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> Information Gathered from Upperworld
post Jun 13 2016, 11:53 AM
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Afternoon everyone,

I know that Ferret was taking most of the notes from our time there but I have the letters that I was given by the Dranarch ghosts. If we can try and list all of the information that we find here then hopefully that will make it much easier for us in the future to remember everything we have learnt.

Fortunately I have a crack team of code breakers (Rufus and Tidus) who cracked this code mere hours after our return so here are the translated letters.

As Dranarch

It was we who were the most touched by
the passing of the old gods.
Merciless but pure, they deserved
not the fate allowed to them now,
the skies are empty of power,
priests lost and forlorn and the
temples empty and ruined.

To fix a date to this event would
be impossible, their full presence
has not been felt for over 20 years
and a true god has not been seen
for over forty. Now religion is no
longer in the hands of priests but
with the charlatans, rogues and
story tellers. Those local and <------- Possibly supposed to be Loyal, but not significant.
traditional to the old gods mourn
their passing, no matter how much
prepared for this outcome, few can
except it without sorrow.

These new gods are weak and
dispassionate, predictable and
without depth. What hope for any
if gods of "Money and Good Fortune" <--------- Referring to current gods of Upperworld??
dare ever to claim throne where
one ruled Vorbran, Lord of
Despair. What hope for those who
cower at the name of "Seedplanter"
God of crumpled flowers as opposed
to shaking terror at the mere
whisper of Gezor, God of
Annihilation or who flee the might
of Necropa before they suffer his <------ Necropa = Slaughter?

Nay there will many who will keep
all thoughts of the old gods
alive. Those who would slay their
wife and family to secure their
return, even the few goodly old
gods, Ustaran and Balacris were
opponents of strength real beings
of might and power to challenge
the foe.

Alas it is no more for as Mira
foretold, they battled a greater
force and now are slain and
sundered b ythe powers of Geshran
the Hated.

But my other priest had dreams and

Translated as written.

Lord Knight.
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post Jun 14 2016, 11:35 AM
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I will try and get my notes written up soon.

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post Jun 16 2016, 12:20 PM
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So it is all a bit rough and ready. Apparently quills aren't weapons so mine gets confiscated (stolen and hidden) a lot in the Temple. I did try and point out that it really could be a weapon if you punched someone hard enough with it and eventually managed to get it back. So here goes... it is all over the place, so add things that you remember.

There are lots of different groups of people (someone should make a map):


Dranoch - the ghosts - echoes of the dead really powerful people of their day; people remember them as gods, but they probably weren't, just people like powerful mercenaries being remembered with the weight of thousands of years behind them, where their deeds have become legend. Most of them were bad, some were good.

Cortos - demon god of the cambian (and one of the Dranoch); his general was somewhere in the city of Moralis but we didn't have the means to kill him. This general is also known as "the dark power". His general was consuming the souls/echoes of the other Dranoch in the city.

Narcosa (maybe Novalis; not sure) - lord/god of the dead - some of his people/knights have left, some stayed - one of his generals was imprisoned in the city. We chose not to let whatever it was that was imprisoned out so that it could kill Cortos' general, because well, one bad thing you know is better than swapping for one bad thing you don't know. The imprisoned general was called Caradoc - champion of Novak - Novak being some dead/undead god. I think some names have got confused here since it sounds like all the N's are the same being.

Torthen - king of alpha city? was murdered in a coup by renegade nobles.

Andura - king of the Ardani, they worship Miratus - currently under attacck - Andura can summon potent wind spirits that look like ethereal wolves.

Drarzavik the Wyrm - some kind of dragon seeking to gain the Arc of Fire in Upperworld (UW).

Ardani, Myonelle, Pernian - various 'goodly' peoples.

Jotun - frost giants in the north - tribal.

Her Shining Ascendency - gyth from a crystalline keep above Moralis. Had a prisoner called Bran.

Kezor? - some kind of warrior?

