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> Release from Ruin, Broken Lands
post Aug 7 2018, 09:41 PM
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As August crept into being, a dark miasma settled over the Broken Lands. Close observers saw it to be a cloud of teeth, tentacles and eyes, exuding an aura of hatred and rage. Those with a trained eye could see that transporting through this horror could only lead to pain.

The events that occurred during the time it was in place (5 days) would later spread by word of mouth around the Empire, worrying some, heartening others, but around midday on Sunsday just gone, the miasma dispersed, the keen eyed amongst those who watched just spyed the diminishing and defeated form of a Dragon.

As the next few days passed, visitors to the Broken Lands found a strange new sense to the place. A strength and distinction that had not been felt there before, similar to that... of a city. Primal strength gathering it's power over the whole land.

And with this, a surge of power, mostly defined by Ebony magics, but also touched with other faiths and colours. A surge most normally associated with the ascension of a place spirit. This the Kallah felt.

And after the power, came the stories.


The Broken Trolls, a disparate group with no real leadership (not that this didn't suit them) were making good progress on rebuilding the Way Bridge, a series of standing stones that allowed easy movement around their lands. Umna in particular seemed keen to learn their arts, and quickly became a regular face amongst their numbers. Brakin too was pleased and energised by this. It didn't take long to figure out that his counting capacity was not much higher than 10, which brought into doubts his claims of being 4,000 years old.

Either way, things seemed good for the Broken Trolls.


The Children of Bragyl remained somewhat in mourning. The loss of their Shamdoctor Greygill had hit them hard, but their delight in the release of their lands from the corruption of Karegal Oathsunder was palpable. It was not long before they returned to their place in the background, advising and guiding.


Ogs Fallen maintained their restraint, holding true to their gratitude towards Umna for the part he played in restoring them. Blackened Kow led his people to the eastern edges of the Broken Lands, and they began to make their homes amongst the ruins of old forts, raising up their own defenses and in many ways satisfying their lust for conquest by doing just that. The villages to the south maintained friendly (ish) relations, if tinted with a smidgen of terror but guided by Kurth to maintain their trade of food. The rest of the tribes were less concerned with this outcome; Ogs Fallen would defend that land with every ounce of their impressive guts. No invasion would come from the east.


The Bloodcrushers... struggled. Having bent the knee to King Snuffy they had felt in good stead but after their devastating assault on the aspect of Scales, with most of the tribe wiped out, Gorbash (no not that one) was at a loss. It would take years to build the tribe back up, even with the help of Snuffy, Mutley, Lug, Ogrod, Dropem and the rest of the Totemic Guardians. Perhaps the best option for him was to venture into the mercenary community...


The Thrice were in a confused place. Two of their Witchdoctors dead and one ascended to become the place spirit of the Broken Lands, it was sort of a win/lose situation. They clearly needed new leadership, having none. Of course, Shargot, Shank and Deviant were unlikely to let this remain so for long...


The Hollow Bones were perfectly contented. Snake had secured what he needed, their groves were defended, no more corruption. It was hard really to see what more could have been done, and inspired by the bravery of the goblin known as Pickle, they saw what a great future they could have.


The Cave Fangs (not Spiders) were also somewhat devastated. Still confused (but obliging) about having been sent by Bubbles on behalf of their master against a threat many.... *many* times more powerful than them, they none the less continued to survive under the guidance of Maureen. Over time they would rebuild.


The Broken Crown revelled in some of their new found influence. They had brought the faith of the Tryst more solidly into the Broken Lands, which surely would satisfy their allies across the border. Untouched largely by the conflict, having stayed removed, they thrived.

This didn't prevent some developments in the faith of Moradin, who with the support of Hamish and Ashlan were able to set up a number of shrines, drawing interest from various tribals who had witnessed their heroics.


The Lost had it easy really. They'd fought foes that were easy enough for them, they'd helped the heroes, earned respect. Grigrog was solid in his leadership and the tribe continued apace. They watched with interest in particular the influence of chronal anomaly's that had been appearing around their home in the week of the mercenaries battles, curious as to how this might progress. They had made a mental note to speak with this... Pebble.

They also had business with Cloud... there was training to be done.


The Fey Court of Moonglum probed ineffectually into their previous invading points. Frustrated at the setback in the Baronies, they remained keen to make their mark felt. Rumours of a hostile takeover planned by an even more ancient and powerful Fey caused them to do so with caution.


Tazrikel Sharmyn stood with his family atop the Bloodcrusher mountains looking down over the Broken Lands. They held each other and cried silent tears, joyous ones not sad. Their ancient enemy had been thwarted for now, and they could rest easy. Sirac they were sure would remain vigilant.

But not for too long. The minions of Quel Sathar Z'Noth were still abroad, the axe was still sundered and his influence still leaked into this world like a cancer. Work was still to be done before victory could truly be claimed.

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