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Labyrinthe Forum _ Future happenings. _ Final Dawn Players, Monsters and Waiting List

Posted by: RichFromant Nov 30 2016, 12:18 PM

Below is the current state of affairs for the Final Dawn, which mainly shows that we still need more monsters to ensure the event runs as planned and all those wanting to play can do.

If your name is on the confirmed players spot your deposit is due ASAP, and final payment due by the 7th December, this can be done at the caves or via bank transfer. The cost of the event is £60 a day, with a cash minimum of £20 a day. If you are playing all 3 days there is a reduced cost of £160. The deposit is £20 a day, which cannot be paid in credits. If you pay by bank transfer or need to discuss payment please email me on

Could you also please give here an idea of who you are wanting to play and at what level so we can review party sizes and splits easier.

If you are on the waiting list I will email you and update here if or when your playing space is confirmed.

Should you believe your name should be on 1 of the lists please forward your orgional email on to me at the above address!

Lee Master Ref
Tiffer Max - 10k - A-ref: Callum
Benson - Max 6k - A-ref: Fi
Rebecca - Max 4k - A-ref: Pete L
Jack C - Max 1500 - A-ref: Couchman

Dave S
Gordon C
Mark R
Will P
Richard C
Rich B - 27th Only
Neil M - 29th Only
Andy P - 28th Only
Ed Innett
Rob D
Sean C
Rich F
Jack G
Sam R
Paul R
John A - 28th & 29th Only
Ryan K - 28th & 29th Only
Dave W
Christine G
Paul B - 29th Only
Dan H
Julian W
James I
Adam J - 29th Only
Andy P - 28th & 29th Only
Ajay - 27th Only
Zak M
Mark D

Waiting List

Claudia D
Florance W
Paul B - 27th & 28th only
Jenifer G
Matt J - 29th Only
Brett N - 28th & 29th
DT2 - 29th Only
Stevie H - 27th & 28th
Bruce C
Max T
Sam N
Alex G - 28th Only
Ben C - 28th Only
Richard M - 28th Only
William B

Posted by: RichFromant Dec 2 2016, 01:10 PM

Updated - 2/12/16

More monsters still needed!

Posted by: RichFromant Dec 6 2016, 08:40 AM

Updated - 6/12/16

So monster hunting has been successful, we now actually have 3 spare player spaces on all 3 days up for grabs if anyone else is wanting to play! Drop me an email on to book on.

Posted by: RichFromant Dec 22 2016, 10:22 AM

We currently need 1 more monster just for Thursday 29th so I can confirm the last persons booking for all 3 days. Is there anyone else able to come monster that day please?

Posted by: whiteknight Dec 22 2016, 10:32 AM

Rich - just wondering what the timings are for the 27th - arrival time, time in, time out etc?



Posted by: RichFromant Dec 22 2016, 10:37 AM

Normal sort of times, if people can get there for 9am we can aim to time in by 10-10.30am. There is no cafe and no one should need to pay at the desk so can hopefully have a prompt start.

There isn't ever a proper lunch break, but likely to be some time between sections where monsters are eating/setting where players can eat as well.

Time out will be between 6-7pm depending how the day goes, the last day tends to be a little later in the frantic rush to finish everything off.

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