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> Saladin's Sacrifice, ~Obituary - Saladin~
post Aug 12 2019, 01:30 PM
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Let it be known that on the night of the 10th day of Orgus IM1019, Saladin Bin Noordin, Pilgrim of the Faith of Saint Michael, Summoner of the Knights of the Land and Duke Defender of Labyrinthia passed from the realm of mortals and stepped into the light beyond to find his way and follow once more in Michael’s hallowed footfalls that lead to his heaven.

Saladin is more than a man, more than a presence, in his lifetimes he has been many things, to many people.

The history of Primus, of Legend and countless other worlds would be told very differently, if at all without the actions he had led both knowingly and unknowingly.

To those that would listen I speak of the very best that Saladin was, of the greatness of the awe he radiated in his friends and foe alike, the sheer power of his presence that rippled across the worlds as he stood upon them, the confidence he instilled in all those around him and the unseen strength he emboldened and inspired those that he fought for, with and beside. The resilience he possessed and the strength of his will that has saved countless lives from those he has never met but has love for, to his friends, his allies and even his foes that he wished for redemption over vengeance.

Saladin is my light. Without him I would not have become the man I have across my lifetimes. Without him my faith may never have taken hold, I would never have taken the shield upon my arm and the sword in my hand and the actions I have taken for good may never have come to pass and so very many others would and should say the same. Saladin’s light touched so many and will touch so many more as it is carried in my heart and others and endures.

The love his virtue birthed and offered so many will continue to flow in the mortal world and the heavens, the man has passed but his power and his legacy has not.

For all the glory the stories of his history contain Saladin was as mortal as you and I. He has faced seemingly impossible odds and even more impossible choices the like few will ever experience, he did so such that others would not have too and I pray never will. But with such comes a weight, even a frailty that wares one’s soul thin and leaves the heart, body and mind weary and in need of renewal.

Saladin was suffering and it pains me that in this time I could not offer him the succour or provide the same love and inspiration to renew him as he needed among this world.

He choose to save me, he chose to save others, he knew his strength was diminished and the sorrow he carried for the loss of those he loved had overwhelmed him that he wished not to see another fall in his place and knowing he and others still stood in no small part to the selfless sacrifice of others he chose to be blessed by another such that he could embrace Michael’s divine power in the battle that was to come with Karuth in the hope that he alone could maintain us all and hold back the darkness with the light of Michael emanating from his form.

Saladin’s sacrifice allowed me to endure through the first of the savage conflicts with Karuth that night, he gifted to me the strength to remain standing such that I still stood beside far greater heroes when Michael’s light faded from him and in the lull of battle his hope had endured.

This was his gift to those he loved. Without him my form would have been torn asunder in that first of our final conflicts and others that stood with me were similarly renewed, strengthened and empowered such that the forces of light remained ready and able to stand before Karuth when he returned to conflict once more.

This day was a day of great sorrow and great joy, rejoice in the good that Saladin has wrought, remember fondly his willingness to defend us all and shed no tears for his sacrifice for with it came the end of his sorrow.

Into the light of Heaven I pray the angels guide you as you seek the sanctity and succour as you walk once more guided to Michael's Voice, may my Lord guide you to the light you cannot see.

First to tread the hallowed footfalls of the pilgrim

Originator of the light of faith within my heart

Righteous and just

Together as brothers, in this life and beyond

Immortal of Legend

Saladin bin Noordin


Shield on Arm,
Sword in Hand,
Brothers Together,
We Defend the Land.



Gordon Court
"The man with the barbwire soul."
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Cast of 2018: Amorphus, Despair, Equinox, Golgari, Karador, Lannary, Prowl, Templeton, Vanderlaine, Void & Zaton
Cast of 2019: Amorphus, Despair, Kodai No Ha, Lannary, Prowl & Radiant
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post Aug 12 2019, 02:02 PM
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This news has struck us all in Al-Macsar, we already had a great statue of Saladin in the hall
Of heroes, and though our last meeting did not go as well as we both would have liked, in our
Hearts we knew we would always stand with each other, a stubborn dwarf Queen and a man
Of honour who had a thought and from this built the knights of the land, for which many will be eternally
Grateful including me and my people.

Saladin dwarf friend, Saladin like a second father to me, perhaps this why we sometimes did not
Agree, but to agree all the time would be wrong and untruthful.

I know who to blame for your passing great friend, This war has been raging since I can remember
This foe that is everywhere, this foe that had terrified me, this foe that has struck so many over the years,
Many have fallen to his foul minions, or to him. We shall light the fires here to show our grief, we shall
Chant thy name Saladin in the great lament, and it shall be as loud as to sound like thunder, for all here shall
Chant it in unison, the mountains grief we will show.

