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> IC Brief 12th July KOTL Max 500
post Jun 24 2015, 08:30 AM
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The artefacts you have recovered have been worked upon and I am in a position to offer you some information before we meet again at the Greetings Hall in Bildteve.

The 3rd artefact you are seeking seems to be located north of Eartholme and we believe it is in the possession of a well thought of family, the area is not being frequented by Goblins but there has been a series of Kidnapping for ransom payments - we are sending messages out to our network to try and gather some more information.

The 4th artefact is not offering us particularly good news, we believe it is located on a Demonic Plane, not on Primus, but whilst we seemed to have contact with it we do not any longer - we assume it has been shrouded rather than moved.

Your efforts were of a valiant nature on the last gathering and we will need you to be as robust again this time - I think you may be wise to try and gather more numbers together to ensure success.

Captain Hough

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post Jun 24 2015, 09:27 AM
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Hello Captain,

My work assisting the farmers near to Mordred's Rest is done so once more I will be able to don my red battle hat and come and assist in the steps needed to defeat the Sea Cave King.

Sound slike we are going to be going to dangerous places, I will speak to Lord Tai and make sure we have all the inanimate knight's artifacts from the stores, hopefully some of the animate ones can come join us as well.

If any other knights can join us we would appreciate the help!

The Potato
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post Jul 13 2015, 08:56 AM
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Hello brother Knights,

It was brilliant to meet you yesterday. I think we done extremely well in the face of great danger and am glad we pushed on to break the first of the rituals despite the risks. I thought it would be best to write down some notes from yesterday’s travels just so they are hear for when we next go back to hopefully finish the job.

The first of the eggs we got was in the procession of a local lord near to Eartholme. His father was one of the original Knights that trapped the Sea Cave King and passed away a number of years back but left the egg to his son. However upon our arrival we found out that the lord’s son had been kidnapped by the local bandits and needed rescuing, so obviously we done that! The lord was thankful for his son’s safe return and gave us the egg and said the Knight’s were welcome to build one his land if we wished to set anything up there.

While we were in the bandit’s cave the Sea Cave King sent along a group of his forces to negotiate, however they asked that we stopped collecting the objects and that the Sea Cave King meant no harm to anyone. We told them that we still intend to collect the eggs and that if the Sea Cave King wished to talk to us then we would come to his island to talk and shouldn’t try and stop us. The messengers left and shortly after a portal opened and his forces attacked us, so we took that as a no to talking!

After a quick stop we headed off to find the final ritual egg, this was last found out to be on a demonic realm. We had to fight out way in through a flaming stretch of mittlenacht then through the realm itself to find a fellow Knight who still had the object. His name was Flight and he was a demon who went originally to trap the Sea Cave King. We defeated the forces of the King that were trying to get the egg then returned with Flight to discuss things further.

Flight explained that 20 years ago when they first fought the Sea Cave King he had a lot of undead bound with magic and spirit, a skill that was very rare at the time, far rarer then today. He was skill at summoning these as well as the forces of fishmen we have encountered. Amongst the mercenary group they did not have the means to deal mantic undead or the King in that form so they trapped him in the cave.

With all the eggs found Captain Hough was able to scry more about the island, he found that there were 3 rituals protecting the king, 1 magic, 1 spirit and 1 unknown one. The spiritual one was primarily responsible for summoning a lot of the undead and was the one that we could get to easiest. After a quick trip to stores to patch ourselves up we set off fully healed but pretty low on power.

We fought our way to the ritual and set about defending it while we drained its power, a tough and dangerous 30 minutes of fighting ensued which thankfully we all survived, just! It was that close that we had to defeat a spirit of cause would with an artefact of restoring to life as it was the only healing we had remaining!

We did encounter a number of skeletal undead that had magical powers as well as a number of normal spiritual undead. The forces there did also try and convince us to leave, they said the Sea Cave King has killed nearly everyone on the island to create the undead and is growing in strength. We definitely need to stop him soon.

In preparation for next time it would be good if we can get a weapon bound with magic and spirits, or at least a spiritual one for Alan if he is able to come again. Plan will probably be to deal with the magic ritual, then the unknown ritual before pushing on to deal with the King himself, all in one busy and dangerous day!

Thanks once again Brothers for being so great and working so well to defeat this threat to the land.

The Potato

PS. Lord Tai, we did have to use a rather large number of healing scrolls and potions from the Knight’s stores to make it through the day, sorry about that! We did however put a lot of Grulls we earned back in there.

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