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> Getting on with life
post May 12 2019, 05:57 PM
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In the Sacred Dove tavern in Scarlene, not far from the temple of Shaehan, the main hall was ablaze with activity, as mercenaries from across Primus gathered to achieve something monumental.

Gully bustled around the building, brush in hand sweeping and tidying, all the while muttering words of power, occasionally stopping to light some incense, especially around the central area where Tirama had set himself, a comfy cushion for his knees to rest on. He could be seen breathing deeply, trailing his fingers through the air, sweeping them up and down in a gathering motion.

To his side a small table where an array of bottles and flasks were laid out. Doctor Roland Bolbeck mixing and preparing a variety of concoctions, primary amongst them the clear golden texture of mystic honey. Slushy, his snowy form only gently dripping, lined up glass after glass of water within arms reach of Tirama's position, dozens just ready for targeting.

Meanwhile Penny made good makeshift beds and rest spaces, refreshments and wash basins, ready to receive the streams of people returned from the beyond.

And so it began.

"Spirits of light, hearken unto me!"

Tirama's arms gathered up, sweeping through the air and reaching out into the beyond. Before him lay a simple mirror, it's polished surface shifting and swirling.

Five minutes later, the first arrived. Her body formed out of nothing, particles sort of gathering together into the form of a young girl. Her eyes snapped open, gasping in shock and confusion. Quickly Penny moved to her side and guided her away to rest her on a pile of cushions. She checked her identity, locations of nearest relatives, and offered her water and comfort.

Slushy reached out, intoning the words of a potent spell. As he touched one of the glasses he had laid out, the water within took on a golden sheen which Tirama drank swiftly before commencing the next restoration.

This pattern repeated again and again. Either Slushy would transmute the water, Roland would complete his latest concoction or Gully would finish his latest round of restoration in order to maintain Tirama's strength as he continued to restore the fallen,

Throughout the night, into the next morning and even through the next day the team continued. Where possible Penny ushered the returned on, sometimes as families she was able to reunite. Priests from the temple came and carefully guided away those they could as the tavern overflowed. Slushy enjoyed a brief power nap, aided by Gully, at some point past midnight, allowing him to return to the task of casting again and again for awhile longer before he had to take himself off to rest properly.

Roland was silent, focused intently on mixing as much honey as he could possibly muster, his potions bubbling and steaming as he delicately measured out the ingredients. Gully... well, Gully just really seemed to enjoy the sweeping, whistling to himself as he did so, the hearth fire glowing with a nurturing presence as he did so.

Four times a flicker of strain and consternation crossed Tirama's face as he completed a restoration only to find no body had appeared. He explained that these must have been people who had been brought back already, and could no longer be gifted with vitae. They had had their extra chance.

Some that Penny spoke to listened intently as she told them of the light, and the choices we make in life, indicating the huge endeavour that was being completed here for them. Many of these left lighter, literally and morally, of heart upon hearing her words.

And so, as the sun climbed high into the sky of the day following the start of this endeavour, Tirama ceased his casting. 236 souls had been returned. 4 could not be brought back, already restored previously, likely following the destruction of Halgar. The mirror lay still now, drained of its power. The High Priest nodded and smiled at a few of the returned, thanking his companions embracing them each in turn whilst taking himself off to rest.

Satisfied the others also took themselves off to rest, Penny leaving only when the very last had been reassured and cared for. Gully made a few final passes with his broom before leaving himself, the hearth visibly diminishing as he departed.

So mote it be...
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