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> The Consequence, Across the Baronies - Mostly Bornheim
post Jan 30 2019, 03:31 PM
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Darkness settled on Bornheim. Here and there the patrols of lightly armed priests kept their constant watch, accompanied sometimes by a glowing Angel of Light. All was quiet since the terrible events of more than a month ago, the holy war that threatened to engulf the Barony.

Around the border the Circle encampments of Scheinder's War Host remained, waiting patiently for a representative of the Church of St Michael to approach and speak openly about the edicts, and the grave threat the actions of their faithful had created in this ritually rich area of Primus.

And so it was, as Januar drew to a close, that the land itself began to shake. Already damaged areas of the Fortress of the former Baron collapsed, and the terrified people of the Barony retreated to their homes.

From the fortress, a swell of screaming demons erupted. The hedge druids, who had been drawn to the Barony due to the conspicuous absence of the Circle, sensed that Primus itself had been rend apart, a tear caused by the staggering ritual fighting that had occurred previously that had finally snapped, the fragments of reality breaking and the wall between worlds broken.

The faithful of St Michael rose to the challenge, but were overwhelmed in short order. Their blood ran thick through the streets, mingled with the demonic essence of their invaders. The fighting was fierce, but in the end, the church was outnumbered, and overpowered. The fighting flowed through the streets, right up to the temple itself. The focus of the forces seemed viciously, and relentlessly committed to exterminating every priest of light they found, every trace of the faithful of St Michael. The people of the Baronies were left to hide.

Angel's were torn to pieces, dragged to the hells themselves. Priests were tortured and splayed for all to see, their cries dying on their lips, calling out to their leaders to save them.

It was not long before it was over, a matter of hours if that, and the demons had breached the temple itself, tearing at the very structure, foundations of the building.

The light of St Michael died in Bornheim, drowned in blood.

Scheinder's forces had begun to move in as soon as their Circle ritualists had sensed the breach, keen to protect life and drive back the incursion. They were swift and ruthless, systematically rooting out the demons and destroying them. Soldiers reported afterwards that it was a strange fight. The demons seemed almost sated with the destruction of the faith, and the resistance they put up was minimal, like a child gorged to excess on bread and chocolate, struggling to move.

They drew in on the Fortress and once secured, the dark robed ritualists of Coris Mount moved silently to the site of the breach.

As the night drew through to morning waves of power could be felt emanating from within, ending with a unified "So mote it be!". The hedge druids, fleeing the Barony with all the stealth they could muster, sensed Primus righting itself, and gave a grudging thought of gratitude at least for that.

In the rising light of dawn, rays of light illuminated the scene; butchered priests lay entwined in the pulsing dark blood of twisted demon. The forces of Scheinder looked to find any survivors, setting up facilities to assist in healing any who emerged.

Only one was found, driven part mad by what she had seen, staring darkly ahead muttering about the salvation that had not come.

The War Host had secured the Barony, but the sense of shock was tangible.

Deep within the fortress of Coris Mount, 7 figures sat around a stone table of deep grey marble.

"We must act" said one. "Not for many years have the edicts been so flagrantly broken, and Bornheim has faced the consequences. I move that we censure the faith of St Michael throughout these lands. Messages must be sent to those in power in the Empire and remind them that in the spirit of mutual respect, they should remind their mercenaries that the Baronies of the South are governed by more cautious laws than theirs, and we see the results now of when they are broken." There was a murmured agreement.

"The faith of St Michael must be given no place in our lands. They are reckless and unthinking. They are fanatics. They are nothing like the measured and respectful people of Talthar." another intoned, their voice deep and sonorous.

"They shall be given their chance to leave of their own accord, join our numbers or otherwise be treated as we would any other Hedge." a third put forward to distinct approval.

The Vochstelen were out in force before the sun had set once again. Many of the faith of St Michael left, precious few joined the Circle, preferring to return North. Things were peaceful, respect was shown as would be to any of the Empire. It was hard for any to argue, given what had happened. Those who understood the edicts knew full well that there were no excuses to be made.

The faith of St Michael had been removed from the Southern Baronies.

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