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> Myron weapons, Area to identify all aspects of Myronese weapons and equipment
post Sep 20 2010, 02:56 PM
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Steve Louch

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"Investigation work from Sunsday the 5th
A report by Arnold Winterhaven

At the beginning of this day, myself and a sizeable group of mercenaries (full list at the end of this report) met with yourself (Captain Remus Halfhand) and you instructed us to investigate the village of Littlecroft who had stopped all contact with imperial officials. We were given the option of being teleported to our destination or simply walking, deciding on physical transportation so as to size up the situation from a distance. I include this only for completeness should anyone not present on this day wish to read this report rather than bundling straight in to the action.

On arrival in the outskirts of the town we came across swaths of bodies - the villagers - corrupted by a plague. It seemed that they were present only in the bodies themselves and not the surrounding area - unlike somethings encountered later this day. Worried by this, we pressed on hastily. However, before we could get much further an undead creature speed round a corner and into us. It seemed to be somewhat of a rotting body, yet was not physically there, in the way you would expect a wight or wraith to not be. I quickly communed gaining the dismiss name of "Spirit of Decay", dismissed it and pressed onwards.

Once in the village itself we were set upon by all manners of horrors of an undead nature. Many seemed to simply be walking bodies but of more resilience than one would normally attest to them - "Slavering zombie"s - while others seemed puss filled and grotesquely exploded on their death, making it hard for those nearby to move with any grace or speed which were dubbed "Bloated Corpses". There were potentially other creature in amongst this as well who's dismiss names I was unable to retrieve - one in particular froze ones voice, making it particularly hard to commune about it.

After many of us took a modicum of a beating we found ourselves at a small house, at the back of which was a body clutching a teddy bear. Initially I ran to him, worried for his safety, but I was soon very hesitant to help when it turned out that both the boy and the bear were undead on a level equal to that of a Vampire. After a quick commune I learned that the undead was named "Apparition" and was ready to dismiss it when I realized I was unable to deal with undead of that sort of level - a terribly unprofessional mistake on my behalf - it was at this point that an ally of ours from the baronies threw me aside. After noting his continued and incredibly aggressive nature when I tried to return, I realized the undead had controlled him, so another party member knocked him unconscious and moved him to one side - it was however not long before he too was acting incredibly defensive of the child and bear. Struggling to work on what I could possibly do in this situation, I communed a few more times while a few more undead trickled into our frontline until broke through our line and slashed my back wide open. I apologize that I missed the next part of what happened, but I wasn't around to see it - I have however been assured that nothing interesting happened.

On coming to, I was back outside the village lying on a sheet of cloth with our priestess chanting over me - It seemed to be a very nice ritual, although I was not about to enjoy it myself. I did however at this point feel a great sense of loss right at the core of my being but thus far have been unable to place this to a reason. Apparently while I was unconscious, Leon had managed to remove the bear from the child and was guarding it closely - he did not however seem to be controlled, just generally wished to have the bear. At this point I was taken aside by one of our group - who shall remain nameless for his own sake - who said to me that it was his blow that killed me. Obviously the slaying of a mercenary and a noble individually result in an outlawing but this man has my forgiveness and this should - by now - be dealt with.

Moving back into the village, we found ourselves at a small house under attack by a great fleshy beast - at this point in time, I was still too weak to do much about this so I have no real information on this creature apart from the fact that its strength was so great that a blow sent everyone standing nearby flying to the ground. After our frontline had dealt with this creature, we found three young boys, hiding in the back room - each claimed to be loyal to The Lady of the Stars - much to the disgust of one of our party members - but I could immediately tell that these children were good people. Having spoken to them, it appeared that their father was a "priest" of Elbereth (I use the word loosely, as he turned out to be a paladin) who had gone to try and gain new weapons recently from the forge. We decided that this would be a good place to investigate next so encouraging the children to hide away, we carried on into the village.

