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Labyrinthe Forum _ Church of the Lady of the Stars _ apologies to your faith

Posted by: Kail Jun 7 2021, 06:15 AM

Please forgive my intrusion.

My name is Nordri and I am a follower of St Michael. Four of my faith travelled to Rodan yesterday as one of our churches had been attacked, some of our priests killed and one kidnapped. Our journey to rescue the kidnapped member of our faith lead us to the home of one of your faith in the rural area of Reeds Fallow.

The member of your faith was away and a cult called "The Hallowed" had moved in. They had killed the house guards and raised them as undead. They had also corrupted the well so that it summoned Abashi. We cleansed the but could not stop it summoning the Abashi, it needs a hand of banishment.

The Hallowed had set up a rite that was calling angles to it and sending them mad. The rite would have summoned a powerful angle and mad it fall from grace so they could draw power from it. The ritual was guarded by three angles that The Hallowed had driven mad. One was of our faith, one of the Church of Boarder and one of your faith. We could not save them or stop the rite with them protecting it. Unfortunately we had to slay the angles to deal with the rite and stop them, potentially, falling from grace as well. For this I am sorry. It was my decision after scrying that we took this action. If you wish any recompense or retribution for the slaying of one of your angles I would ask that you seek such from me and not others of my faith.

We succeeded in breaking the rite and stopped any angles from falling as well as breaking some other rite The Hallowed had set up within the house to master the people within.

For the intrusion into one of your's home I am sorry. For the slaying of one of your angles I am sorry.

Army of the Redeemed
Church of St Michael

Posted by: isbiraven Jun 7 2021, 10:44 AM

Thank you Nordri,

From your account it sounds as though I would have done the exact same thing.

Wrath of the Crucible
Church of the Lady of the Stars

Posted by: Fionamullin Jun 7 2021, 05:56 PM

Please can you send further details of the location of the well and we will resolve this issue.
Thank you for the warning regarding this cult, we will increase our vigilance.
As my friend said there is no apology needed.
In starlight,

Posted by: Kail Jun 7 2021, 06:49 PM

It was in the court yard of the mannor House at Reeds Fallow outside of Rodan.

Army of the Redeemed
Church of St Michael

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