Saijet - name of some sort of voidal thing, probably Dranoch, seen in visions.


Moralis - the ruined city we went to. It is mostly full of demons (we killed a lot) who are Cambians - see Cortos (above). There was a temple to Usteri? which was in some form of haven and had survived. We talked to an echo of a priest here (and got some info). Everyone went to sleep, so while I danced at court, other people had visions. These seemed initially good, then twisted bad the nasty endings. There was also an old library where the paperwork Tai translated was found.

Arhisinlu - drowe city, used to work with demons, but have now been expelling them. Lloth is still worshipped here.

City of the Ardani (name?) - this is near the Arc of Fire in UW, which is not the Arc of Fire in Legend, but connected (there are lots of them). It is also near some kind of Hellgate. The Wyrm (above) is flying overhead and seeking to gain the arc of fire.

Ocean's End - city of the elves.

Fey Circles - only one not corrupted was in Moralis - we found the source of the corruption and I was able to call my mother's waters forth to cleanse it. These are henges that used to be used to travel around through 'ways' between places. Everything outside of the circle in Moralis was corrupted.


At some point some great wash of darkness/corruption consumed the Dranoch and caused them to sleep/their civilisation to end. The shockwave of Tracy dieing/departing/whatever caused some sort of mist/barrier to be broken down and some of them to be awoken again.

Various old visions in the library, of people doing dark things, sacrifices and so on.


Sirac: Another lord, Ramorgi? fighting the dranoch, some terror.

Tai & Trouble: Tai and Rufus seemingly victorios, but undead.

Tidus: Tidus killing everyone, turns out it was his friends.

"The Finger of Deci": him killing his own people.

Anarchus: Dragon trying to claim the AoF in legend.

There is probably loads that isn't quite right and names spelt wrong, but it is something. Either way, all sounds exciting, dangerous and worth swinging a sword at!

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post Jun 16 2016, 12:50 PM
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Thank ye fer that Ferret, really useful.

These are the only additions to what is already above that I can remember:

Oceans End: A city of about 25,000 elves. Including some Spirit Elves from the land of legend. Spiriqaui or somesuch I think they are called. This city was under attack by the army of a demon lord named Bhaal. Unsure whether we arrived in time to save the city, or just what was left of it.

Lands End: On the other side of the continent, but trades with Oceans End. Mainly humans. Home to the beggar king several of us met. An assassin and jaguar warrior. An implication was made (by the priest spirit we met) that he may well have been party to the recent assassination of the human king of this realm.

The Aldani: Barbarian tribe comprised of a very special kind of "high" humans that radiate power. And have high sacrificial value. Being attacked by Khorthos demons. Hoping our diversion in Moralis enabled them to rescue their kidnapped kin but unsure until we meet their king again. This Khorthos is on the verge of being a divine power, and is deemed a greater threat than Bhaal.

Many of the Khorthos demons are black skinned and there was some talk of some having six arms. They are mostly what the people of Upperworld call sorcerial, in our parlance mantic.

The barbarian king was quite insistent that if we help his people he will reward us with crystal weapons and artifacts that are also sorcerial. Obviously that was not of much interest to me but I am sure would be to some.

The barbarian tribes reside far to the north and have been in constant battle against the frost giants. Recently it seems the frost giants are migrating south in great numbers, something is driving them out of their ancestral lands.

The vision I had was of the homeland of the Dranoch. A place that I believe was not upperworld. And of a race of beings named something like "the Ramorgi" that are currently fighting them. Potential allies or in need of help? There were two Dranoch associated with my vision, Terror and another that I cannot quite recall but hopefully will in time!

That is all I can recall, may Harmony guide yer thoughts and Purpose yer actions,

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post Jun 18 2016, 06:56 PM
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Saijet or sajet, was named Lord or Prince or King of Annihilation, I can't remember which. In one of the visions some dranoch were worshipping him, so I assume he must be one of the old gods.

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