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Labyrinthe Forum _ The Western Province _ Pros and Cons

Posted by: Will May 8 2021, 12:50 PM

“….Return to the Land of the Living!” And with the raise of his arms, the ritual had finished. Or so he thought. The shaman looked down and saw that his tribal comrade was still a corpse. “That’s strange!” He rested for an hour, uttered the words once more and the miracle succeeded this time. The tribe had to endure complaints all night accusing the witchdoctor of meddling with powers beyond his comprehension.

However, over the days and weeks, similar stories travelled across the Broken Lands where Animate Life miracles didn’t work and Trolls' vitae did not regenerate immediately from their death. The elder shaman gathered to talk about these rumours and all agreed there was nothing to worry about as their link to the Totemic Gods were stronger.

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