As we traveled more undead assailed us, but without too great a problem we made it to the foundry. Not far inside we came across somewhat of a melted golem, seemingly of good craftsman ship originally, but not fully effective in its molten state. Our wizard quickly erected a forcewall so as to keep us protected while we thought out a plan which basically boiled down to hit it until it stops moving. We did this and moved onwards. In the backroom we found the body of a man we believed to be Marcus, the father of the children we had previously met, the Paladin along with the body of another, likely another priest. On the body of Marcus was a powerful sword, capable of hurting purely spiritual creatures, which I believe ended up in the hands of Leon. After not very long we noticed that inside the giant furnace, taking up most of the room was a spirit filled with flames. Short communication later gave me the name "Pyro Wraith" but by this time, our cavalier had beaten it to death despite its ethereal nature. On its death however, it exploded outwards burning his eyes out from his sockets. Myself and the priestess both unable to regrow limbs, we felt that the next best line of action would be to move quickly and try to find the Elberethian temple we had been told was somewhere in the village.

Not much further on and carrying a blind man we came across what was clearly the temple - Stars of Elbereth everywhere and a general warm feeling inside - surrounded by mummies. A quick scuffle later we moved inside. Lying on the floor of the temple was a man with a severely injured head. After a very small cure, he came to. He said his name was Alex and that he (along with Marcus and Bulbus - possibly the second body in the forge) were the priests of this town and had been able to hold out a length of time before he fell to a blow from behind. He kindly restored our eyes, healed our wounds and removed our diseases. He then asked us to check on his friend the barman in a nearby tavern which we agreed to do. He also said he would go and get the body of Marcus to restore him to life, meaning that Marcus was charged with vitae. Whether or not the other two priests were as well, I do not know.

We pressed onwards to the bar, myself near the back as I had spent more time talking to the priest, and I found my party drinking happily and chatting to the barman. Surprised by the relaxed attitude, and assuming the bar was warded in some way, we all let our guard down - myself beginning to compile my notes - shortly thereafter everyone who had drunk from the barman's drink feel unconscious. Almost simultaneously, half a dozen daemonic looking humanoids burst through the back of the bar and ran at us, slicing at the bodies on the way. Those of us still standing backed away to the far end of the bar but were just able to defend ourselves enough to not have us all fall. If it came to it, there was a plan to run back to the Elberethian temple and defend there but in the end it did not come to it. I believe - having previously only heard them described vaguely - these were Myronese daemons.

At this point, while we waited for our allies to regain consciousness we had a word with the Aparition inside the bear. According to the wizards knowledge on the subject, it seems that for every ninety-nine simpler undead created one stronger form was created - initially the child - but as the bear was removed, the spirit moved bodies and hid in the bear. Of course, two goodly people talking to a powerful undead like that is unlikely to remain passive, so after not long the bear attempted to cast a domination power on me. After I laughed it off I tried to take the bear back to the Elberethian who would be able to dismiss it, but when I touched it it struck at my soul in the same manner many powerful necromancers increase their undead's effectiveness.

By now, everyone was waking up, but to our dismay our dwarfen friend had vanished without a trace - most likely a personal teleport when he fell unconscious. We have since heard he is well, but still no news on how he got away. The scouts discovered a trap door in the backroom with some wardings around it so most of us stepped out of the room and let them get to work. Soon after they began, a new man turned up - Geffery Goodspeed - hired by the good captain as well. However, after a little discussion it was revealed the Geffery was not even a mercenary, simply a peon. While it is not my place to argue against the captains decisions, one has to wonder if sending a peon out with mercenaries is in anyone best interests - Geffery did admirably during the day given he was not blessed with vitae but many peons may well have hindered us. Just something I felt was worth pointing out.

Once the trap door was disarmed we traveled through it for one the most peculiar experiences I have ever had. For much of the way down, it seemed as if the pit had no bottom, we slid for a good three or four primal heartbeats before finally landing in a heap at the bottom. We seemed to now be outside, somewhere in the mountains north of where we started. At this point I could feel pestilence in the air and soon after we were all infected ourselves. This becomes more relevant later on. At this point we hear very loud barking and, rounding a boulder we see a pack of dog like humanoids - which I believe were called gnolls - each of which was also diseased. After a little while it became obvious their bark was worse than their bite and we pressed onwards into an area of rubbly terrain. While the scouts moved ahead to deal with this and the party talked, I meditated - apparently I did not miss much.

Past the rubble we bumped into some trolls - as normal for trolls they had a bridge and they wanted us to pay to cross it. Not fancying a fight with such strapping creatures while many of us were already weary, we simply paid and moved past. Soon after this time it was noted that there were more gnolls which were dealt with swiftly as all before them had been.

