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Labyrinthe Forum _ Whole World Plot _ From the Tavern at the End of the Universe - The Test of Certain Death completed?

Posted by: Will Mar 20 2020, 11:45 AM

"Many have tried..."

"Tried and failed...?"

"Yes... what were you expecting?"

"Well, tried and died is traditional..."

"We aren't savages and you have been reading too many fairy tales"

"How did he do it?"

"No-one knows and no-one is telling"

"What were the tests?"

"No idea, again, no one is telling"

"Not much of a story really is it..."

After years of failure, the Test of Certain Death has been completed by Castiel, Archangel of War and High Priest of Saint Michael. While his fame has spread throughout the exostance for this amazing achievement, no-one is quite sure what he did, how or why...

Still it makes a good story, sort of...

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