot anything more than 4th level to major warding.
  6. A max 750 themeday to be run every year.

QUOTE(dnsmantra @ Aug 26 2011, 03:00 PM) *
  1. Have some way of stopping items blowing up. Potentially just have items not blowing up on death at all.
  2. Have a far greater set of standard ISP options, or vastly improve the system for non-standard ones (by which I mean, implement something that works).
  3. Change myths items to myths points requests. You get something cool/appropriate at roughly 1/2 cost. Refs could apply for these pre-myths, or with appropriate ref approval players could apply after. You can then just buy it with your myths points rather than having that annoying 'gah, I need 500pts to make my myths item perm' thing 2yrs later. It also means monks and the like can also get something signature from myths.
  4. Introduce something that lets assassins/scouts drop someone with 1 blow from behind if they RL get the drop on someone without using any hand in the air, because 1 blow is so much cooler than a flurry of 6 or 7. Make sure this is still effective at high levels.
  5. Have Max Quin in B be the standard max damage for B class weapons. Shift everything else up 1 grade for B class.
  6. Frequently publish new abilities, such as the 'standard non-standards' in misc meanderings or the almanac.

QUOTE(LucyH @ Aug 26 2011, 03:06 PM) *
  1. Publish an annual "new spells" supplement containing the best new spells passed as non-standards in the previous year. There would be a couple of caveats as to what was included:
1. The spell would be named after the person who invented it
2. The published version would be slightly less potent than the original to ensure that the original author benefited from his research.

By extrapolation a new Miracles/Evocations/abilities for other classes supplement could also exist.


QUOTE(Craigus17 @ Aug 27 2011, 01:55 PM) *
  1. After re-reading a post one of the YP's made about party hacking, I've decided that I would like a rule implemented that means I can hire a very large person to deliver a swift backhander to any YP's that think party killing is clever.

Yeah the thread was only on friday, and its almost monday so its a bit short on waiting for more replies, but if more Good Suggestions filter through they can always be added here, After all it Is the Suggestions forum...

"Neuronic flash, Neuronic flare, Neuronic whip, Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration Neuronic penetration.... Priest..... i hurt... but the bad man fell down, twice, and run away and i thought painful thoughts at him... i did good?"
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