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Labyrinthe Forum _ System Clarifications _ Life Capping

Posted by: MarkCox Jul 28 2010, 06:51 PM

Life Points (TBLP and LOC)

The maximum permanent or ‘at-will’ TBLP value a character may have, including all bonuses from items, guilds, or similar, is determined as below:
Below Table 8: 3/2 x character’s base life.
Below Table 10: 5/3 x character’s base life.
Below Table 11: 2 x character’s base life.
Below Table 12: 7/3 x character’s base life.
Always round down to the nearest whole point.
Warrior subclasses whose base life at 8th is less than 51 may consider it to be 51 for these calculations.

Items, radiated life [eg Warhaft] and guild life, which are effectively permanent whilst they exist, cannot exceed the cap.
Additionally spells, miracles and similar that last duration of the adventure, or 24hours or greater also are effected by life capping.

Characters who are above Table 12 can exceed the fixed limit by 6 TBLP per l000pts above 7500 if their 1st class is a Warrior class, by 4 if a 1st-class Priest, Scout, Druid or Warlock, and by 3 if a 1st-class neuronicist or Wizard.
For these purposes Sorcerors are considered a Wizard class, since Melnibanions have difficulty acquiring physical toughness.
Power-Mongers and other warrior multi-classes that give no increase in base life are considered for capping to have 41 TBLP at sixth (or 47 at eighth) – as if their TBLP followed the Battle-Priest life-scale.

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