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> Fire and Ice and Brain, Halgar
post Feb 28 2019, 04:41 PM
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Despite the return to the Heartlands of the Empire the chill stay lay upon their bones. Most felt that it would be days before they felt warm again. They had found themselves in the village of Victor’s Kneel gathered around the Standing at the heart of the village. The villages seemed to know the one calling himself Naga and greeted or respectively acknowledged his presence. The Church watched as he walked widdershins around the stone, chanting before he seemed to rent the air around the stone and tears in the reality of Primus became apparent. Guess this was their ride.

On stepping through the gathered Church of Iron and Empire found themselves in what could be metaphysically described as a waiting room between Primus and the Fire Plane that was their target. Ahead of them was a flaming Portal that just stood in the centre of a wreath of cool Mittlenacht Mist.

“This way, it will take us virtually direct to the Heart of the Plane.” Naga indicated. Once more something troubled Ghulston and the King, they were being transported straight to the heart? This seemed, too easy?

As each person stepped through the Portal they were offered power, The Gift of Fire, Demonic Fire, several of the gathered accepted the gift without thought…


So, it had turned out that Naga had managed to transport themselves close to the heart of the Plane. So far so good. Their enemy had no idea of the plan but there was a problem: The Shard was starting to melt, not from the Heat but from being cut off from its source, The Lake, the Myths of the Tribes and most importantly, Primus. The sands of time were against them but on the positive the denizens of the plane had failed to be even aware that there was a threat. Given the morning’s travails, the heart somewhat less threatening.

However as they crossed the final threshold of their descent into the lower levels the Heart sensed the danger and issued an Edict. All those who served the Red Mana Dragon were compelled to defend the Heart. Of course all those who had accepted the demonic Gift of Fire were currently susceptible…

Before Naga could even react to the command given to the Fire Demon body he inhabited his head exploded across the wall. Ch’Gan shifted away to hand himself into the authorities before the shard had even fallen from the lifeless hands of the Shard Bearer. It was still too cold for any present except Gavlar to dare pick it up without suffering death at the Touch of the Cor Saim.

The King’s Shadow, in the form of the Shadow-Fire Fey reacted by Strengthening himself against the commands of the Edict and Engulfed Ghoul-Zardos who like many others eyes had briefly flared with flame at the Edict. He started to explain that the spell he used to resist the edict would only last a primal heart beat but was cut off when Wight-Marcus lept into action to Freeze him, for about a Primal heart beat, apparently a morning of encountering swathes of foes who laughed at the cold had left him antsy for some action.

It was at this moment, that the two massive demonic Heart Guardians appeared, it was quickly ascertained that as Aspects of the Heart they were unkillable, at least while the plane remained whole. Oh and they hit hard, real hard. As the first blow struck the frozen King’s Shadow, protected by nothing more than Thomasss’ Earthern Warding The King of Deci sat on his Throne of Silver jerked his hand from and in doing so recalled his Shadow back to his side before it could be destroyed with what could only be more blows.

Naga re-appeared a short distance from his body, no one had time to question this, it was not as if Mercenaries didn’t encounter weirder things on a regular basis. They were too busy fending off the two Heart Guardians. Half the party were quickly driven off the plane, banished back to Primus by being forced back and retreating past the final threshold of the Heartrealm re-appearing by the Harvest Stone in Victor’s Kneel, unable to return without Naga to re-open the way.

Naga saw his chance whilst Kraken and Dread were doing their job as warriors, he grabbed the fallen Shard, which felt noticeably lighter, and forged ahead. His window of opportunity was small, very small, the power of the Cor’Saim was fading here, he had to strike now else the day had been wasted and vitae lost for no gain.

Some small distance away Naga found himself in the Heart. “You can come out,” He announced.

Ghulston stepped forth from the walls, determined to make sure that Naga carried out the agreed upon plan he had followed him to the heart, leaving Cathbad as healer for the Group. With a carefully prepared incantation, ritualistic sweep of his hand and steady strike Naga shoved the Shard into the heart. The effect was immediate, the red glow from the walls immediately died, turning black, extinguished, by the cold of the Utter North. Veins of darkness slowly started to snake out from the heart like tentacles stretching forth across the plane but gathering speed and wherever they passed the plane died and darkness spread.

Across the whole realm, the cries of demons turning to ash, Gating or Fireporting off the plane whilst they still could were heard for a time and then there was silence, then as the last glow faded there was darkness and then there was Nothing. Unseen in the dark Naga smiled before stepping off the plane to reappear in Victor’s Kneel and announce their success...

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