Goodbye my friend, my second father, great Saladin

Queen Gerehax
In grief

Sarah Williams

Queen Gerehax (Dwarven Queen) 21K
Tweegle - Jade crusader of Michael 14k (not a thief or a liar)
Sushi Panama - Panther Spirit 12k
Tetsu Ko - Chieftain raging bear tribe 9k
Lantolas - Paladin of frozen tiger tribe 2k
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post Aug 12 2019, 03:24 PM
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Long have I walked these lands, much have I seen but few have ever impressed me as the one I call The First Hero. The first to inspire me in my own travels and on my own path.

The one to whom I looked up to for Justice, Honour, Integrity and a determination to never back down from doing what he believed to be right.

So much can be said of this man but I have had the pleasure to call him a companion and a friend.

The world is for a time a diminished place by the lack of his voice, the downing of his shield and the sheathing of his sword but may Michael see fit to return one of his greatest servants to us once more.


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post Aug 12 2019, 05:32 PM
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Saladin, a true Legend of Primus.

Rest well my friend.

Until we next meet,

Jack Flashblade

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post Aug 12 2019, 05:44 PM
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Such sad news, he did what he did best and protect the land and beyond.

The land will shed a tear for his passing.

Troy Majius
King Of Deci
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post Aug 12 2019, 05:46 PM
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Steve Louch

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Long ago when I took the path of a mercenary I was young and weak.

I saw a man become a Legend and he inspired me. That man was Saladin.

I followed his faith and then when the time came I led the Church of St Michael for A time whilst the older Legends renewed their strength and they were able to take the mantle of the church back.

I was honoured for that time and left to take part in my Pilgrimage as ex high priests should.

Saladin I will see you on your pilgrimage and perhaps we will speak of old times once again.

To those that remain shed a tear but then feel renewed by the passing and sacrifice of a Legend.

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post Aug 12 2019, 05:58 PM
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A true Heroes story is never forgotten.

Rest well,

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post Aug 14 2019, 09:46 PM
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We must be happy we knew him. Happy for all he did. Happy for all he may yet do.

But this is sad news. Tha’ Faether of tha Knights laid low.

It must’av been a great foe.

Ay’ll think of him.

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post Aug 15 2019, 01:59 PM
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I was really just a child when I heard Saladin's call and went to the Land of Legend, thirty years ago. The Knights of the Land have shaped my whole life and through all of that time, Saladin has been there, as reliable a rock against which to put my back as I could hope for.

Few now will remember the chaos from which the mercenaries emerged, and it is in no small part due to Saladin that that is so. I'm proud to say that I was part of it, but it was mostly due to Saladin that the mercenary caste rose above the guild wars and casual murder which were the legacy of the Magiarchs. We, and by we I mean he, brought order where there was none.

I selfishly hope that Michael doesn't keep him long, but if he does I won't grieve. I long since found the way into Michael's Heaven and nothing, not even a god, could keep me from visiting Saladin, for he is my brother.

Shield on arm, sword in hand
Brothers together we defend the Land.


No of course I won't ref. Are you mad?
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post Aug 15 2019, 11:18 PM
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As the mourners left the Cathedral in Mordreds Rest in the late evening, a pulse of light erupted on the horizon and the sound of drums floated on the wind.

Freshly laid, the Henge of The Moot was prepared for its first rite, heralding a great hero would be an auspicious beginning, the first in a long line. Dressed in his ritual robes of black Sha'grot began the rite to honour His Grace.

At the Cathedral of the Totems, Owl laid the final Blessings upon the shrine in the Hall of Glory where a special place had been made alongside the Heroes of Legend. "May the aspects of peace and harmony watch over your rest, and may your saga shine as the example of The First, True Hero..." he quietly spoke as he laid a final garland of white lillies alongside the other offerings.

"... and let these Great Totems of Light burst forth!" From the Henge, like a shooting star, a beam of pure light rose from the standing circle. Far to the North its fellow echoed into the sky from the spires of Tar'edroul and from The Far North to the Broken Lands huge bonfires were lit starting a sprawling collection of tribal gatherings. The largest, the one of The Moot almost overpowered the mystical light that poured forth from the beacons, and standing proud above it stood King Snuffy who began the storied saga's of the times that he had shared with his Blood Brother Muttley Skragg, The High Ogre whilst travelling with Saladin Bin Noordin, his words echoed by Skalds sent to every corner and every campfire.

"Hear me my Brothers and Sisters and listen well to the adventures of a mighty hero who always fought to protect the land and gave both my brother and I equal respect in this fragmented world!"

That night, every ear of the tribes heard the legend of the Duke Defender. As the days past after the event children could he heard whispering to themselves about the virtue of standing by their comrades in a battalion. If you listened close enough you might have heard ‘Saladins Battalion’
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post Aug 16 2019, 07:14 PM
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The creator's light diminishes with the passing of the Land's favoured son.

May his legend never die, may his tale shine forever as an inspiration to those who follow.

Elistan Elohim
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post Aug 21 2019, 03:31 PM
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The name Saladin resonates with me for some reason.

Why, I do not know.

The words that others have imparted makes me wish to have met the man.

Perhaps I have, perhaps I yet will.


Yes, I know he's a lich, but he's my lich!
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