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> Judgement of Toshimoko
post Dec 12 2017, 11:19 AM
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As Warlord of the Shadowlands my solemn task, issued by our Emperor, is to defend the lands from the Oni.

Upon being tried for being an Oni, Toshimoko has indeed confirmed of his own volition that to be true. There is no disputing his guilt. He is one of our sworn enemy.

Due to his previous loyal service to the Emperor, the opportunity to purge this dishonour from himself through commiting suppuku is granted.

From this moment he is outlawed and banished from Amlas never to return.

All Oni bring with them a corruption that will continue to spread. All Oni are outlawed from Amlas.

Anyone found to be harbouring or otherwise entangled with Oni are traitors to the Emperor and shall be dealt with accordingly.

Lord Naga Yusaki
Daiymo of the Snake clan
Warlord of the Shadowlands
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post Dec 12 2017, 03:31 PM
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OOC I have moved this topic to here as it started in the world threads which not everyone can post in.

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post Dec 12 2017, 06:46 PM
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First of all I would like to congratulate Lord Naga in becoming 'Warlord of the Shadowlands', if it had been announced publicly in a similar manner to in which Woodrow Panama became the Emperors Honor and I became the Keiyaku, I would have congratulated you in on position.

I also did not realize the Warlord of the Shadowlands could outlaw so many people, I seem to have mistakenly thought that we had magistrate type positions for this kind of thing that was made public in 1016?

As for the outlawing of Toshimoko, I seem to be confused yet again. Didn't we have a trial for this on Starsday? I also clearly remember it being decided he was not a outlaw and is not traitor to the emperor? There was a fair number of Lords and witnesses present for this, maybe someone can confirm I wasn't hearing things? Or do Trials involving the Emperor honor, the acting lord of the Panama and many other Daimyo's not count after two days?

Oh, one other thing I would like to be clearer on, it is in regard to the peace agreement, that was decreed by the emperor that Many Clans signed earlier this year, including the Jade Dragon, Panama and so on, this peace agreement which involved the Orik Clan, a clan of Oni, would all those who signed this be outlawed too Lord Naga?

If anyone would like to help clarify my questions I would be most grateful.

Ningyou Dansu
Daimyo of the Crane Clan
Council of Jade


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post Dec 12 2017, 08:14 PM
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I was wondering about clan Orik as well Lady Dansu.

As voice of the council of Jade I would like to say that any and all members of the council are loyal to the Emperor... Oni included...

Correction naga, "due to his CONTINUED loyal service to the Emperor"

The council was formed to serve the Emperor and safe guard the safety of his lands and his peoples, how can one who leaves such a group then question the loyalty of one who was a founding member and is still an active force for the good of the land?

I for one, do not and will not recognise this childish out-burst as law until I hear it from the emperor himself, for it is the Emperor whom I serve... not the warlord.

Kami of the dragons,
advisor to the Jade Dragon Clan,
Voice of the Council of Jade,
Loyal servant to the Jade Emperor.
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post Dec 12 2017, 08:38 PM
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I would suggest, Lord Naga, that if you wish to continue to benefit from the jade from our mines, to stop passing judgements that are not your place to make.

Lord Dansu, me and my clan stand ready to defend any victims of injustice in Amles should it be required, not only in accordance with our treaty but also in honour of the alliance between our two noble clans. Though, I'm sure it will not come to that.

Toshi, you are more than welcome to come with myself and Riki to the Cherry Blossom Falls tea house, share sake, and wait for this to all blow over.

Lord Tassuro Yang-To
Ear of the People
Daimyo of the Jade Dragon Clan

- Matt
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post Dec 12 2017, 09:23 PM
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I am sad for you, and hope that you are either able to rid yourself of this awful fate, or allow me to convert you in the eyes of our Celestial Emperor.

The tribe is lesser without you, and if you are willing, I will have this ended at once.

Lady Dansu

It has been seen on many occasion, including when we travelled in the summer months, that I am able to change those who are Oni into Fortune.

