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Labyrinthe Forum _ LFG - Looking for Group _ 13th August Mistbound 5250 - Monsters Needed

Posted by: ethuil Aug 2 2017, 09:12 AM

I could really do with some monsters to come along on the 13th August for the next instalment of the Mistbound campaign.

If you don't know about it already, this is the campaign to prepare Port Miere to reconverge with Primus at this coming Final Dawn (following it deconverging to the Mittlenacht when attacked the previous year). After some months of resolving the various anomalies that have cropped up in the city, the party have now discovered a complicated web of plots and plans which they are attempting to unravel whilst also resolving the second half of the anomalies.

At the moment they are trying to understand why a particular plane has converged with Miere in multiple places. The Shattered World was destroyed when a Word of Power was spoken, leaving behind only a Pantheon of Seven Gods and Goddesses. The shattered pieces of their reality have latched onto Port Miere since its deconvergence, and now the Seven are intricately woven into the web that is the city's problems.

They are also dealing with Louhi, the Exalted Darkness, an Avatar of Certizal, Shadow of the First Evil. Once one of the leaders of the Reavers, the Exalted Darkness has now turned upon both the party and his brothers and sisters. He has already murdered and consumed the power of one of them, and the others have gone into hiding to prevent him becoming even more powerful. But what his end game is, no one is sure.

If that sounds interesting and you're keen to monster, please book on! We could really do with at least two to make this run properly.

Posted by: Dave Aug 2 2017, 11:55 AM

Swapped sides,
Monstering now instead of playing. I'll try and bring the misses along as well

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