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> The Spider Tribe, Lee asked for an update for Tribes within the empire - reposted
post Oct 21 2018, 04:42 PM
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Tribe Name – Spider Tribe
Chief – Sizel

Witch Doctor – High Witchdoctor Sha’grot

Shaman – Theign Baiter

Druid – There is one (OOC Ian Wimble)

Totem – Spider

Location – The Dark Forest, Spider Wald (Also known as Baiter Wald), the remains of Ickybiggle, the caverns underneath Wolf Rock (the ancestral home of the Howling Wolf Tribe) as well as one of the closest Shanties to the Cathedral in Tar’Edrul. There are also many other smaller tribes of Goblins across Primus that once called themselves something else until The Spider Tribe came, that now find themselves paying Tithes and worshipping Spider.


How they live
n the Baiter Wald (their most established seat) the goblins live under constant threat of being eaten by the Spiders that live in the canopy above. This breeds a harsh, callous and unforgiving goblin, with little regard for life and makes life short for all but the most cunning and brutal of goblins.

The huts that the goblins live in are built to be collapsed and hidden entirely in the event of a threat, that combined with the tangled pathways of the Thrice make it all but impossible to find them. The tribe lands extend for several miles around the Crossways, where Baiter raised his seat of power and a monument to the tribe, A Crach of power known as The Hateful Crach.

This theme runs throughout all of the dominions of the Spider Tribe. If you were to speak with any of the leadership and ask why they let so many Goblins get picked of by the places in which they choose to live they will curtly remark “Survival breeds the fittest, and we’re the best goblins.”

What they are like as Goblins
Cunning and brutal, shaped entirely by their instincts for survival. Ickybiggle was levelled, and still goblins were found in the ruins afterwards. Spider goblins. They fear strength but will laugh over stories about large, over confidents that “didn’t expect that in his soup”. One of the most prolific, old and powerful tribes in Primus they enjoy being underestimated, are happy to take anything they want or need and are rightly revered by many of the other tribes. You might very well mess with other pathetic little Goblins but when you see a Spider tattooed onto their left hand, it’s probably best to smile and leave it be.

What their view of death is
Death happens. Lots. At anytime, anywhere and from any place. Once you are dead, you’re useless and it is very rare for any of the Greenskins in the tribe to speak respectfully about the dead or ‘Chumps’ as they are derogatorily known as.

A Spider Tribe Burial
The Spider Wald in the Dark Forest looks like a place straight from the nightmares of an Arachnophobe. Tall trees with thick brown trunks tower upwards to a canopy of thick foliage and cobwebs that block out almost all light; silken strands cover this entire area and large, silent shadows lurk awaiting the unwary. Its is a place where Nature still thrives, a place where its residents might say 'it has options' and selects often and without mercy.

A low rumble preceding a cracking of the earth's crust and rising out of the detritus came two goblin figures, carrying a third, headless corpse. One, haunched over and cowled, turned to the other. "Bubbles. Fetch the rest, I'll get Baiter"...

They crept from holes, leapt from branches. They oozed from pools and scampered from shadows. To the bubbling cauldron skittered and bickered the mass of the Spider Tribe. Atop a rickety ladder balanced Baiter stirring with a barge pole and scattering fungi into the broth. On the harsh edge of survival nothing goes to waste.

The sound of The Feast is something terrible. A silence broken by an insipid slurping, bone cracks and flares of snatching. "Where did his head go? What are we to keep to remember him by Sha' ? He was a good example!"
"It had to go, it had a higher purpose."
"What do you mean 'Higher Purpose'!? You've just fucked up again 'aint ya."
"I don't feel like I fucked up Baiter..."
"And how's that then?!"
"He said he couldn't take it anymore, he felt like he was being called by Spider on to greater things. He wanted to go, He could see his path and it wasn't the one he was currently on. He's better off, He's happy."
"Flowery words. Truth Time Sha'."
"Ten grand for the bounty, Bubbles has your half but she never sticks about for this sort of thing. Good luck finding her." The pair shared a wicked grin and Baiter stalked away. "Bubbles... Where are you...?"

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