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> Temple Door Inscription
post Feb 9 2020, 09:54 PM
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I have translated the doors in full from when we first entered the temple, there could be a few errors as the text was very old and I only had paper rubbings to go off as when we opened the doors the inscription vanished so there are some errors but the overall idea makes sense;

Amanutus stood and looked. he knew he had little chance to attack Hediruth head on, their army was too strong, however he had what they did not, a blood thirsty willingness to win and men that would die for him with the promise and paradise in the eternal afterlife.
So, he stood with his generals, the plan a simple one. Have a force begin to move to create a camp within a day’s march of Hediruth’s keep. And as they move ensure the main forces wagons mysteriously broke, as if leaving the main force isolated. ensure that a ritualistic travelled with them and all would be good.

The guards had set the camp and dug
the earth. They had been obvious so
their presence was easily detected
however they set far more tents then
the size of their company perhaps
treble. Their fortifications were
constructed differently as well. Rather
than digging a ditch on the outside of a
low mud wall they placed it inside and
wider than normal. Then at key points
placed wooden beams to run across as
needed. As the sun began to set on the
glorious summer day the ritualistic
began his rite and he called to he gods
of storms and thunder tongue deities
of rain and wind. Slowly the clouds began
to form and the sky darken and then
the rain came.

The thunder roared as the lightning cracked across the grey morning sky. The rain had been falling for most of the night. the forces of the kingdom or hediruth could be seen surrounding the camp of pep's men but they barely flinched, as if they knew something, they enemy did not.
Still as the sun tried to break the clouds the men stood ready to receive the charge on the muddy field of battle.
The forces of Hediruth waited however, caught between the risk of attacking in the rain on slippery mud and no ability to unleash volleys of arrows to weaken their foe, and the danger peps reinforcements would arrive.

It was past noon when the ritualistic stopped his rite If all was timed right the clouds would depart within the hour and give the forces of Hediruth the chance to attack
Slowly the rain slowed and stopped and by perhaps the third hour past noon the sun emerged
The forces of Hediruth were faced with a choice attempt an attack now, or wait for the next dawn
And so, without time to weaken Peps forces Hediruths general ordered the attack
The arrows began to fly and the army formed to attack Almost 300 of Hediruths men marched on the camp of less than 60 of Peps forces
The volley of arrows failed to find their mark, and Peps men did not fire back 200 years till the came, then 150, 125, 100, and still no return fire
Hediruths men tried to break into a run but found the ground still a bog, and finally at 75 yards out the arrow fire started, brutal due the closeness and made worse as the attack was slowed Covering the next 50 yards almost a quarter of the attacking force fell before even reaching the mud wall
As they closed on the wall the defenders gave ground and pulled back over the pit, now filled with rain The beams knocked into the water
As the attackers created the rise the arrows began anew Unable to properly advanced they were faced with pulling back or jumping into the water There Peps forces put them to the spear
When it looked like Hediruths forces may have enough to actually prove a threat the forces of Pep fell back to form a square in the centre of the camp

Having waited to ensure the forces of
Hediruth had travelled to engage the
camp Pep prepared his men. The march
would be a brutal one but if successful
victory would theirs.
As the rain fell and midnight drew close
the march began. Under cover of night
and rain the army began to move on. Not
heading to provide support for their
companions but rather to take an arc and
head directly to Hediruths fort. The aim to strike while his army was engaged with a fraction of Peps men.
The night was difficult especially with no
light but guided by their ancestors and the sense for glory they move so that before the sky even tried to turn
grey for dawn they were beyond the forces of Hediruth and able to make camp in a deep forest unlikely to be seen.

As they ran they set fire to the bundles of wood hidden in the spare tents The camp quickly began to fill with smoke
Despite being out number 5 to 1 as the attack began Peps forces still stood over 50, but Hediruthe a little over 150
Forming circle around Peps men Hediruths general offered a chance to surrender, the response in the smoke was a volley of more arrows
What followed was brutal as the day reached the fifth hour every man loyal to Pep was dead, and the 70 survivors of Hediruths forces stood in amazement In no fit state to march they set fire to the dead and returned to their camp

There were two parts in each of common, mana glyphs and spirit runes if that is relevant to anyone.


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post Feb 9 2020, 10:17 PM
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Has anyone translated the ancient script yet? It is something I am interested to learn anyway so would be good to get some practice.

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post Feb 9 2020, 11:21 PM
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Yes. It's with the Lord Inquisitor. You're coming with me to visit the Hanot, it'll save your life.

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