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> GSM's log, stardate...
post Jun 1 2014, 07:19 PM
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1st June

So a few days in and as promised a weekly update. My plan for these is to let people know what I'm thinking, how stuff is being passed, and generally useful info for people applying for points apps. It is also a chance to keep an eye on Fromant, and update people on "him" (these make be jokes, bad ones I agree).

Kicking off there have been some issues with points reaching me (carlo typing the wrong email address for example). Fortunately I have defeated this already. When I print a points app I'll reply to the email saying "printed" or similar. I print stuff off most evenings (weekends I'm normally reffing) so if you haven't heard back in 3ish days check.

Once printed I fail them (obviously) and will give to Duncan on a (normally) Tuesday evening. He will then scan when he has a chance, email out pdf replies, and envelope up.
This hopefully gives you an idea of the turnaround rate.

So what is being passed/failed?

Retros - Everyone knows I hate them, but this doesn't stop me passing them as they are (alas) part of the system now. However I will not pass "I vanish before taking anything" as a blanket ability. Depending on the retro you will take something from the first blow/effect, probably with some sort of reduction.

No effects - these need a justification and have a cost beyond points (deny power - class, foretold - level of casting, pure force is a major force miracle and 8 spirits).

Ref statting - I will not pass things because refs stat badly, sorry. Just raise the statting issue.

Multi-races - per level abilities get expensive. I have passed two races for close too/over 2k because of per level abilities.
I spoke to someone today and then said but it's because stuff is "multi-race only". I have no issue with you keeping a multi-race cheap and doing post 6th/8th abilities, or a class based on it. EG Primal Soul Wolf, go 7/8 as were wolf, then do a class based on rages because you are a were wolf.

I think that's everything for this week, except:

Fromant Watch: status green, no new system dangers.
"Him" watch: Callum viciously bullied again, but Grull pool removed, happy Lee smile.gif


Please send points apps to: pointsapp@labyrinthe.co.uk

And send system questions etc. to: Lee@labyrinthe.co.uk
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