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> Making Lab more accessible, Just an idea based on personal experience...
post Oct 6 2012, 06:54 AM
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In the time I have been coming to Lab I have made some really good friends, I also encountered some real difficulties which seemed to engender some resentment at times.

The difficulties were in desperately trying to understand the system and the effects that were being thrown around. Getting to grips with the basics of Labyrinthe is fairly straightforward and easy to pick up as you go. The real difficulty is in learning the next tiers effects that get thrown at you as your character progresses.

When you know the system and what most of the effects are it makes it much easier to hear and react to them when monsters declare them. If you are not used to hearing something then you end up not understanding if it’s not spoken clearly and at a reasonable pace. I suppose it’s a bit like that effect used quite famously by [----] whereby your brain only need to read the first and last letters to understand a word, the letters in between are less important in terms of order. When a monster shouts an effect, if it’s something you have heard a million times, then even if you only half hear it because he’s speaking at a rate of approximately 50 words per second you can still know what’s just happened to you.

The advice I generally get is “do more low level dungeons to learn stuff on”...this sounds like good advice but for the fact that on low level dungeons you don’t get hit with high level effects...the only way to learn is to do which means spending time playing at all levels and scramble to learn as fast as possible all the while more experienced players and monsters become a little frustrated with you. Many people at Lab are helpful and sympathetic, but not everyone is. The problem is further compounded if (like me) you periodically have to go a few months between playtimes.

TLDR ...

The point of this post (I really am getting to it) is to point out that what would really help someone like me and presumably other people who struggle to learn what the hell just got thrown at them is some sort of guide of expectation so that I can get an idea of what to buff up on before coming on a dungeon.

We have threshold tables so why not have another threshold table that lists the sort of effects you are likely to encounter?

I’ll get the ball rolling to illustrate what I’m getting at.

Pre 8th
Most monsters do singles

Max 250
Most monsters do Doubles

Max 500

Max 750
Dark bolt - description

Max 1000

Max 1500
Most monsters do Quads, a few will do Quin.
Super Missile – description

Max 2000

Max 2500

Max 3000

Max 4000

Max 5000

Max 6000

Max 7500

Max 10000

Max 15000

Max 20000

Encountered at all levels
Cause Fear - description

Obviously a list like this could go on for a very long time, I think what would be most helpful would be the general and most common effects you are likely to encounter from monsters.
If anyone feels like filling any of these in - then post below and I’ll edit this one, trust me, if you ever end up on a dungeon with me you won’t regret filling some of this out.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the metric ton of text.


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