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> The Death of Zu., A sad, but glorious, loss to our company.
post Aug 20 2019, 10:07 PM
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The irrepressible Zu.

Zu started as Daimyo of the Snake Clan where he gave his life, in seppuku, to save his family. He spent a short time as a priest and was responsible for many “drive by boltings” of enemies “Deci style!” He spent a lot of time in Ting-Bo’s Teahouse as you can imagine.

His most recent incarnation was as the Kami of Storms and Geisha – the one by nature and the other by choice.
Zu was also part of our company together with his weapon “Sword Sama”. He was hugely full of fun and laughter and entertained us with his stories of past lives and future plans.

He was also an outstanding swordsman and wielder of the magics of the air. He would fight one opponent with the blade whilst reducing another to smoking ash is a storm of lightning and death.

It is my sad duty to tell his family that he has turned on the wheel again…. But it is also my joy for I know I will see him again when he has had his time taking his tea.

How did he die? Gloriously.

Against our final foe, a nigh godlike warrior wielding powers of all types and hews, known to us only as “The Beast”, he stood his ground. Blow after blow was exchanged, thunderous bolts flew between them, the very air alive with static. Zu was by no means alone but it was he who placed himself directly in front of the Beast and would not back down. Whilst he held back the Beast the phylacteries that held our foes strength were thrown into the volcano called “Mother”. We could see that the blade of the enemy was now cutting through Zu like a cloud as he refused to fall and die. Zu laughed and fought on finding lightning and bolts of thunder from hidden reserves.

When the fight was over, and the beast slain, there was still the crackling form of Zu, but fading fast. His blade, Sword Sama, he handed to us with instructions on where it should be placed and, with a twinkle in his eye, he bade us complete his plans for the Geisha house he was building.

With this he walked to the edge of the volcano, stretched wide his arms, and fell from sight. Thunder split the air as his spirit raced toward the heavens as a bolt of lightning.

I have no doubt we will see Zu again….. but after some tea. (Remember to turn the cup my friend.)

Kurth Honeyman.

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post Aug 20 2019, 10:31 PM
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Not quite, Yuuri and I held him up whilst Medicarnus threw him in with gold magic. It's how he wanted to go. Best crypt a warrior could want.

Looking forward to seeing you again friend, with that fur lined dressing gown.


Will Power - rednax1984@gmail.com
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post Aug 21 2019, 06:50 AM
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Ah no! My oldest greatest nemesis there ever was. I used to chase him up and down the stairs with blesses when he got out of hand. But that was more Zooko the evil vampire. Boo!

I’ll miss Zu though. He was lovely.

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post Aug 21 2019, 06:54 AM
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I still remember when our Lord Naga requested our “heads on a plate” so we obliged him. What fun!

Return soon my brother

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post Aug 21 2019, 08:11 AM
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Another soul sent on the wheel off life that was cut low too many times too fast for me to help and do them justice.

I wish you safe travels Zu in your next life.

Still Cloud

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post Aug 21 2019, 12:59 PM
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He wasies fromsies easternsies placies, he wasies thoughs funnies, he wasies bravsies, he madsies
His finalises standsies wivs us allsies, it’s wasies specialises, it’s wasies greatsies honoursies to evensies
Standses on the sames groundseas thises mansies, fortunsies.

Bysies byes Zu the greats ones


Sarah Williams

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Lantolas - Paladin of frozen tiger tribe 2k
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post Aug 22 2019, 04:01 PM
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we were indeed very FORTUNATE that Zu was with us, ex Lord Zu, ex so many things.

He even had his own Nezzumi who cam to him every morning to gift him and at the same time tease and torment him.

Destroyed in spirit by the cold and the wet but irresolute at the end.

Dressed in his finest, like the Lord of Geishas, he defied the undefeatable for 30 or 40 minutes whilst the shells of the godlike beast were slowly worn down. At last with rocks and sticks as advised by Unmar our foe was down to his last shell of ultimate stamina and even then Zu chased him and at the last as The Beast called upon his minions to interpose themselves between the heroes and his form there were none left to come to his aid. Unsure it is as to who struck the final blow but eventually the Beast succumbed and his foul dying effect washed across the field of combat reversing all healing and regeneration received by each person that week!!.

I am proud to have taken Zu to the Mother for his last swan dive and can report that by his request I have delivered sword sama to the Nezzumi.

Shisou Yuurei
Daimyo of the Phoenix
Bane of Demons
Friend of Zu
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post Aug 22 2019, 04:53 PM
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Z00 I will miss you, you fought hard with out care for your own safety. You have left me with one question though, did you jump in to the lava to keep warm? I am sure you must have always been cold in the brown rode...

Let the totemic spirits aid in your reincarnation.

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