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Posted by: RichFromant Jun 19 2017, 07:55 AM

Is currently perfect weather out there to be in an always cold cave... however this weekend we have the 1500 3-day happening at a new site in Croydon that is looking promising to become a new regular location for future events, will however provide more details next week. This week in the caves we have:

Max 1500 Tuesday club dungeon, currently 5 players, an a-ref and 2 monsters, so ideally just need a ref to ensure that this can run, although some more players would be good as well!

Usual Thursday fun and games, is on the system as a 5250 but I have a feeling it is actually an unbalanced event. Currently 7 players and 1 monster booked with Sam M reffing, so ideally needs at least an a-ref and 1 more player.

Max 3k, only a couple of players booked so needs more of everything booked on by Wednesday to ensure this runs

Top Secret Max 3k Guild Special. The next event for all your scouting needs, open to any scout subclass, it is needing a few more to book on to play. Dave R is reffing but needs an a-ref and some monsters to ensure this runs

Pre 8th – Another new character/player dungeon, 4 people booked on. Could really dow tih a ref and some monsters to make this run.

Earthen Conclave Max 15k Guild Special, Lee reffing with Fi as a-ref, has only 4 players booked so ideally needs a few more and a monster.

Yeoman No max guild special, being reffed by Pete L, currently has 4 players and 1 monster booked. Unless a few more people book on there may have to be some form of joint guild special merger.

Max 250, currently no one booked on to anything so unlikely to run unless fills up in next few days

Gathering Hoard Max 500 Guild Special, being reffed by Graham P, currently doesn’t have any players or crew however!

Further Ahead
Next weekend we have another overland happening at Buckmore Park, A church of Unity guild special (AKA a BBQ and picnic) it is in need of some monsters to ensure it can run.

The Sunday is also looking very quiet at the caves, so if anyone wanting to book an open dungeon get in touch

Rumours and Gossip
Duncan and Kat are back from holiday tomorrow, however they are bound to have a bit of a backlog of emails and cave admin to catch up on so please bear with them. Thanks also to Lee for covering most of the weekend admin work while they were away, despite also being on holiday himself for part of it!

A gentle reminder... can people please make sure they throw away or take out of the caves any food that they bring on dungeon or use as props. There were some mushrooms discovered Saturday in with armoury kit that were somewhat festering!

Posted by: RichFromant Jun 22 2017, 08:12 AM

So an update for the weekend, which mainly involves merging dungeons to ensure we have something running every day:

Max 3k Top Secret guild themed dungeon, reffed by Dave R, will be specific scout stuff to do on this suitable for scouts of any level to get involved in, along with plenty to do for anyone on a normal max 3k dungeon. Has a monster booked, but could really do with an a-ref

Joint Yeoman/Earthern Conclave guild special, reffed by Pete L, is full on players but could do with another monster or 2 to help out.

For people at the caves this weekend: Summer Hill, the main road that runs past the Ramblers Rest and by the end of the train station is currently closed due to a sink hole opening up in the road. No indication yet of when it will open but worth checking the roads/details before setting out to the caves at the weekend as likely to cause lots of traffic in the area.

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