Toshi was once a member of my tribe, I would like to see this return. He will suffer none for this, no vitae, no pain, but this will all be over.

If you would wish this for your Husband and Yojimbo then please do make it aware to me.

Lord Naga Yusaki

Whilst it is a horrible business, I thank you for your service and hope dearly that in time, people understand.



Only the good die young.

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post Dec 13 2017, 05:43 PM
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Oi Mr Naga, wot u don so deese peeps dont lik u? Dey all waze mean too u.

Pickle dus wunder y u lut get angry at Naga. U dont argue with water cos it gose thru town, ruinin de town. U guide de water so it flows rund town nd use it too make ur life better.

Ronin Pickle

* Gets popcorn *
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post Dec 13 2017, 11:22 PM
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Lord Naga Yusaki,

I asked you to do me the honour of using a sword the next time you attacked me, you nodded, said "okay" and left the room and this is the response? I thought better of you, truly I did.

In my first life I was a Samurai, I followed the Jade code diligently and while there were a few bumps in the road, that life ended on the tip of my enemies blade, the celestial emperor saw my service and was kind enough to elevate me to the status of the Kami of my Clan. I was free to do as I wished as long as my duty to Clan was fulfilled, this came to an end on the tip of my own Wakasashi after completing my life goal, marrying the beautiful Lady Dansu. Now in this life I am a construct of energy that will "do what must be done" to protect the Council of Jade, I can do no other. This is a long winded way of saying, in all my lives, I have served, and yet those that know me I yearn for the freedom to choose and be, live and love. But this is not my destiny and I accept this now, Toshi taught me at least this fact.

So I pondered your "judgement", and thought hard on it and I came to two conclusions. One: I obey your edict and leave the Land of Amlas, abandoning the duties I was created by the Fates to do or Two: I stay, disobeying your command and protect those that would stand with me. Seppuku is not an option for me any longer. While I pondered this, I watched those that mattered to me in all my lives, Ning-you, Riki, Yang-to, stand up and tell you NO! Standing shoulder to shoulder with me I defiance of your ill conceived notion that I am a danger to anyone but your ego. You stood impotent in the face of your greatest Enemy, unwilling to do you "Sacred Duty", because you were told not to. You tried and failed to even kill me and yet again when I stood before you, your "Sacred Duty" less important that another's command.

Then, when the dust had settled, I was allowed to go about my way, proven that I was no danger to our way of life and infact was doing all I could to protect those who would make it better, you work behind the scenes and file paperwork, with no backing, to outlaw and exile myself and all other Oni who are working for the betterment of our world (the treaty is doing just that, or do you disagree with the Emperors will on this?).

You also carry the sword that will destroy our lands, and will not give it up, you say for our protection, but I say it is for another reason, I remember a different Yusaki, one that worked with others in the world and for the betterment of it, but now I see a scared powermonger, clinging to power where he can get it, to further protect himself, this is not who you were, and to this I say: This sword has corrupted you Yusaki and you need to hand it over, your actions have proven you to be a danger to the lands of Amlas and beyond, Masaru, was correct. And even when people of greater power than you have asked you to give it to them for safe keeping, you still think yourself the best place for safety, it is using you and you will be the wielder of the sword that will destroy our lands and I cry out for the Emperor or his honour to take it from you before it is too late!

So I end this missive with this, Seeing as you are so beholden to masters rather than your "Sacred Duty", I will remind you of the Pacts you are bound to by our mutual Demonic Masters. You are beholden to not bring me harm nor to seek the cause me harm by circumventive measures. Your declaration on myself and all Oni is in complete violation of these pacts, as making me outlaw will inevitably cause me some form of harm, and as will outlawing all Oni, as should any seek refuge with me or my clan (as is their right in the terms of the Emperors Agreement), I will be forced to protected them from any seeking them harm, thus putting me in harms way. Therefore I suggest you rescind your "edict" and allow me to continue the duty set before me by the Fates. Not doing this is not an option for you as agreed in your pacts with our dark masters.

Dark Champion of the Council of Jade

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