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> Announcement heard by those within the Lion Clan Lands, Proclamations and messangers share the following news
post Jan 18 2017, 10:14 PM
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To those within the Lion Clan lands

I write to provide the following formal announcements:

1) the Village of Roashi and the Sorcha faith
2) a reminder of the hierarchy
3) the beginning of a trial period of Kujō

The Village of Roashi and the Sorcha faith

This Sunsday past, myself and honoured delegates from the Council of Jade visited Roashi to learn more about the teachings of Sorcha and how this faith could be embraced within our lands. The self-proclaimed head of the faith within Roashi preceded to boast about how he had murdered the owner of the house in which we stood and that he had taken it for himself because he had the strength to do so.

The true faith of Sorcha preaches to “learn from conflict, struggle and grow” and “be neither oppressor nor oppressed”. These are admirable values. Killing and stealing from others because it is within your strength to do so is bullying and oppressive; it is also illegal and will be punishable to the full extent of the law.

This man was therefore sentenced to death for his crimes.

The faith of Sorcha, and its sub-sect commonly known as the Black Wolf are welcome within the lands. However, these are the Imperial lands of our Honoured Emperor, and the laws which govern them that ensure our land does not again revert to the mist are non-negotiable. To take things from others because one can is not fighting against oppression, but only achieves the oppression of others.

I believe this is a good opportunity to remind those within the Lion Clan lands of the Order of things.

A reminder of the hierarchy

Our lands thrive because of the hierarchy of status and importance.

The most important within our lands are the farmers and workers of the land. It is they who give our land its strength. They grow the food we eat, without which we all starve.

The next important are the artisans and merchants whose crafts, trade and services make it possible for wealth to be shared so that we all flourish.

Following them are the Protectors, those whose strength of arm cannot provide food or shelter, but who can help protect that which is ours from those who would seek to destroy it.

The Samurai are responsible for ensuring all those more important than them are well, working and provided for. They are accorded high status and deserve respect because of the sacrifice they make to those around them; this however should not be confused with importance.

Of least importance within our lands is myself and my family Daimyo. It is our responsibility to serve the Samurai and work tirelessly to make those whom are more important as productive and satisfied as they can possibly be.

Respect and honour is earnt from those whom are served and by those who recognise the sacrifices that are made to ensure the most important within our lands are cared for.

As a new means to understand what more can be done to ensure those most important in our lands are not oppressed and are best supported in their endeavours, I announce a trial period of the new process of Kujō.

A trial period of Kujō

At dusk on the first Airsday of each month, Samurai are to open their homestead for Kujō: the airing of grievance. Any of their people may go to them on this day to air any concern or dissatisfaction in the running of their village. No person may be punished for a grievance they air during this time. No Samurai is dishonoured for not knowing of a concern or dissatisfaction prior to Kujō; their honour is only tarnished if they fail to bring resolution when it is reasonable for them to act. Samurai are not expected to resolve all matters personally; where matters are wide-ranging or affect more than just their village, they are to bring this to the Starsday Renketsu: the consolidation.

The Masaru, Kenshin and Isamu family Daimyo will host the Renketsu within their own keeps on the first Starsday of each month. They will take responsibility for such wider matters that cannot be resolved by the Samurai.

I, Masaru Tao Chai Talibah, Clan Daimyo will visit each Renketsu on rotation to assist where it is both possible and reasonable, and where matters concern more than the Lion Lands, to take this to the Council of Jade.

This trial period shall start from next month, and I will attend Renketsu in the Kenshin family lands at Kīpu Kitoma. The following month I shall visit the Isamu family Daimyo lands at Kīpu Yomi. Finally the Masaru lands at Kīpu Yawata.

The success of this trial period shall be reviewed at the end of the next quarter.

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