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post Jan 11 2010, 11:23 AM
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let those people who couldn't travel with us know that we were successful.

We travelled through the cult of dark men. We tried not to kill them but unfortunately some died. I hadn't realised exactly what they are following, and I didn't think I was capable of anger but lost my temper when I realised the horror in which some of these people were putting faith in. But, we dealt with the people there with minimal violence, and hopefully they now have a chance to find a better path.

We travelled to the portal were the Efreeti lived, to try and close it shut. Unfortunately we had to fight our way through, but these creatures were not listening to any sort of reason. We met a nice, normal man there, who cooked for them. he was largely safe though, and I promised that I would help him, and he could maybe display his talent to Friar Boris or some such.

We met the leader of their clan, unfortunately her husband fought us and died earlier, so she found herself without a husband. Her minions clearly wanted to fight us, but after some discussion about the portal, it seemed she didn't particularly care that the portal was open, and her Efreeti were leaving it and causing trouble in our plane.

It turned out, that she had a trinket on her, which could be used to shut the portal. We explained we really didn't want to fight, so in the end she agreed that if one of us were to stay with her and keep her company; as she was lonely from the loss of her husband, then she would close the portal and cause no more harm.

Of course, several of us offered, and Tavis may remember the time with Eb, her, and the cannibal men, it was a bit like that, but without anyone having to cut their arm off.

Gabriel cast his runes, and even though they were dark of heart and soul, it was because their nature was to indiscrimately burn, and they literally knew nothing else, and didn't know the difference between right and wrong. So, I suggested we leave a couple of people with her. Maybe, we could spread the word and faith to them, and even if some of them listen, then it is time well spent. She was very pleased, yet also surprised that we offered her more than one, and seemed to appreciate our act of kindness.

The agreement was for them to stay for a few months, but I said to her it doesn't have to be seen as a punishment, and some of us might just visit to say hello. Bob and Anthony stayed in the end, but I have every confidence they will be safe.

All in all, we did a good thing, and our friends will return to us soon, but I would like to thank them for offering such so that further conflict didn't have to occur.

My thanks to those who helped along this journey, and may you all walk with the blessings of hope, faith, peace, courage mercy and love in each of your footsteps.

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post Jan 11 2010, 11:54 AM
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To add my words and recollections.

It is as Clovis has said, the madness infesting these cultists is such that there is little chance of redemption for these souls though some we did indeed bring back to rational mind.
I admire Anthony and Bob for staying with the Efreet Caliphah, a sensible resolution to the issue at hand. I am also confident that they will be safe; the human chef we met is proof of that.

I am glad to have been travelling alongside the Church of Unity. I am also sad that in this form I do not believe I am capable of upholding the tenets of that faith. I may well be seen as a deserter, renegade or worse but I still care for Unity and as such it is best served with my absence. I wonder if my soul, which has been ravaged by the tempest within my own heart is ever capable of such patience and compassion without the presence of an Elysian fragment.

Azael is out in the stars, somewhere. I am certain he is still a shining example of Unity in whatever form his existance has taken.

In his absence, should the Church of Untiy require my sword, I will stand forward as a friend of the Church of Unity.

Ash and Dust of Stars

Mark V, Aka OG.

Making Middle-age look easy since 2003
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post Jan 11 2010, 01:27 PM
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I think, but am not, that the priest that was with the Caliph before the portal was the man resposible for the cult. He is dead, and his body lying in a wall there somewhere.

Also I think people have forgotten. It seems the Raising Star trading company are willing to trade with Evil cults that they know kill and corrupt people.


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post Jan 11 2010, 01:40 PM
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My thanks for allowing me to travel at your sides.

May you ever walk in starlight,

Priest of Nienna
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post Jan 14 2010, 05:00 PM
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I'm sorry I wasn't able to come back with you, I would have been there if I could. My thanks to Clovis and everyone else who travelled to deal with this last outstanding matter, and especially to those who chose to stay to permit a peaceable resolution. I think we can all be glad it wasn't nothing like the cannibal men, because even I thought that was crazy.

We should meet up again some time soon, so's we all stay in touch and that, and maybe try and get Michael to come out as well.


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post Jan 14 2010, 05:01 PM
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Michael? I thought he was a legend lost in history! You mean we actually have a high priest whose real?!?


Jan McManus
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