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> Kazred Falls
post Oct 5 2020, 07:46 PM
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The Ironblood Co-operative hired us to help the job of clearing the ancient Dwarven Hold of Kazred Falls, in the southern extremes of the Braekin Mountains

I’ll not list all that occurred but here are some key points:
- The Halls are massive and magnificent – ancient, deep and awe inspiring. I recommend a visit just to walk into the Crypt of Thanes – a deep cavern so large one cannot see the sides or ceiling.
- Beware the walkway in the Crypt if yee be not a Dwarf, the edges will not contain you and it’s a long way down.
- It turns out the Ratmen had broken out of the halls. There are many factions and they don’t all get on
- I made a binding oath with a Ratman sorcerer to pay him some grulls (complete) and grant safe passage for a period of 1 moon from today (1 moon after paying him). I invited him to the Earthsunder halls to drink and speak as he came from the Hold and may have more insights. Once we made peace, he was reasonable and co-operative
- Many of the doors in the Hold are ancient barriers to seal parts away in case of attack – a bless on the mechanism cast by a member of the Church of the Soulforger is required to open them
- In the crypts (I can’t tell you exactly where, as Joshua had escaped with the map at this point) are some dangerous 4th rank undead, being summoned from one of the burial crypts. We didn’t have time to deal with this issue
- We had the choice of laying the Dwarf Thane Torbren to rest (by returning his hammer to his grave) or empowering him to wage war on the Ratmen and Gnolls (by handing it back to his ghost). Being an Angel of War, I pressed to hand it back to him.
- The Smithery is a dangerous place. The place spirit was driven insane from too much time alone and the fires burnt too bright, summoning dangerous salamanders and turn the floor to molten rock. The place spirit may be talked into reasonableness (or have his insanity cured) and the fires may be quenched through the speaking of a verse, carved into a tablet in front of a huge mechanical machine that opens the sluice gates and sends water throughout the area. The verse is quite long so be ready to translate the runes with alacrity (and is akin in draining to casting a potent miracle. At least a couple of herbal curatives afterwards will be needed)
- We found a lift that allows movement between the 3 layers. The 3 layers (from memory) are:
o Living quarters and market
o 6 segments containing the important elements of the hold
o The Crypt
- The ratmen are not driven from the Hold and are well entrenched. It may take a number of visits to convince them it is time to move on. Some could be paid to leave, others were unwilling. As you would expect, they had a broad variety of talents (priests, wizard, large ogre-like rats and many that could harm your head and walk through walls). They were sneaky and cunning.
- There is a well that was corrupted. It was summoning Abishai with blade that dripped unholy water. It was sealed with a rite and power but I do not know if that will still be the case if we return
- Beware entering the Royal Chambers is you are over the King’s height. A blade trap may well attempt to take off your head!

Joshua of Saint Michael is returning the map and copies have already been received. Ironcore may be able to add more

I recommend we set dates to gather a muster and strike out once again to help reclaim this ancient Dwarven hold

Corrie Nickelfist
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post Oct 5 2020, 10:13 PM
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I have now returned the map to Corrie, I had no intention of taking it but really did not want to die, and had it in my possession.

I would quite happily help again but think that primal gravity may stop me.

OOC I have the phys rep, I have given it to Corrie IC and a copy has also been sent to Dagda
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post Oct 6 2020, 12:49 AM
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This is tremendous news - you have all done incredibly well to survive and explore such a wonderful place. Our ancient folk knew a thing or two about setting traps with mechanisms to keep unwanted guests out and to survive these suggests a lot of hard work and cunning within your group.

I agree with your concluding comments in that this is an area we should explore some more in order to further fortify and support our kind in the hard wastes of the far north.

I have the map which has kindly been handed to me and I shall ponder it's meaning over the next few days - I will report my findings when I have concluded my research.

I hope to be able to negotiate with the Ratfolk in order to reclaim our lands with minimal bloodshed - we've had some success with their kind before so time will tell on that one... I am not entirely keen on the concept of setting one of their clan upon the other and would discourage this if it can be avoided...

Shame about the fairy though... if you have his remains, I will see to it that he is returned to his kin to be dealt with as is their customs if this hasn't been arranged already.

We have worked with St Michael before and the clan was pivotal in recovering a relic required by them in the attempted defeat of ruin in the recent past. Working with the church again is a good thing and to be encouraged - hopefully Joshua will join us all in our halls to celebrate your success.

Well done ! Eat, drink and be merry ! To victory !

Dagda Earthsunder

James Pink

"I like to tell people I have the heart of a small boy. It's in a jar on my desk."...
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post Oct 6 2020, 07:39 AM
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It would be an honour to join you in your halls to drink to the success and the memories of the fairy.

Joshua Arnherne
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