Having walked a long way into mountains, we came across a cottage, inside of which sat a man with the most beautiful voice you have ever heard. All we wished to do was sit and listen to him. He asked if we wished to see what he could see and before we answered we seemed to fade out of reality.

This next part is probably not for the weak of heart or stomach to read. I saw The Empire burn. Hoards of Daemons rampaging through cities. I watched them tear through the Dockers of Bildtieve turning the streets red with their blood. I watched them pour from the streets under Deci tearing apart man woman and child, stopping for nothing. I watched them cut a path through the hundreds of ratfolk, rallying to defend Thimon the first place to give them proper sanctuary. I saw Buggledexters Orphanage burned down, daemons slicing apart anyone who tried to flee the building. I saw the collapse of the Winterhaven Mansion and the death of each member. I saw thousands of legionnaires run through by seemingly infinite daemons. Seconds later I saw a larger grinning daemon, blue skins and silver, beaded hair. Clasped in its hands was my head, dripping blood slowly onto the ground below. We believe these images are a future. One that must not be allowed to occur.

When we awoke, many of us were severely shaken by what we had just seen, and we all had a lump in our throat. One of our number, the Ggrutuck, did not wake up. Running low on time, I opted to leave him where he was and let the body travel with us on our return. However, shortly after we left him, he rose to his feet as an undead spirit due to one of the plagues on his body (Lingering decay). However, it seemed to leave his soul untouched, only using the body. Unfortunately, slicing him apart was the only option at this point, and that was done.

After a few more gnolls, we arrive at a seemingly empty part of the mountaintop. However, as one of our scouts moved forward she was struck with four powerful effects, diseasing her with Mummies rot, aging her significantly, blinding her as well as a fourth effect I was unable to work out. What followed was probably the only humorous part of the day and consisted of lots of mercenaries throwing rocks at skulls until they shattered. Struggling to get the last one, I threw it backwards, being hit with a disease in the process, breaking it on impact.However, we seemed to have missed one skull, meaning that when we carried onwards another four of us got aged (not terrible for myself, still being of relative youth, but not a nice experience).

Again, more gnolls attacked us and were dealt with. We then moved onwards into a more open area in which stood a gnoll able to speak an amount of common, with a pair of undead next to him (a haunt and a corpse), himself appeared to be a zombie. I don't believe he was the tribes official shaman, maybe just an apprentice (or the equivalent amongst that culture). Soon after a fight broke out and we moved into the more open area with the shaman jumping in and out of boulders and harming us through his weapon blows using spiritual powers. At this point I was attacked by a haunt and so fled the scene and was unable to see the death of him. When I returned, I found one of our number bleeding heavily on the floor. I used the last of my power, but it wasn't enough to bring him round - the priestess picked up my slack. I happened to note a somewhat mauled corpse of the shaman at this point being feasted on by a member of our group, but I was unwilling to disturb the act for fear he might fancy a bit of noble blood.

Nearby was a cave which we entered and found an Eetin tied to a wall. He said he had been chained their by the "dog things" and that it was very hungry. The wizard broke his bonds and the creature was more than happy to go and deal with some of them. At this point we realized we were running very low on time so stormed ahead to see what we could find before we were recalled.

A short way further up the mountain we came across the remains of a humanoid body, set up in a ritual manner - a skull atop a pile of bones with only muscle left on them. This contributed to the Festering Death in the area, but given our limited time we were unable to deal with it. It did however contain spirits and three colours of mana. Not too much further on we came across a dead cow, bent into impossible shapes rotting away at a rate unlike anything I have ever seen, but regrowing elsewhere just as fast. This was a ritual which empowered the Lingering Decay in the air and also contained the same power types as the last. With very little time to spare, we ran ahead further and saw the largest gnoll we had encountered, seemingly far more powerful than any others that day. Behind him was a great glowing blue portal. As soon as the great beast fell, I ran to the portal with intent to jump through it to try and glean any information I could as I was aware the recall was seconds away. Unfortunately, I got to the portal and then you noticed me arrive back and curse loudly.

I hope this report of our days work has been of help and I am more than willing to answer any questions yourself or anyone else reading this has if they wish to contact me with them.

Arnold Winterhaven"
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